Apple’s Marketing Strategy – Are you Thinking Different?

Have you ever thought of the marketing strategy apple used in order beat down their competitors? Nobody is perfect and every day we learn new strategies of taking a step forward in our career. Previously, we all know apple as just a fruit but now there are two kinds of Apple, A fruit and a company. Iphones are one of the new generation smartphones everybody’s craving for; they’ve really dominated it all. But think of something, they all started from somewhere and it didn’t just ignite in a twinkle of an eye. It took countless amounts of failures before getting to where they are today. Do you know you can as well peep into their progress and find out the strategies they used in getting to the position they are today? First things first, I’ll drop a definition of marketing strategy and marketing as a whole.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of promoting a product or services to customers for the purpose of selling it and satisfying their (customer) needs.

What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Strategy (or marketing mix) is the process that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing Strategy definition source ~ wiki

“The most effective example and type of marketing strategy that works is your call to action.”

apple marketing strategy

Apple’s Marketing Strategy – Think Different

Make a Plan

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign then the first thing you must do is to take action, don’t think everything is going to happen in a twinkly of an eye, Nope! It’s not magic. The name iphone, imac, ipad, ipod and the rest won’t be in existence if there was no plan. It’s high time you kick started yours, create a plan, roll up your sleeves and you’re definitely going to get a good result. Don’t be surprised, at first you might experience failure but as a matter of fact, there’s no success without failure. Drawing this back to the aspect of blogging, your plan can be anything; it can be a product, Service or even starting a blog focused on something specific. Make some sketches and look into its future, don’t just look ahead of you but look far.

Implement the plan

You’ve put the first step to effect right? You made a plan at last, good but you’re making a very big mistake if you ever think of dumping it, it’s high time you created something out of it. You might not start big but at least you started something.

“The journey to a thousand miles begins with one step”.

As far as you’ve made your first step, you’re definitely going to get to your destination if you’re focused. Many companies out there implemented the plan but couldn’t get to their destination due to some distraction, why? Simply because they weren’t focused.

I’m sure hundreds and thousands of sketches where thrown in the bin when Apple was about to develop their first product but they didn’t stop there, instead they kept moving forward. There’s nothing to hide, your output might not be as good as you expected but if you keep trying newer strategies the more experienced you’ll be until you eventually break the record.

Have a good Design

One of the main reasons why Apple reigns is due to their sleek and attractive design in ALL THEIR PRODUCTS, customers will rush to get gadget like that right? They made every feature simple for a perfect user experience. There are lots of companies (competitors) out there that have similar products but everybody wants to go for a high taste and use what trusted friends are recommending. Back on the blogging train, you need to give your blog a good design in order to make it professional, to get more customers, returning visitors and to build your brand. Of course, a good design makes you look professional and makes you rank higher than your competitors. Do you want to build your brand and get those returning customers? Check out this helpful post on having the best blog design and a blazing fast website load time.

Consistent Advertisements

No one is going to hear of Apple if they didn’t advertise their brand and product, they’ll only be known as a fruit but they spent money in order to make money. They went through tons of commercials and drowned other competitors, seen those funny advertisments? If you really want to get the best out of your blog, you need to go out there and advertise your blog. Great! There are tons of free ways to advertise and promote your blog, to get more insight on this you can check out these helpful blog posts.

How to get addicted to the habit of guest blogging
Blogging communities to promote your blog
Social media strategies to promote your blog
How to splash your blog round the blogosphere

No string attached, these are all the tips most bloggers used in promoting their blog and the result is awesome. For better results take a leap and implement those tips in the post.

apple marketing strategy

Create a powerful social media presence

Bloggers use this platform but not all bloggers use it, show me a blog that doesn’t utilize social media and I’ll show you an unsuccessful blog. If you’re on a journey to becoming an influencer, you need to utilize social media, build your followers and promote yourself in front of them, they’ll always be there to back you up. Social media is best platform to show case your brand to the world, create connections with influencers and many more significances, don’t miss the golden opportunity.

Think of new ideas

Apple didn’t stop at creating Iphones but Steve Jobs thought of a new idea and this brought the existence of Ipad and IMac. They didn’t also stop there; they created new varieties of Iphones and Ipads. How did they come about it? They rubbed mind together and thought of a new idea. It shows that they are still alive and they are ready to beat their competitors. Rub minds with likeminded bloggers and dig out a new ideas, don’t prove to be independent.

Sell Wisely

You don’t need to underestimate or overestimate the value of your product by carelessly placing a price tag on it. When creating a product don’t make it too expensive or too cheap, instead sell according to the value of the product else customers will go for similar or competitive products. Before thinking of what to charge for your products, watch out for competitors, if your product has more quality and features than theirs then your price can be higher but if they don’t then it’s either you add more features to your product or give it a reasonable price. This has made some internet marketers successful, why? Because they sold wisely, they also shared their best monetization strategy, it’s definitely going to come in handy.


If you really want to get the best out of marketing your blog then you must peep into Apple’s strategic plan and implement it according to your category, imitate other successful brands (or bloggers) out there and follow in their footstep. Implement these tips, knock your competitors down and rank yourself high.

What are the steps you took in order to have success in your online marketing journey, did you follow anybody’s footstep, thought different?

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  1. says

    Informative post indeed! The marketing strategies and tips you’ve shared are really great. The first step is of course an action plan which will take off us to the great outcome. It is also important to have a consistency in marketing to achieve something.

    Thanks for the share,
    Ashish recently posted…5 Tips to Choose Best Android TabletsMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Gilbert

    This is really good. What you have presented here i very thrilling.
    Using Apple inc as a case study for blogging is really creative of you. I love Apple’s products because of the uniqueness of their design. They sure know how to bat their competitors.
    Back to blogging. All you have stated here are the fundamentals and it should be tapped into.

    Having a plan and not implementing it is as good as not having one at all.
    A good design can show professionalism and that’s what potential leads are looking for. Someone who know what he is doing and can help them out.

    A product that is not promoted is useless so we should promote the hell out of our blogs 🙂

    Great share Gilbert.

    • says

      Hi Abraham,

      You’ve just highlighted it all, oh! Thanks for the nice words there, good to hear that from you. Sometimes in order to be successful we need to take a peep into the successof others, apple’s just a coincidence and a pinch, there are millions and brands that our legs will fit in.

  3. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    I have been studying the rise of Apple Inc for a while and I must commend you for sharing these detailed facts of their marketing strategy.

    Two prominent factors employed are research and their sleek designs. As a blogger, I think we should learn and embrace these factors to grow our business.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    Every business has an unique plan which need to be followed step by step in order to achieve success! Also the need of capital is main factor that influence the end result!

    Kind regards, I. C. Daniel

  5. says

    Great Post Gilbert,

    Apple have a great strategies for promoting their product there’s no doubt. Comparing apples strategies with blogging is great. Apple have great Goodwill in market and their marketing strategies really impact on brains. It great to see how we can implement those strategies in this blog post.
    Thank you

    Nikhil recently posted…5 Killer Tips For Social Media MarketingMy Profile

  6. says

    This is an interesting post Gilbert! Your example of Apple is great and leveraging their slogan within your title is a great idea, indeed! Great work!

    Marketing is all about being creative, looking for problems people have and solving them in a real way. That is what Apple did and that is why they became who they are today from where they come!

    A great role model company to learn marketing from. Thanks for sharing!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…12 Powerful And Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  7. says

    Hello Gilbert,

    Marketing is the necessary part of industry world whether it is done online or offline. Apple is one of the biggest mobile brands, eventually a luxury phone provider.

    Its marketing strategy is really great. Planning is the most vital part of marketing and its execution is toughest part.

    It just like as “Its easy to say but difficult to do”. There are various internet marketers online who raise the reputation of a brand. Neil Patel is one of them who has increased the revenue of Techcrunch brand by 30%.

    Neil is famous as he does things with great planing and having the knowledge of his competitor. He knows how to make relation with people.

    Exactly a good marketer need to pitch the things at right moment whether it is product or it is service.
    So we must need to focus on our strategies and plannings… 🙂
    Aman Bansal recently posted…8 Marketing Tactics You Never Learnt from Neil PatelMy Profile

    • says

      Good to see you here Aman, you just churned out a good point there, “Planning is the most vital part of marketing and its execution is toughest part.”

      Neil Patel is a successful entrepreneur and that’s just the kind of person we should follow because his strategies are perfect and transparent.

      Thanks for the comment, happy new month 🙂

  8. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    The one unique thing about this post is that you used Apple as example of how they have marketed through the years. They had their ups in the early 80s, had their downs throughout the 90s and early 2000’s, and then they became popular again with the advent of the iPod. Now that was a unique device within itself although there were other devices similar to it.

    But apple is a great example for us bloggers and home business entrepreneurs. When push comes to shove, a lot of us have gone through or are currently going through the same journey. I’ve had my ups when I first started, had plenty of failures, but now things are going back in stride again.

    I still feel that I just scratched the service although I’ve been blogging for 3 years. There is so much to learn which is why I keep my mind open and take in the info. I want without overwhelming myself. This keeps me focus and consistent! Thanks for sharing!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Does Money Really Motivate People?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Sherman,

      The fact is that “success without failure” doesn’t exist, for us to be successful we must learn from a few failures. I’ve passed through it too and I must confess, it’s really.

      Happy new month

  9. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    Gotta love Apple and their successes. They offer lots of good examples when it comes to advertising, design and social media.

    Of course Apple has huge teams of people to make sure their ideas are good and also carried through. But even so the basic foundation of what they do can be a lesson for us all. We can certainly do these things, just do them on a smaller scale.

    I can’t say that I’ve followed in anyone’s footsteps per se. I do however, keep a close eye on what others are donig and possibly duplicate those things in my business, but duplicate them in a way that will work better and produce more results.

    Liz NcGee recently posted…Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like CrazyMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Liz,

      Good to see you here,
      You’re said it all, those examples are exactly what we should follow.

      Keeping an eye on what others are doing and following their footstep is quite related, at least we all want good results and when we work towards it we can even get better than what we expected.

      Thanks for hopping over, have a wonderful week ahead.

  10. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    I’ve bought a few Apple products but I’m not one of those who rushed to get the latest and greatest so I really haven’t paid that much attention to their marketing. I know, for someone who is a blogger that’s kind of dumb of me because you’re right that we need to be studying the big brands that are killing it today. Do what they do in our own way and we can probably see some success.

    I am taking a course right now that is from a top marketer, one of the best, that is teaching us how to really put ourselves out there and get noticed in unique ways so I’m looking forward to implementing what I’m learning and hope to make my own mark in some small way. Stay tuned! 😉

    Thanks for this reminder Gilbert.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Get Noticed In A Sea Of BloggersMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      That’s exactly how success sprouts up, study the successful ones and become successful, of course you know that 🙂

      Good luck with the ongoing course and I wish you success as you implement them, hope we’ll learn from you too. 🙂

      Have a womderful day.

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