Seo On Page Optimization – Dominating the Search Engine

seo on page optimization

I’m sure you’ve have heard of SEO on page optimization but are you optimizing your blog for search engine correctly? Of course you want your blog to appear on result pages of search engines. Competition is increasing day by day and a high ranking position on SERP seems to be a difficult task especially for […]

5 Things your Blog Must Deliver to be Lively


This is a guest post by Victor Igbokwe of I have seen several blogs full of zeal but lack the very little things that will skyrocket them to the peak of blogging excellence. Just because you blog about a topic and you are writing-savvy doesn’t make your blog worthwhile. At times you need to […]

2 months of blogging – my blogging journey

blogging journey

At last viralwriter is 2 months old and I once again I want to say a big thank you to my readers and followers for the support and inspirational words.Of course, I learnt a great blogging lesson. You guys played a great role in increasing my passion for blogging, keep it up buddies. Blogging is […]

When is the Next Google Pagerank Update

google pagerank update

The latest google pagerank update is taking longer than expected, normally it takes just 3 month but for over 5 months now, we haven’t heard any news concerning the google pagerank update. To those of us that are new to blogging, how do you feel anytime you try to check your pagerank and all you […]

Guest Blogging vs Blog Commenting which is Better?

guest blogging vs blog commenting

This is a no-brainer and 99.9% of bloggers knows that the three major ways of generating traffic and backlinks (which i call traflink) to a blog is Guest blogging, blog commenting and social media. Though we’ll be talking about Guest blogging and blog commenting, let’s put social media aside for now. If your’re in a […]

How I got Google Adsense Approval on a 7 Weeks Old Blog

google adsense approval

We all know that google is now strict when it comes to adsense approval. Back in the days when google adsense approval is as easy as ABC even without a blog post on your blog but nowadays, any slight change in their terms and condition or adsense program policy will lead to an automatic disapproval. […]

5 Significance of Quality Content

quality content

Bloggers and blogs are increasing daily in the blogosphere and thousands of contents are written everyday but not every one of them hava quality contents. Quality is the root and foundation of a successful blog and without it, you’re doing nothing but digging a grave for your blog. Having quality content is not just sitting […]