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On December 9, 2013
Last modified:December 14, 2013


To those who missed it, I previously wrote a post on blogging communities to promote your blog and blog engage was the first on the list, although it’s not arranged in any chronological order. It also got some good reactions and shares from the readers, you can check it out here: 7 blogging communities to promote your blog. Don’t get overwhelmed, I’m active on just 2 out of the mentioned communities and of course blogengage is one of them. There are tons of blogging communities out there and more are still emerging but the feature blogengage has is yet to be overpowered by others and this has made blogengage outstanding for a long time.
So what makes blogengage an outstanding blogging community?
Of course that’s the question running through your mind right now and 100 words might not be able to convince you but the features mentioned below are definitely going to.

Blogengage - An Outstanding Blogging Community

Blogengage is offering dofollow blacklinks – To the SEO addicts

I’m not really that crazy in link building but if you are one of them then blogengage must not be overlooked. I took advantage of blogengage when I realized that blogengage was offering dofollow backlinks, I submitted majority of my blog post and this has helped in increasing my domain authority with blogengage sprinkled all over the list of my backlinks. To those who don’t know, blogengage is a PR4 blogging community and getting a dofollow backlink from this community nothing but is paradise as it’ll help in boosting your ranking. It’s really going to be awesome if you’re sitting on google with your legs crossed.

Blogengage chat feature- Connecting with Experts

This is just the perfect way of connecting with likeminded bloggers, sharing ideas and gaining from them. Of all the blogging communities I’ve visited, I haven’t come across any community with this feature and blogengage deserves an accolade for this. It also has an option where you can integrate facebook and google+ chat instead of switching tabs and facing a whole bunch of stress. Now this is just a pinch out of the features that made blogengage outstanding, there are tons of more features. This is exactly how the chat feature looks like:

boost and increase your traffic with blogengage blogging community
Through this medium I’ve gotten a good relationship with bloggers and experts, learnt some ideas from them, implemented the ideas and had success in it.
What are the steps I took? The image below says it all.
blogging community

Yup! It worked for me and it’s definitely going to do if you give it a try.

RSS Syndication & Social media marketing

As a registered member of blogengage, you can connect your blog’s RSS feed to your account and whenever you publish a new post blogengage promotes it post on social media platforms like facebook, twitter and google+.

Bloggengage also offers incentives (on just retweet platform), with this features enabled, tons of twitter users will retweet your post to your followers and of course you know its significance, it doesn’t ends on twitter but they’ll also share it on facebook as well as Google+, most of these features depends on the plan you signed up for.

BlogEngage Groups

You can maximize your reach by joining groups on blogengage, there are some active groups where you can simply become a member in any of them (or even create your group). This enables you to share your post in not just the community but also the groups you’ve joined.

Like I said earlier, these are a few out of the features blog engage has, there’s no doubt that’s it’s an outstanding blogging community. There are many more features like:

  • Youtube Syndication
  • Contest Giveaways
  • Hashtag Marketing
  • Justretweet Bonus (up to 5000)
  • Spotlight (standout among the members)……..and many more.

Click here for more details

As the name says, you can engage with influencers and at the same time boost your blog traffic. So what are you waiting for? Check out the pricing plans below.

Standard Account

Manual submission
Community Blog
Free Ebook
Justretweet Bonus (3000)
Cost: £19.99 – one time payment

Platinum Account

All standard account features
Content Syndication (1 feed)
Social media marketing
Youtube video syndication
Justretweet Bonus (3500)
Cost: £19.99/Month

Business and Business Plus account

All standard account features
Content Syndication (3 – 5 feeds)
Social media marketing
Youtube syndication
Hashtag Marketing
Justretweet Bonus (4000 – 4500)
Business Plan: £19.99/Month
Business Plus Plan: £29.99/Month

Direct to front page with feature

All standard account features
Content syndication (8 feeds)
Social media marketing
Youtube syndication
Contest Giveaway
Hashtag marketing
Direct to front page
Facebook groups
Justretweet Bonus (5000)
Cost: £199.99/Month

What do you have to say about this community, does it worth giving a try? There are more reviews and testimonials (by top bloggers like Brian D. Hawkins and Justin) on the sales page –> Check out the sales page. Users of this community definitely have a lot to testify. What did you just say, want to give it a try? Do so by clicking the image below.

best blogging community for bloggers

So what’s your favorite blogging community, is blogengage among them? If you’re a member of blogengage why not let the readers know what they’re missing.

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    • says

      Hi Ryan,

      That’s good to hear, welcome to the community. The dofollow links has really helped me as they spread round my blog posts and homepage (got that from opensiteexplorer). I’ve also got to meet some experts too, watch out for my next post, I’m featuring most of them and it’s really really epic.

      Have a wonderful week.

  1. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    I joined Blog Engage a while back, but to tell you the truth I haven’t really used it enough. I do agree that building relationships is how to do it.

    Your tutorials really explain how to get the most out of it. Maybe I will begin using my account again.

    I never knew that they had dofollow links. While I really don’t focus on link building anymore like I used to, it’s always nice to know.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and I hope you have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Make $500 On Flippa – My Christmas ChallengeMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Susan,

      If i could remember, it seems you’ve once told me that you were a member, oh! it’s dofollow link but i don’t really care much about that(controlling my drunkenness in SEO). Relationship matters first, links can wait 🙂

      I guess we’re in the same shoes, i know you’ve busy and so am I, I barely open my open my PC and this had reduced my effectiveness in link building. I should be free as from next week (vacation) that should be till january how about you?

  2. says

    Hi Samuel
    Great coverage of the Blogengage site.
    I have an account, but do not use it much and did not know that it could be so great
    Sounds like I need to hop over there and spend some more time engaging!
    thanks for the tips, appreciate it
    Ashley recently posted…Social Media Best PracticesMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Heard a lot about blogengage but didn’t pay attention to. Now from your words It seems that blogengage is a must join community for every blogger. Not a member now but surely join it. Meet you at blogengage! And thanks for sharing this helpful post! 🙂

  4. says

    Hey mate,

    Great review on Blog Engage. O.O You partially disable CL? 🙂

    Anyway, Blog Engage is a cool community to be in. Worth all the money and certainly lots of it when it comes to marketing and influence building.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Hi Regi,

      thanks for the review, I hope others will take advantage of it too.
      Oh CL? I’ll reactivate it this week, it’s one of the plugins clashing with the functions of my new homepage

  5. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    Nice review man! I am amazed that you have covered almost all the things about BlogEngage. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best community in the Blogosphere! Thanks for your review too 😀

  6. says

    Hey mate,

    Great review on Blog Engage. O.O You partly disable CL?

    Anyway, Blog Engage is really a awesome community to stay in. Worth the money and definitely plenty of it if this involves marketing and influence building.

    Thank you for discussing!

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