10 Quick Steps to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Becoming a successful blogger doesn’t occur overnight but requires some amount of hard work. Over the past few months, I’ve immensely enjoyed blogging by adhering to the following rules I will disclose herein. To be sincere, I have lost count on people asking me on How to promote their blogs. Just last week a blogger friend asked me in a phone conversation this same question which I couldn’t tell him over the phone. So viralwriters, here are the 10 quick steps on how to become a successful blogger. I hope you find it useful.

Just before I go in-depth, I’d like to ask these simple questions, these are the things you must consider before becoming a successful blogger;

Why do you blog?

Do you blog because you have passion for it or perhaps you blog just to make money online?

Are you really determined to becoming a successful blogger? (I’m sure you’re expecting this)

Oh you already have answers to these questions right? How then do you go about achieving it?

Are you ready to be known and great in the blogosphere? are you ready to become a successful blogger? Check out the tips below to learn the best ways to splash your blog round the blogosphere.

becoming a successful blogger

Credit – Carlie Hamilton: secret to becoming a successful blogger

Quick Steps to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Let Your Contents be Excellently Filled

This point cannot be overemphasized. I’m forever puzzled as to how people could stoop so low in limiting the creative power of their minds by settling to steal other people’s contents; I mean to say Operation “Copy & Paste”.  I think two weeks ago, a friend of mine voiced out his discontentment about people copying his contents. That isn’t fair. See, my advice is this; “don’t be a copycat”, be the original creator of your content.

//A little tip from Gilbert Samuel

If you want to avoid your content from being copied, you can protect your content with Copyscape or tynt. Credit goes to Adrienne Smith for this tip. To elaborate this, check out her post on How to get others to build your links. Remember, Google hates Plagiarism.

//Now back to my Guest blogger

Tips to help you write great contents: Make use of Google Keyword planner, Topsy, Generate Blog Idea, Market Samurai, Long tail pro, Research your topics, Brainstorm, harness the power of your mind and start typing.

Embrace the Heart of Being Social

I know you’ve always heard that famous phrase that says thus “If you build it, they will come.” I beg to disagree with this thought and I think that word should be rephrased to something like “If you market it, they will come.”

What is the essence of writing great masterpieces and people aren’t reading it? I decided to visit a friend’s website and on getting to his webpage, I found out that there was no comment at all on any of his posts. Were the contents that boring? No. They were of course great but he doesn’t share them. I knew this because he told me.

Trust me you will need to be a social freak if you’re on a high way to becoming a successful blogger. See, social media has really made our lives much easier and I don’t think a blog can do without it.

Must read: Social media strategies to promote your post

Be a Consistent Blogger

If you’re looking for ways on how to become successful then you mustn’t skip this. There is nothing more than blogging regularly, I remember I used to run a wordpress.com blog, I still visit it though but not like before and that is due to some of my other engagements in the blogosphere and outside it. While browsing through this blog, I realized that the more I post, the more people visit. As a blogger, you need to have a specific time and day you post; doing this will make your readers know exactly when to get your post updates on their mails. “The more you publish blog posts, the more traffic you’ll get.”

Belong to a Community/Tribe

As a blogger, you need to be a member of a community. There are tons of communities in the blogosphere some of which are Triberr, Bizsugar, Blogengage, and a host of them. Facebook groups are also very effective, few weeks ago; I stumbled upon a post at Enstine Muki’s Blog 23 Active Facebook Groups For Bloggers. If you are a newbie, I’d suggest you read that post. You can also check out some blogging communities to promote your post. In all the communities mentioned, I’m more active on two and I also wrote a review about it – Best blogging community to promote your post

Gilbert just created a tribe of recent wouldn’t it be great if you join his tribe. Check it out here

Attach Your Blog URL to Your Email Signature

I know you will be like does this technique really work? Yes it does. If I’m not mistaken, most of the authority bloggers I’ve had the rarest privilege to connect with uses this technique – Adrienne Smith, Esther Coronel, Sue, Neal, Enstine Muki, and other great bloggers, they all use this medium.

Every day I send out close to 600 emails and if like me, you read and also send out mails, this technique will surely work for you, trust me you have nothing to lose, after all blogging is all about testing and you will only stick to what works best for you, right? Now, imagine how many mails you send and forward every day and think about the possibilities and the results it would yield.

Write for Other Blogs

Another ingredient of being an authority blogger is in writing for other blogs, which alternatively is known as “Guest Blogging”. This isn’t new, right? Well, it’s new to some people and it’s because of them you’re now reading this (Newbie Bloggers).

When I actively joined the blogosphere, one of the things I was introduced to was guest blogging; I downloaded many different Ebooks that teaches the importance of guest blogging and how to write a creative content.

There are lots of benefits of writing a guest post, some of which is that you will get to talk to another audience, the owner of the blog you’re writing for will give you the opportunity to drop one or two links alongside your byline, that is, a short Bio of yourself.  This is called back-link. Those links can be those of your “Blog’s URL” or “Twitter Page”. You will also get traffic, gain subscribers and gain exposure as well as build quality relationships with likeminded bloggers. There are many other benefits but I’d stop here. If peradventure your writing style is great, chances are you will succeed in turning those visitors into loyal subscribers of your blog.

Hey guys, if you are not yet doing this, you should consider starting it, trust me you will be thankful you did.

Warning: Don’t send out the ugliest of your works but the very best, I mean the very best of your masterpieces as it will surely go a long way to making you an A-list blogger. You can check out my post on how to be a guest blogging addict.

Be an Active Commenter on Your Blog and Other Blogs

Perhaps you saw a post that interests you, like this one, don’t you think you should leave your two cent comment? I never knew its usefulness until I read some of the “Wordpress.com” tutorials. I am now a comment enthusiast, thanks to the likes of Harleena, Sue Neal, and Adrienne who stressed and taught me its importance – these people comment from the heart and their comment are always a kind of mini-post, especially Queen Harleena. Her comment really fell into what this post is saying – Epic comment vs Great article.

As a blogger, you should also make it a responsibility in replying to every comment on your blog. The best way to engage your readers is by replying their comments. That way they will know you care and will trust you, even to read what you have to say.

Perhaps I should let you know that if you ever are going to be known or great in the blogosphere, you must truthfully engage in this activity and make it a habit else you will only succeed in being unknown.

Proofread and Edit Your Article

A lot of bloggers do the mistake of not proofreading or editing their works before hitting the publish button. No one will like to visit your blog when all you give them is crap. That’s why you need to proofread and edit your post. I read a post on Sue Neal’s blog the other day tiled “Writing Tips: How to Turn Your Draft into a Masterpiece” , that post has really helped me a lot and I will suggest you read it.

Literally, I will not publish my article if am not satisfied with it. For instance, this article was under scrutiny for good 9days before it was sent to Gilbert Samuel for publishing. I’m the number one critic of my work and it has really helped me in writing great contents.

Tips: Edit and proofread your article as though it were not your own. Let another eyes analyze it. You should read Sue’s post in the link above to understand the technique of proofreading and editing your articles.

Connect with Top Bloggers

Another way to quickly become a successful blogger is connecting with top bloggers in your niche. I decided to include this because from my observations throughout my travels in the blogosphere, I have come to know that this idea is pretty helpful and works very effectively.

There are millions of bloggers – great bloggers out there and have been opportune to connect with some of them, some of which I’ve constantly mention in this article. To save you the scrolling, here; Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Enstine Muki, Babanature, Obasi Miracle, Susan Neal and a host of other fantastic bloggers. Ever since I met these bloggers, my blogging career has indeed taken a dynamic U-turn and they have really made me a successful blogger.

You can also check get a full list of successful blogs here – 20 successful bloggers, asking yourself questions like how to be a successful blogger? Those list of bloggers are going to inspire you.
It has many advantages because they’ll also help in promoting your post, an example is a post I wrote on 45 experts share their best monetization strategy which went viral, you can check it out. Being a successful blogger also depends on how you make money online, the post will really inspire you and you can also check out these top 12 successful affiliate marketers.

So what are the benefits of connecting with these so called “Successful Bloggers”, you would ask? Good question.

So here you go:

  • You get invaluable tips worth a lot of $$$ for free
  • You get permission to use their contents
  • You get to interview them
  • You get to guest post on their blog
  • You get the opportunity to partner with them
  • They give you links and connect you with other Top influencers.

Bonus Tips to Becoming a successful Blogger

Professional blog design – things to consider when designing your blog


A well-defined topic – How to create an attractive blog title

Good Writing Style

Conclusively, be a successful blogger, you will do well to follow the above lessons. I’m sure there other things I should have included that aren’t here. Please indulge me by dropping them in the comment box in order that we might learn from ourselves.
One more favor, I’ll be very grateful if and only if you share the ish out of this post.

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    • says

      Hey namesake, and welcome to Gilbert’s great blog – it surely is nice to see you here. 🙂

      Yeah……….joining a tribe is highly essential if one were to be rated a top bloggers as it’s from there you will get to actually meet and connect with top guns. I know this cause I have tried it and it has proven to be worth it. I’m glad you found it fascinating and useful.

      I’m sure you are already doing this, if not please do and tell me about it latter. I will always be here.

      You are highly welcome and thanks for being the first person to leave your thought. I sure hope you shared it? – Do have yourself a nice Thursday! 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

  1. says

    Hi Sam and Gilbert,

    Excellent write up. For me, if you want to be a successful blogger, ask yourself this: Are you passionate about blogging? Yes, I am not talking about make money blogging. I am talking about passion. Do you love blogging? Now, if your answer is yes, then good! You are already one step closer.

    To be a successful blogger, you need to carve your own route to success. Don’t follow what Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn or any other bloggers you have in mind. Learn from their mistakes and even yours. Take one step at a time.

    It wouldn’t take long before you grow your traffic and readership. Tee biggest problem is not in search engines but is in the visitors. You need to convince them that your blog, write up etc is 200% useful for them.

    Now, that’s what I think. Haha Tuesday rant I guess 🙂

    Have a great day both!
    Reginald recently posted…What Is NoFollow Rule And How It Affects SEO?My Profile

    • says

      Hey bro Reggy, sorry I’m late but that’s due to some stuffs which I think are getting solved by the day.

      Bro, you are really right. To be a great blogger you will need to first of all be passionate and forget the monetary aspect of it. It’s highly important.

      I can’t agree more with your points in this comment bro, I’m sure it will help other bloggers who will still stumble upon this article.

      Thanks for stopping by bro and for leaving your invaluable comment here with us at Gilbert’s blog. Do have a magical day ahead!

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

  2. says

    Lots of good points in this post. Content creation is the most important function you will perform for your business. You can’t copy someone else’s content because it isn’t YOU!
    If all of a sudden your writing style changes dramatically, people are going to know. You might be able to fool some of the people, but, you won’t fool the experienced blogger.

    Great post!! Thanks for taking the time to write it. 🙂
    Geri Richmond

    • says

      Hi Geri, I’m so glad to meet you here at Gilbert’s blog. 🙂

      Your content is the preview of blogging coming attraction and must therefore be well dealt with.

      You are very right ma’am, people knows and can tell the difference of your voice when the writing is yours or not. For instance, “me and Gilbert”, we have different voice no matter what. I can never write in his voice neither could he. it’s impossible.

      Aha…..I love your quote here and I would love to rephrase to something like this, “You can fool anybody but you cannot fool everybody.”.

      Awwwh….Thanks so much for the kind words and yeah it’s worth the time, right? Do have a blessed weekend, Geri. 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi sam. Thanks for sharing this. To become a sucessful blogger try to make your self inspire and creative, You probably know Darren Rowse from problogger.net mentioned that without inspire, its very difficult to write. Without fresh mind its very difficult to inspire. and for my self i fond these things, if i not inspire i can’t write or difficult to write, without fresh mind its difficult to inspire for me.
    moryom begum recently posted…Are you addicted to Facebook? 25 Ways to test your self.My Profile

    • says

      Hey Pritam, and it’s good to see your comment here brother. 🙂

      Yeah, its a very potent step, the last one, connecting with top bloggers. Very important bro. Oh Gilbert, he is sure a problogger!

      Aha……thanks for your kind words, Pritam. I’m glad you liked the post and did I mention you have a great weblog, and that your post are awesome?

      Pritam, be sure to connect with those great bloggers mention above and enjoy more blogging success.

      Have yourself a fantastic day ahead, bro. 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

  4. says

    Hello sam,
    I am glad I visited your blog today, frankly you nailed all of the valuable etiquette for becoming a successful blogger in your tips.

    I can’t agree more with the part where you passionately voiced the need for providing only unique and valuable contents.
    Building relationship with other top bloggers is one other thing we mustn’t neglect as bloggers, Harleena Singh and other top bloggers in your list has really provided great value to me too.

    Thanks for sharing awesomely and do have a great week bro

    • says

      Hello Obasi,

      This isn’t my site and I trust you know it belongs to Gilbert Samuel. He sure his glad you did. Thanks! 🙂

      Sir, contents is the best part and of course the determining factor of being an expert in this field, called “BLOGGING”.

      Relationship is also key and yeah, people like Harleena has set the mark for people like us and we mustn’t fail them.

      Well, I’m glad you resonated with this post, Thanks and thanks for stopping by and for leaving your two cent. I appreciate you sir! 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

  5. says

    Email signature is very useful. It helps me to gain some of my followers from here. Guest blogging helps to build our relationship with the blogger. It is really helpful. Most of the bloggers are not interested in much commenting over others blog. It is a mistake. Commenting to other blog is necessary.
    Thank you for sharing the post.
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…Do You Want to set new Blog? – Helping HandMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi Sam – wonderful to see you here at Gilbert’s blog, and it sure is great to be over at your blog too Gilbert 🙂

    Let me first congratulate you for such a lovely post and the kind mention with awesome bloggers like Sue and Adrienne- those two are wonderful ladies indeed, and of course, Enstine. Obasi, and Babanature too who never stop to share such informative posts 🙂

    You’ve mentioned ALL that it really takes to become a successful blogger, though the definition of success might vary from one person to another, or perhaps everyone sees it differently. However, these are the main points that you’ve elaborated so well here.

    I think when you sit to write your posts and really put ALL of your heart and mind into it, there’s no way that it wouldn’t turn out to be a good one. Yes, ensure it’s a helpful one that your readers would learn something from, after all we do write for them, isn’t it? Some people use the keyword tools you mentioned, while others just don’t use anything other than the Google Keyword tool, like me, though now I think the stress on keywords is lessening, and more is on using it’s variations.

    Consistency is important if you really want to be a successful blogger, and there I must say that Adrienne ensures all her posts are on time, commendable indeed. I agree with your point about proofreading and editing the posts, and I also loved Sue’s post on it, without which nothing really works. I too have a tough time to hit the publish button, unless I’m really not satisfied with things.

    Ah…comments…I treat them as mini-conversations I’m having with the author and I think I connect best with them through this way, and I really don’t bother about the comment length, or perhaps it’s almost like I am talking through my comments…lol…so it’s never ending. But honestly speaking, if you comment from your heart after you have read the post, you are simply sharing your true feelings, which I feel is so important. Yes, it’s important to connect with other bloggers and share their posts too, which most bloggers forget to do – I wonder why? Oh yes…your blogging community is what will stand through thick and thin with you, and for that you need to build your tribe, through various ways, like commenting, joining FB groups or G+ communities, Triberr etc.

    I guess I better stop my comment or it might just become another mini-post here!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Make a Successful Blog in 3 Simple WaysMy Profile

  7. says

    Hi Gilbert and Sam,

    This is a great post full of wise advice, which should be a real help to any newbie bloggers out there. I love the very first point you make about the fact that being a successful blogger doesn’t happen overnight. I think there are still a lot of marketers out there trying to suggest that there are some quick fixes and short-cuts to success, but a truly successful blog takes time, patience, determination and a lot of hard work – it’s fun, but it IS hard work.

    I’m also so glad you’ve talked about the importance of creating your own unique content – I hate the whole idea of ‘spinning’ articles and just cutting and pasting from other people’s posts. The most successful blogs each have their own individual personality, and you’re never going to achieve that if you fill your site with other people’s content.

    As you say, commenting is very important too but, like creating posts for your blog, it takes time and effort to do it effectively. I get very disheartened by bloggers who leave poor quality comments purely to get backlinks to their sites – it’s often obvious that they haven’t read the post properly. For me, any backlinks are a bonus – my main motivation when I leave a comment is to add value to the post and to engage with the blogger. As you say, Harleena and Adrienne are great example of bloggers who make awesome comments.

    This brings me back to your first point – because I think successful blogging is all about building relationships and that’s not something that happens overnight – it takes time and effort to get to know people and build trust.

    Thanks so much for a wonderful post and for being so kind as to mention me and my blog – I’m very honoured 🙂
    Susan Neal recently posted…2 Quick Ebook Tips: LinkedIn Share Buttons and Hyperlinks in PDF FootersMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Sue, I’m sorry this reply comes very late. Trust me I’ve been busy a lot offline. 🙂

      Yeah…you are right and those marketers are just so annoying! Patience, determination and hard-work are truly what it takes to be a success in the world of blogging.

      You are so right ma’am…….I hate that myself and that’s why I take a lot of time writing, proofreading and editing my works. Doing that helps to be an expert in what you do and your readers will accord you the respect that you most deserve.

      Aha………..this is the most annoying thing I see bloggers do and when I see I’m just naturally pissed off and I always be like slapping them had they standing next to me…I mean how on earth can you say you read a post and all you’ve got to share is “Thank you” or “very detailed”. So sad, ain’t it? I love your take about backlink…. it shouldn’t be your sole aim it should be a kinda bonus. And you too my friend are great commenter! 🙂

      Relationship is the key so says Adrienne Smith…and that’s the message she carries around. Oh very true……it takes a whole lot of time and serious efforts on your side to connect with real top influencers……x

      I’m glad I did ma’am………….Thanks for stopping by to read and for commenting. I really I’m grateful. Do have a magical time yonder! 😀


  8. Kingsley Agu says

    Awesome content churn out again by Otunba.
    The content part is the main thingy which every blogger should squarely focus on, I don’t play with that so you should either.
    Putting out time to really pour out good content will help you grow a wonderful blog.

    Thanks for the post bro.
    Keep the fire burning.

    • says

      Hey Mr. King, am glad you came. 🙂

      Thanks for those kind words brother and its awesome we share the same view about content. Its highly important and must be strictly dealt with by bloggers aiming success.

      Thanks for sharing your thought here with us and Gilbert says hi too and he hopes you will share this post with your tribe. Have a nice day. 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Sumanth,

      I sure hope they(newbies) find this article useful, cause its written purely because of them.

      Aha…..thanks for your kind words bro Sumanth, thanks for Gilbert’s blends. He is one hell of a writer! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by here bro and for leaving your precious comment. Have a nice day.


  9. says

    Hello Sam,

    I had no idea you were such a prolific writer. This is a really exciting piece and I must admit it’s different from most of the conventional articles I read daily. I know when someone writes from his heart or just trying to add to the number of owned posts.

    Building relationship with bloggers was something I never attempted in 5-years and I am glad I started this year. No man can claim the unmitigated gall of knowledge, hence we can’t afford to leave re-acquisition of more and more knowledge to chance.

    Like I always say; learning by experience is never a best teacher rather learning by instructions has always proved worthwhile. They are a couple of things I have learned from my great blogger friends in the likes of Obasi Miracle, Babanature and Don Caprio.

    Nice article mate and I must also appreciate Gilbert Samuel for laying the foundation of this incredible blog. It’s my first visit here and I am already feeling at home. Nice design and nice use of colurs. You guys rock.

    Have a great day 🙂
    Nosa E Nosa recently posted…3 Reasons Why Tablets Can’t Replace Console GamesMy Profile

  10. says

    Nice and complete post for the bloggers to get success by Sam 🙂

    Hope am implementing all and am missing the email signature.

    Active guest blogging, commenting, updating with useful content, take part in blogging communiites, connect with some influential bloggers and finally good blog design are the keys to get succeed in blogging.

    Thanks for sharing the nice post Gilbert 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…Experts Tips – Valentine Belonwu (Creator of Justretweet.com)My Profile

    • says

      Hey Nirmala,

      I’m seriously blushing now, friend. Thanks and I’m glad to hear it. You know how to make one happy.

      I have been seeing your comment on here and everywhere, you will soon surpass the likes of Darren Rowse, Jeff Goins and even the great Seth Godin if and only u continue being hard working and adding a little bit of smartness. Plus don’t forget to try the “email signature” thing.

      Thanks for sharing your thought here with us and Gilbert ask me to tell you he loves you.


  11. says

    Hi Sam,
    I just started my author website four days ago and I’m excited by the traffic (almost 600 visitors), but I want to improve both my site and its reach. You’ve given some wonderful tips here. Thank you.

    One thing slowing me down is my lack of technical know-how. For example, I hired a student to help me create my website and he accidentally put down my email address as my username. Now, if I reply to a comment, my email will be public and this action (according to WordPress) can’t be undone. Fixing this is priority as I really want to reply to comments. I also find it very difficult to find the widgets I want to install, as I don’t know what they’re called. LOL!

    I’ll be referring to your advice as I make my website and blog user-friendly and welcoming.

    Jess Molly Brown recently posted…Congratulations Sydney Logan on the First Anniversary of Lessons LearnedMy Profile

  12. says

    Hello Sam and welcome to Gilbert’s blog :).
    You have really put up a nice post about how to become a successful blogger and i sure do like the points you rolled out. As you have said, being successful doesn’t come over night and it takes some certain features and characteristics to be a successful blogger. And like Harleena said, every body has their definition of being successful. But to me – what truly defines a successful blogger, is the ability to help others that are in need regardless 🙂

    I’d say that this is indeed a great post Sam and i am proud of you :). Oh… thanks for the mention and have a best week ahead both of you 🙂
    Babanature recently posted…Top 50 Active Blogs With Commentluv EnabledMy Profile

  13. says

    Well what a nice surprise Gilbert to stop by your blog and find a guest post here by Sam. Also imagine my surprise when I found myself mentioned several times.

    You know when I started this blogging journey I seriously wasn’t sure where it would take me and I had no clue that I would be reading people’s posts and finding my name mentioned as being someone that was able to help them learn. I always knew I wanted to help others but I wasn’t quite sure when I started this if I’d actually accomplish that or not. This is so very touching to me so I want to first thank you for that, I’m truly honored.

    I’ve written about this subject many times myself about what it takes to truly have a successful blog. It can mean different things to different people. Just like what I shared here, I look at my blog as a success because I’m able to help others. Now I know without the content, the connections and everything it takes to get it in front of enough people I wouldn’t be where I am today so it’s a process.

    There were numerous steps I had to take but the one that I will say you need to do the most is just be consistent. Whether that’s writing blog posts, commenting, sharing other people’s content, guest blogging, making those connections, be consistent. You can’t do a couple things a few times a week and expect to get great results. People need to be able to see you everywhere, know that you share valuable and helpful content and know you’re a giver.

    You’ve outline plenty of things they’ll need to do Sam so great post my friend. And thanks again for the mentions, I’m so honored. You made my day thank you.

    Now both of you have a great week.

    Adrienne recently posted…Anti Backlinker: The Ultimate Spam BusterMy Profile

  14. says

    Hi Sam,

    This is a well written article with a great tips, I do agree with protecting your content with Tynt service as this will not only protect your content but will help you build backlinks when somebody copy anything from your blog. Also I do agree with sending only your best work as a guest post, people would also question if the guest post quality should be better than your own blog posts and Yes they should be.
    Thanks for sharing your tips here.
    Qasim recently posted…10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Site Through Link BuildingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Jide, and welcome to Gilbert’s great blog – it sure is nice to see you here. 🙂

      Aha….thanks for leaving your two cent comment and I’m glad you leaned from the lessons thought in this article.

      Prayers! Amen!! Amen!!! I really am grateful brother – do have a magical day ahead. 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

  15. Shamsudeen says

    Thanks Otunba, this is indeed a nice detailed article. Pillar content + good marketing campaign + master mind group = Successful blogging career. You’ve said it all.

    Thanks Gilbert and Otunba.

    • says

      Hey ShamCyber, its really delighting to see you here. 🙂

      I love the way you summed it up in a calculation, so awesome.
      Thanks for deciding to stop by and For leaving your summed up
      comment here with us.

      Gilbert says hi and he said you should have a
      great and fulfilled day ahead. Isn’t that wonderful? You should
      consider subscribing bro.


  16. says

    An awesome post Sam,
    Becoming a successful blogger is what everyone want to achieve but, its not that easy neither is it a rocket science. All the tips you shared here are the main things that will guarantee a successful blogging but, the issue is that most of us are too lazy or too busy to apply them, which is why it always seem as if we’re wasting our time.

    If every blogger can apply this tips then, blogging success will be inevitable.

    Thanks for sharing man :).

    BTW: Thanks for visiting my blog Gilbert :).
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…Paid and Free Traffic: Which One Generates the Most Effective Results?My Profile

    • says

      Hey Theo,

      I’m so glad to see you here at Gilbert’s blog. You are welcome. You have said it all sir. It is one thing to have a vision and yet another to run with it. If every bloggers would shake of every lazy attitude and take on hard work as a core, then success in blogging would definitely be inevitable.

      Thank you so much for the extra value you’ve added to this post. 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…5 Tips on Finding The Best Topics For Your BlogMy Profile

  17. says

    Great tips on how to become a successful blogger. I totally agree with you about marketing your content. I know when I first started my blog, I would sit behind my computer and push out post after post without any traffic.

    That can definitely kill anyone’s desire to continue. You have to get out there and promote your product.

    There are so many different strategies that you can use to market your content. I admit I don’t use enough, I just don’t have a lot of time.

    I may have to check out Gilbert’s new tribe. Does it take a lot of time to get involved in blogging communities? I don’t want to start something new if I don’t have the time to dedicate to it.

    As for guest blogging, I know that is something I need to definitely get involved in.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips, I know that they will help anyone who is wanting to be successful online. Have a great week.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Flippin Websites Product Creation Update Progress ReportMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Susan, have been waiting to read your comment, and it surely is nice to finally see it. 🙂

      Thanks for seeing it as great ma’am and marketing your blog and posts is really worthwhile and like u said, there are many different means of doing so. Oh that’s true…. I remember leaving the blogosphere, like for two years due to less traffic.

      Yeah…….you should be a part of it, he’d be glad to have you and bout your question, yeah, it takes time but at the end, success will coming knocking at your door. Is that not the reason we blog? Aha…..guest blogging! It cannot he overemphasize. You should try it out ma’am. You will start experiencing massive results.

      Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your thought, Susan. Hope this solves your questions? Please let me know about it when you start ok – do have yourself a magical and funfilled Thursday. 🙂


    • says

      Hey bro Andy, it surely is nice to see you here. 🙂 you are damn right brother. Write like you are talking and you will soon be a problogger because your readers will trust and love you. Thanks for dropping this thought here, Andy. Have a blessed week. 🙂 – Sam
      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Emmy,

      Thanks so much for coming and for commenting…Of course you are a successful blogger, my friend. Your achievements around the blogosphere speaks for themselves. I’m glad you think it was a lovely post. 🙂


  18. says

    Hi Sam,

    What a wonderful article, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Your post will certainly help many who are new to blogging, including myself – I’ve only started a few months ago. I wish I had had this post in front of me then already! 🙂

    I have only recently discovered some blogging communities and I’m looking to do more of that – I think they can work as a fantastic way of building relationships. I’ve joined Triberr but haven’t had a chance to look into it much yet, but I will surely check out Gilbert’s tribe when I do.

    Thanks again for sharing 🙂

    Laura Raisanen recently posted…How To Choose A Profitable NicheMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Laura and welcome to Gilbert’s blog – it surely is nice to meet you here. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words sister, they are indeed much appreciated. You? For the record, I’m just coming back to Gilbert’s house after a long journey and some traffic in my visit to your beautiful mansion.

      Aha…..you have a massive and fantastic weblog. I enjoyed reading your blog sister. I would say you were only trying to pull y legs that’s why you said that, right? Be sincere please. 🙂

      Oh sure, joining communities is highly mandated for every bloggers aiming success. Success is all that we aspire for right? And maybe some $$$ attached. At least for some of us.

      Do join Gilbert’s tribe and those groups on FB. In case you are not sure of how to do that, read Enstine’s post in the link up above and you will be good to go. Relationships is a core factor of successful bloggers. Use those Tribes to your advantage, Laura and let’s connect when you start seeing results.

      Awwh……and thanks for reading and for leaving your two cent comment – do have yourself a magical weekend. 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Abraham,

      Couldn’t agree more with your quote. I guess you love quotes and love writing some yourself, if yes, the we are even. Thanks so much for stopping by to leave your two cent comment bro. It’s much appreciated – have a great day! – Sam Adeyinka
      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…4 surefire factors of successMy Profile

  19. says

    Really awesome and informative post to read. i’m totally new to blogging sphere and will follow the Golden rules written in this post to be a successful blogger. I personally think , for to be successful blogger on should be passionate about it besides of money involved in blogging. i want to ask a question, can please you tell me how much time it takes to become a successful blogger?
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…7 important CMD commandsMy Profile

    • says

      Hey bro Ahsan,

      You are absolutely right, it takes passion to be a successful blogger and speaking of how much time it takes to be successful in the blogosphere. Well, Samuel Gilbert, the owner of this blog ViralWriter is an example that comes to mind. He has only joined the blogosphere actively this year and in only two months of blogging he went viral. Hope you are cleared on that? I will definitely see you around, right?

      Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comment. Do connect, I will like us to connect ok – have a good week!


  20. says

    I’m new to your site. What great reminders you offer to bloggers! It is good to look inward at what fuels us. All the steps between are awesome too. I have been blogging for a year and most of my focus was on content, proofing, and website development.
    Once I visited Harleena’s website, I began to connect with other bloggers. I have learned so much in a short time! I’m glad to have found this blog post today. Thank you for your encouraging words!
    Karen Hoyt recently posted…Can I Walk or Run with Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis?My Profile

    • says

      Hey bro Gautam,

      I’m glad too to see you here and thanks for thinking the tips are useful. I believe you have been able learn from it. Have a blessed weekend bro. I’m glad you came! 🙂


    • says

      Hey bro Sara,

      Aha….I’m glad you think its a really good information. I’m sure you will subscribe to Gilbert’s blog in order to get more useful information such as this one.

      Thanks so much for stopping by to read and for leaving comment. It’s much appreciated. 🙂


  21. says

    Nice piece sam, these are true ways to become a successful blogger, as a co author of promotivator i must say the reason i choose to work with you is your creativity and steadfastness. I know alot of people has sure learnt from this.

  22. says

    Hey Karen, sorry I’m late ok.

    Gilbert Sam owns this great blog not me, I’m fortunate to have guest blog on here.

    Well, I’m glad you were able to learn something from the post and pls do try and implement on other points you are not yet doing.

    Have you subscribed to Gilbert’s blog already and do you have a copy of his Ebook? Don’t you think you should?

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving your comment – its much appreciated, Karen. Enjoy!


  23. says

    Hi Sam,

    Great you are here, at Gilbert’s blog. Not everybody can guest post here. Happy you.
    Guest posting and connecting to top bloggers is an absolute must. Clear advice. No debate here.

    What is really interesting, for me, is the tip with adding the blog url to your email signature. This is very interesting. I like the idea very much. How can you do that in an elegant way? Maybe you create a kind of image with your signature and your blog url. What is your solution? How do you do this?

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted…Social Media Tools for Content Syndication: Friendsplus.meMy Profile

  24. says

    Powerful tips here Buddy,really useful post 🙂
    in Blogging is very important to make relationships with other experienced bloggers, that will you will learn new things that will make your blog better 🙂
    interact with bloggers will bring in many positive results, they will share and comment on your content and you will do the same
    so it’s a win-win situation 🙂
    bbrian017 recently posted…9 Killer Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO Or Social MediaMy Profile

    • says

      Good to see you here Brian,
      Yup! you’re right, relationship is the first thing to consider when it comes to blogging and of course with probloggers this is one the commonest mistake bloggers make especially in their new launch.
      You’re got a good point there, i just jumped on the boat of interacting with blogger and i must confess, it rocks! Bloggers we connect with really have a hand in promoting our posts.
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Smackhunt Review – Cheapest Web Hosting ServiceMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Muba, I’m pleased to see here at Gilbert’s blog. 🙂

      Oh sure..Nice observation man! Truth is if the tips above are well harnessed bloggers would be leaving the life of their dream….There would be a lot successful bloggers around. Hmmmm….Thanks for seeing this post the way you just mentioned. I’m happy. Thanks! 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…10 BEST WAYS TO TREAT A DISABLED PERSONMy Profile

  25. says

    This article is what I call epic content and it was well written and full of information for bloggers. I will be sharing it on my site.
    If I may I would like to ask you permission to share my site with your followers? We believe we have created a website that would be of benefit to all bloggers. We would like to invite you both to look at our website and give us your honest opinion. Our mission is to help bloggers promote their own work for free, and we would love a review of our site by each of you. We know you are both very busy so if you cannot we understand. We look forward to your response soon and thank you for your time.

    Thomas E. Ortiz
    Co-Founder The Writers Social

    • says

      Hey Ortiz,

      Thanks for leaving such a unique comment such as this one. I’m so grateful. Well, for me no qualms but you have to seek the consent of Gilbert himself to do that though. In case, you want mine, I’m sure you know how to reach me, right? Do have a lovely day ahead! 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…10 BEST WAYS TO TREAT A DISABLED PERSONMy Profile

  26. says

    What a post!Sam this is what we call giving a helping hand..you have really helped someone and I must admit thats me.Practising the above seems to be a dosage that many do not follow to the letter and following it only means success in blogging.Thanks Sam

    • says

      Hey Sir Q, and welcome to Gilbert’s great blog – it surely is nice to see you here. 🙂

      Awww………..I’m glad I could be of help. Truth is a lot of know about this and are yet not doing it to the utmost…..even me I’m guilty.

      Thanks to Gilbert, who again reminded me about it earlier today. So my friend, it’d be of great benefit if you start to do the things highlighted here.

      I love the way Gilbert always said it, “Apply it!” and that’s the fact.

      Thanks for stopping by, buddy and for leaving your thoughts with us. Do have a blessed week ahead. 🙂

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…7 Easy Steps to Break or Make a HabitMy Profile

  27. says

    Hello Sam,

    I really loved this post! It’s great that you highlighted the importance of consistent blogging as many bloggers get preoccupied with other tasks due to which their blogs take a backseat.

  28. says

    Sam, i think this was your second article have read on this blog and I must say both post are awesome.

    You know how to connect with your readers with your chosen words.

    I did also learn a lot from Adrienne and Harleena. You can even see the awesome reply she posted. I think you actually didn’t make any comment on that-that’s bad.

    But I guess it’s your busy schedule as you mentioned. And we aren’t infallible as we aren’t God.

    Late to the party though; though better late than never.

    Thanks for sharing though and not to forget, Happy New Year

    • says

      Hey Peter,

      I’m so glad to see you here man and thanks for your kind words, it’s so appreciated! 🙂

      I have actually been busy and also stopped blogging for sometimes due to my very busy schedules but I am beginning to be active again.

      Thanks for your comment boss, and you’ve got a really cool blog yourself! Keep it up, okay. 😀

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Questions for InterviewsMy Profile


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