How to Create an Attractive Blog Title

how to create an attractive blog title

There are many ways to create an attractive blog title and doing this has a viral effect on your blog, it can increase your readership and their trust, your blog content will be shared to many other readers which automatically makes your blog will go viral, but how do you create an attractive blog title? […]

5 advance ways to make your blog go viral

For how long have you been blogging and how successful is your blog? If you want to make your blog go viral, then the answer is up to you. I’ve came across blogs that were launched and became successful in just a few month and I’ve also came across blogs that took years before becoming […]

Hurray!!! Viralwriter is one month old

hurray viralwriter is one month old

I’m happy to announce you that viralwriter is one month old, viralwriter was launched on the 23rd of June and I just want to say thanks to the readers I’ve gotten on the blog and the readers to be. Its story time and I’m about to share with you the activities of this blog and […]

I’m Tired of Blogging – Fed Up

tired of blogging

This is not a joke, I’m fed up and I don’t think I can continue with this blogging of a thing, I’m tired of blogging. I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now, going to a year and I haven’t gotten even a sip of traffic or a pinch of subscriber, let alone comments. […]

How to Brainstorm: The Ultimate Guide

how to brainstorm

How to brainstorm; this is a phrase that is going round the blogosphere and a question many bloggers and content writers ask when the writers’ block gives them a handshake. Are you out of blog ideas and you are looking for ways to brainstorm for more quality blog contents? Let me guess, you’ve just completed […]

Step by step guide to generate traffic commenting on blogs

generate traffic commenting on blogs

There are various ways to generate traffic from blog commenting but I’m about to share with you my outstanding and killer tips which really worked for me and boosted the readership of my blog. I’m sure you are not new to blog commenting and shouldn’t be surprised, but these are the strategies that worked of […]

Plugins I Use and How they Helped my Blog

I was playing around my dashboard and something triggered my to share the plugins i use and how they helped my blog. If you are not using any of thess plugins please try to check them out and if you think there’s any plugin i need to install on my blog, feel free to tell […]