411 On My New Header Logo

best blog design

Surprised? I guess not. Look around, any changes on the blog? I caught you there before you made your final conclusion, you’re still on viralwriter. For a couple of months now I’ve been using my previous logo, it’s good though but its graphic is not professionally made and it looks kind of blurred. Definitely, it’s […]

45 Experts Share their Best Monetization Strategy

best monetization strategy

Googling how to make money online? Close that tab! In this post you’ll find out the strategies experts used in monetizing their blog and the techniques they used in getting the best out of it. You just stumbled upon the best blog post on how you can boost your blog. I was planning on writing […]

Blog Engage – An Outstanding Blogging Community

blogging community to promote my blog

To those who missed it, I previously wrote a post on blogging communities to promote your blog and blog engage was the first on the list, although it’s not arranged in any chronological order. It also got some good reactions and shares from the readers, you can check it out here: 7 blogging communities to […]