Article Formatting Cheat Sheet – Doing it the right way?


While there are many keys to writing effective articles, following an engaging writing style and good choice of topic, there is none as important as your formatting – that is, how you present that engaging tone and worthy topic. From the keen use of imagery to using appropriate sentence and paragraph structure, how you format […]

Join Blog Engage $500 Guest Blogging Contest

guest blogging contest

This is yet another hot contest going on blogengage and like the title says, it’s a $500 contest. Previously I wrote a review about blogengage and how it has helped in boosting my blog, if you haven’t read it then check it out here >>> the best blogging community to promote your blog. I gave […]

How I Exploded My Google Analytics Traffic Spike

google analytics traffic spike3

Being a student, I’ve been reading and preparing for exams which lowered my google analytics traffic spike and made it quite difficult for me to focus on my blog, yup! The result wasn’t impressive. At least I tried to write quality blog posts, hit the publish button, close my system and the rest was left […]