7 blogging communities to promote your blog

Still on the aspect of promoting your blog, blogging communities made the list! Is there any limit in promoting your blog? the answer depends on you. There are many new blogs out there looking for ways to drive traffic, build relationships and generate backlinks to their blog, well this is for you. I joined communities a few weeks after my blog launch and all my blog posts are submitted on most of these communities mentioned below. What have I gained? I’ve really gained a lot, made friends and got to know some bloggers and most importantly, traffic became my playground.

If you omitted some of my older posts, I’ve previously written some strategies to promote your blog post, you can check them out below.

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Blog commenting which we all know

And here we are on blogging communities.

In a bloggers language:

Blogging communities are places where you relate with likeminded bloggers to learn from and promote each other.

There are thousands of bloggers out there in these communities waiting for you to drop your quality article and you might be missing some good amount of readers if you overlook this platform. Ready to promote the heck out of your post? Join these communities below, promote others by sharing their post and voting for them, they’ll definitely do the same for you.

blogging communities

Blogging Communities to Promote your Post

1. Blogengage

blogging communities to promote your blog

Blog Engage is a premium blogging community but you’re really going to get the best out of it because it’s worth it. Just like the name says, it’s a platform where bloggers engage with each other. If you really want to build relationships with other bloggers then you must take a look at this platform. I’m a member and the result I’m getting from it is really awesome. There’s even more features than what i said, just hop over and see what they have to offer. Want to get the best too? Join blog engage now!

2. Bizsugar

blogging communities - bizsugar

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s a commonly used blogging community and also similar to blog engage. If you’re a new member, your first submission is going to be moderated and when approved, you’ll be free you submit your blog post without moderations. There are also thousands of bloggers in this community and getting visitors from this platform is awesome. Join Bizsugar now!

3. Inbound

blogging communities - inbound

Inbound is another great community and there are lots of active users there. You need a good number of votes to make it to the first page and in order to get the best out of it, you have to join discussions, vote for others and build good relationship. It’s quite an easy place; you’ll start promoting your post as soon as you register. Join inbound now!

4. The Writers Social

blogging communities - the writers social

I came across this community a couple of weeks ago and I must say it great platform to learn from others and at the same time promoting your post. I was introduced by a friend and its result is also awesome. It’s simple, submit great articles and your submission will be approved. The name says it all, “the writers social”. Looking for a social community? then join the writers social now.

5. Blokube

blogging communities -  blokube

An awesome community similar to the ones mentioned above, there’s just no difference. It’s also based on voting and the higher your vote, the higher your post ranking in the community. Need a wider audience? Join Blokube now!

6. Klinkk

klinkk - blogging communities to promote your blog

This is another new blogging community created by Erik Emannuel, Thanks to Tommy for mentioning it in the comment, tons of experts are flocking into this community and you can get to know them too if you join, what are you waiting for? Join Klinkk now!

7. List.ly

list.ly - blogging communities to promote your blog

I got to know about this community through some friends, my content was shared on the platform and i saw great results in my stats, you might be missing something big if you over look this community. Join List.ly now!

Reminds me of my biology days. “Symbiosis” does it ring a bell? A situation where two different organisms live with and are dependent on each other to the advantage of both. That’s exactly how blogging communities works.

Are you hesitant? Check out what you’re going to get from the community;

social communities

A higher ranking

All the communities mentioned gives you a dofollow link back to your blog, this means that google is going to follow up your link and give you a higher pagerank. And the higher your pagerank the higher your ranking on SERP. Don’t be mistaken, you’re pagerank still increases even if there’s no pagerank update.


There are thousands of users that are ready to read your content, connect with you and even promote your blog. heads up, building relationship doesn’t have an automated process but by interacting and commenting on other member’s submission or blog post. That is the perfect way to build a lasting relationship and of course you know its significance.

Higher domain Authority

Google pagerank is not dead, the calculations never stops but google doesn’t want to show us our result right? This is one of the reasons why folks now prefer domain authority to pagerank. In case you don’t know, submitting your blog post to blogging communities increases your domain authority. To check yours you can quickly hop to OpenSiteExplorer. If you really want to improve your domain authority then you must join these blogging communities.

New Ideas

Blogging communities are not only about promoting your post but also about reading and learning from other submitted posts by community members. See how it works? They submit their blog while you read the helpful post, comment and share it you your followers. That’s another great way to build relationships.

How does blogging communities work?

Communities is all about voting, the higher your votes the more likely you’ll make it to the first page, that’s where you’re really going to get some cool traffic. Instead of promoting your blog post on social media, promote your submitted post on social media. Why? Because after reading your summary, they’ll likely vote for you and eventually hop over to your blog to read the full content. So what are you waiting for? Hop over and see what they have to offer.

Commenting on Peoples Submission is also a good way of creating good relationships especially when their article is also shared. They’ll always look for a way to pay back and of course you know what they’re going to do. They’ll also promote your blog, it’s a win – win situation.


I’m a fan of communities and I know there are folks out there that prefer other promotional strategy than blogging communities. There are hundreds of blogging communities but these are my pick, joining a whole bunch of communities might be a lot of stress, actually it might not work out for you, it’s better you concentrate on a few. I do submit almost all my latest blog post there and the result is crystal clear. I’m sure there are other blogging communities you use in promoting your blog, do mention them below and are you using these ones mentioned above? I would love to know if you’re getting good results from it. In case you haven’t read, can also check out more ways you can promote your post. What are you going to do after reading this article? Join the blogging communities mentioned above right? that’s great. I’m off to promote this post and I’d love to see you there.

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  1. says

    Awesome communities Gilbert, am active on all except writers social, will check that one.

    Am familiar with these communities and bizsugar is excellent. It helps me to get good SERP too.

    Thanks for this blogging communities post, am having a separate category in my blog and writing in detail about the useful communities.

    Keep sharing the stuffs Gilbert 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…Experts Tips – David Leonhardt from Seo-writer.comMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Gilbert!

    I am a newbie blogger and i have been studying hard to improve my skill. Though, i am a bit late in the game but its never to late to learn! I have seen the amazing transformation Google has been through in the last 2 years, and i know things will never be the same for anyone.

    I am active on inbound and Bizsugar. Now i just registered on Blokube and “the writers social”.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    Piyush Mathur recently posted…Transform your home & office space with Rustic Ultra-thin Veneer tilesMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Piyush,

      Late? I don’t thinks so, and of course it’s never too late to learn. Good luck and I hope you’ll get the best out of these commmunities.

      Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. says

    Do communities really help? I’ve heard of quite a lot of them though but there is one thing which bothers me when it comes to Bizsugar, my posts are never published but when other people submit them, they are published.

    I have seen two or three of my posts published there which I never sent them there so the question is, what have I being wrong?
    With inbound.org, I have being banned whiles with blokube, it has being a while since i visited them! hahaha!

    It’s now time to work hard in communities I guess! Thanks bro!
    Emmanuel recently posted…The word FREE is Dangerous in BloggingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Emannuel,

      Communities helps a lot, I don’t really know but I passed through the same phase until when I tried and to my surprised, my post was accepted.

      Maybe you had a pop up on your blog the first time you tried submitting your post. Inbound bann members? Haha, I don’t know about that.
      I don’t spend much time on blokube though, I prefer bizsugar and blogengage to blokube.
      Communities readers are genuine readers so I guess it’s high time you look more into it 🙂

  4. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    Thanks for sharing these communities, I use BizSugar and have used Blog Engage as well. The others, I have heard about them, but haven’t taken the time to sign up for an account.

    I don’t see how you do it for time…I mean with going to school and everything else you’re doing. How can you stay so active on these communities?

    Also I know that in the past you mentioned you were a member of Triberr. How’s that going?

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted…10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Creating My Own ProductMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Susan,

      I was actually expecting that from you, the fact is that, I don’t do it all at once. I might spend some minutes and that’s it till hopefully another day that same week or the next.

      Triberr is going too, I do visit twice a week and spend at most 30 minutes. I’m trying to join some numbers of tribes with lots of followers then request to be a member, the more the tribes you’re in, you’ll get more exposure, it’s awesome. Many folks have been sharing my post on twitter and my daily stats are always high.

      Do have a great day too

  5. says

    Nice list here. I am using Bizsugar, Blokube and recently joined Blogengage. They are quite good and helpful but I haven’t used Inbound and The Writers social. I am already too busy and don’t know if I would ever be active if I add any more ones to what I am using at the moment.

    All the same, thanks for a great list. Do have a lovely week.

    • says

      Hi Joseph,

      I understand, it’s better to focus on the ones that works best. Since the ones you mentioned are working great for you then you can keep it up.
      Do have a lovely week too.

  6. says

    Awesome.. Thanks for sharing an insight article covering the importance of being a member of Blogging communities

    Im a member of 3 communities which you have mentioned here and it has been a great use for me in terms for traffic, backlinks and relationship with other bloggers..

    Now going to sign up for The Writer Social and Bigsuzar.
    Shathyan Raja recently posted…Does Over Link Building Affect Your Blog Rank?My Profile

  7. says

    Far and away Gilbert joining communities has been SO key to my success, a chief element. Awesome post, awesome message, and awesome new communities dude.

    I am new to a few, need to join a few others. I just started using scoop.it and Viral Content Buzz yesterday. So far, so good 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Why Write after a Day Like Today?My Profile

    • says

      Same here Ryan, thanks for the kind words.
      I’ve heard of scoop.it but I don’t use it, though folks share my content there. I’ll check it out once again, like wise viral Content buzz.
      Have a wonderful week.

  8. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    Blokube, Bizsugar and Bizengage are used by most bloggers. I use them once in a while too. Inbound is one community I love because of the traffic they send my way.
    Nice to see you spread the awareness about joining more of such communities among newbies. 🙂
    God bless you!

  9. says

    hello gilbert. you really put much effort in creating this article since you also discussed further in detail about the advantages of joining the community and i really appreciate it..

    i am currently using blogengage, bizsugar and blokube although i focus more on blogengage …this is the first time i heard about writers social and inbound.org..thanks for sharing
    marilyn cada recently posted…Marketizze: A Business Blogging BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Marilyn,

      Thanks for the kind words, gld to hear that you’re using them, I focus more on blogengage and bizsugar. You can check out others and see what they have to offer. Have a wonderful week ahead.

    • says

      Hi George
      Millions of people will need it buddy, you seem to like freebies, the world is not free 😉
      To create a lasting relationship, then referral traffic works best.
      See you around buddy.

  10. says

    I have heard much about these communities, specially, Inbound and Bizsugar. These are open new door for the promotion of your post and many people are using it very effectively.

    However, I use to promote my post on social networks and I find myself more comfortable. And on other hand I didn’t get much time to give in communities.
    So, for me, social networks are the best. 🙂

    Thank you very much for sharing about these communities, this will help out other who want it. 🙂
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…Is referral traffic a savior?My Profile

    • says

      Hi kumar,

      I understanding where you’re heading to, having too much promotonal strategy is a whole lot of stress and it’s not going to work out because you won’t be focused. Since social media works for you, keep it up.

      Have a wonderful week and sure it’ll help others.

  11. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    I’m familiar with four out of the five and at one point was part of three blogging networks.

    My confession to you today is that they did nothing for me at all. I found that like most communities all people did was share their posts and go about their business.

    I’m really not big on “voting” sites myself. I participated when I was part of them and I understand the process behind it so that they can land on the first page. I visited as many blogs as I was able to but never seemed to really get those people interested in what I had to share. Building relationships, sharing their content, getting to know who they were. I just didn’t find that happening at all.

    Then I heard that Google had devalued all the blogging networks and it’s probably for that very reason. As you know we all should be more about building relationships with other bloggers but I go where it works for me and unfortunately, it wasn’t with any of these particular communities. Just my own personal experience of course but I know, like Ryan mentioned, he had a lot of luck with them. Yay!!!

    Thanks for sharing this Gilbert and hope you’re having a wonderful week.

    Adrienne recently posted…Why Effective Consistency in Blogging Is CrucialMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      I’m surprised they didn’t work for you, they’re working fairly well for me but I’ll say 50%

      Google devalued blogging networks? Never heard of that but the little thingi noticed about it is that their relationship is short term, unless you start afresh again. I just can’t do without them though 😉
      I’m sure other methods are working best for you.

      Sure, the rest of the week is going to be wonderful.

    • says

      It’s your choice buddy, you can go with what works best for you. As a matter of fact, venturing into all might be risky because you won’t be able to focus and get the best out of it.
      Good luck as you focus on social media.

  12. says

    Hello Gilbert Samuel,

    Nice list of blogging communities. I love blogengage most out there and new to one there. The important thing is that you will be get benefited from these blogging communities, only if you are regularly using them and having many bloggers in communication with you. Relationships of the bloggers matter a lot in blogging communities. It depends on your reputation in a blogging community.

    One another community, I have tried is Triberr, which I also find very useful. You should give it a try.

    Thanks for the cool article. Have a nice day 🙂

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta
    Ganesh Narayan Gupta recently posted…Google: Country Specific RedirectionsMy Profile

  13. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    I am not a member of a blog community. I am still searching for a good one. The only one that attracted my attention is Bizsugar. I want to know as much about Bizsugar as I can.

    Please, tell me more about this community. Is it a pure blogging community or is a content curation community? What protection mechanisms they have? I mean protection against content stealing?
    Everything you can tell me is useful and will influence my future decision.

    Thank you
    Silviu recently posted…How to Find Nofollow Links and Dofollow Links in a PostMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Silviu,

      Bizsugar is one of my favorite too, you can register as a member and your first submission will be moderated.
      Actually it’s not a directory, all you’ll do is to submit your blog post url followed by an attractive summary about the blog post, so there’s nothing like content stealing on the platform.

      Bizsugar is also similar to all other platforms mentioned, you submit your blog post url, a little summary and that’s all, readers interested in your content will then hop to your blog to read the full post.

      Hope this helps.

    • says

      Hi Cecil,
      I guess you need to keep trying bizsugar, I faced the same thing when I started but kept on trying and to my surprise, my submission was accepted.

      As you know, PR still exists but PR update is dead, for couple of months now there haven’t been an update so it the PR of any site you’re checking is 100% inaccurate, you can use google PR checker, click the link and it’ll direct you to a PR checker tool.
      I hope I answered your question, see you around.

  14. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    I too am a huge fan of blogging communities, along with direct blog commenting they are my favourite way of interacting with other bloggers and also driving traffic.

    I have a brand new Blog Engage account (finally, I’m so excited!) and I’ve been a member of BizSugar and Inbound for a while. I’ve especially been focusing on BizSugar and I have to say it’s really delivered. I’ve met amazing people through it, found new blogs that I love to read and have also got a nice amount of traffic from it.

    I’ve been trying to join Blokube for a while but you always have to sign up for an invitation and I’ve been waiting for that invitation for a while now…

    I’m going to check The Writers Social out too, thanks for the tip!

    Laura Raisanen recently posted…10 Tips To Successful Email MarketingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Laura,

      I’ve seen your comments on communities like bizsugar and it’s good to hear that it’s working for you. As per blokube, I also experience the same thing when I registered, I hope they’ll send it soon. All the best, have a wonderful weekend.

    • says

      You’re welcome Marc,
      I noticed some changes in blog engage, I’m sure you got the notification. I can’t really tell if my rank will be accurate but the only two that works best for me are bizsugar and blogengage, I do get most of my visits from those platforms, others are just minor visits but they’re better than nothing.
      Hope this helps, see you around.

  15. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Yet Another Fantastic Post from you and I’m glad to have stumbled upon this one this boring evening. It’d lifted my spirit again. I currently use only Bizsugar and have in so far submitted only one article on it. Like ologundudu, I don’t want to enter the film I won’t able to finish watching. You understand, right?

    Thanks for sharing though!

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…A Chat With Jeet Banerjee The 20yr Old Serial EntrepreneurMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Tommy,

      I just joined Klinkk, it’s a nice community created by Erik, I’ll definitely update the post, I’m sure you’ve heard of “list.ly” too, it’s another great community. I’ll update them soon.

  16. says

    I guess we got the same thing about Stumbleupon.. visitors are quite instantaneous but they don’t seem to comeback and check again. So far, I have been using Blogengage and it’s giving quite a nice turnout. Thanks for this awesome post – those 4 other online communities are great addition to my list of sites to explore.
    dimaks recently posted…Insects become popular in Dutch kitchensMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Carica,

      Good to see you here, I’ve also managed to get some good amount of readers from the blogging communities mentioned above, good luck as you check them out. Definitely, you’re going to have success with them, see you around

  17. Lisa Schmidt says

    Hi Gilbert.
    You are 100% percent right, this article help alot, and I know its will help others too. Oh I am so glad I am came across your site. Thank you very much for sharing this awesome article.

    Have a great day!

  18. says

    Hey there Gilbert – Great list you got going here Bubba! I enjoy BizSugar, I think the content i have read has been really beneficial to me.

    Sad to say I am not really active in communities, but I think that it’s time to change that.

    I applied to get on blokube but never heard back. The one that I keep meaning to go to and register is Jane Sheeba’s DoSplash and blogengage (Brian, correct?)

    Wouldn’t it be better to focus in on 3 or 4? So as not to spread out too then? What are your thoughts there?

    Thanks Gilbert,

    Donald Thomas recently posted…7 Reasons To Start An Internet Marketing BusinessMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Donald,

      I’m not active in communities s before but spending some times in a week will work. Blokube will definitely give you an invite, it took me more than a month before getting an invite from blokube.

      I’ve heard of Dosplash but I haven’t taken time to check it out, I might update this post with it, of course blogengage was create by Brian.

      Talking about how to use it, I do submit my post to bizsugar and blogengage immediately after publishing, that’s my favorite others are just some leisure time during the week, sometimes my readers help in sharing my posts there so I wouldn’t bother.

  19. says

    Hello Glibert,
    Thanks for giving us the list of blogging communities. I have found many new blogging communities.. like dosplash.com , getblogtraffic.net and many other. Hope you need to update this list. And your collection is really valuable for me to share my blog posts… Thanks for sharing… here.
    Tharun recently posted…Blogging Community Get Blog Traffic ReviewMy Profile

  20. Lou says

    Hi Gilbert,

    My mother has recently started a blog. It’s content is mostly personal anectotes, recipes, quotes and photos. Her aim is to practice her writing. She would like to get some feedback. Are there any blogger communities particularly good for personal blogs and writers? Most of these communities seem very good for business and marketing. But I’m not sure my mum’s blog would fit in.
    Thanks for any advice you might give us!

    Not sure i have posted this right

    • says

      Yup! it turned out to be a duplicate comment. Well the perfect place is google+ communities. Just search for the topic in the search bar and related results will be provided, join the communities, promote your articles and connect with like minded bloggers (in your niche). Hope this helps

  21. says

    First of all thanks for enlisting those communities… I really needed to know about the best one from a good blogger like you.. But was too hesitant to ask.. Got the list.. Going to join those today itself..
    And secondly.. You know you really amazed me with this post. From the title I expected that I would get list of some communities and it would be of help but just when I though I was done reading the article, I noticed there is more. You explained why it is so necessary and that too in a very good way. Now, this is what you call ‘giving more to your readers then they expect’
    manpreet recently posted…Should you really care about the blog traffic?My Profile

  22. says

    This is a super nice post and thank you for sharing the wealth of information. I am very new and still learning a lot about blogging. The main thing that helps is that I’m very passionate about the subject and topics my blog cover & it keeps me motivated. Thanks again!

  23. says

    hi Gilbert, hope you are doing gud . This is the first time I’m coming to your blog and I think it’s high time I would have visited this awesome blog. Among the communities that you have listed, I would suggest everyone to start using Blogengage if you haven’t done yet. It’s really a great community that will help your blog grow.
    jithin recently posted…Time to Get your AdSense CertificateMy Profile

  24. says

    Hey. Well first of all one thing that is funny is that I saw and followed you on Triberr today. Then, as I was googling to try and find other blogging communities, I found you again! Twice in one day- who would have thought?

    Second- thanks for posting these great resources!! I really appreciate it. I personally don’t like to have to pay for anything (at least until I am making enough money from the blog to make it worth my while) but it looks like you also posted plenty of free ones, too. I’m going to check them all out now!
    Christen recently posted…SupportocatsMy Profile


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