How to Attract More Readers to your Blog

how to attract raders to your blog

Just like the title says, listed below are outstanding methods to attract readers to your blog and keep them glued to your posts. I’ll also round up some relevant posts just for reference so fasten your seat belt and don’t think of switching your tab. The Big Question: How do I attract readers to my […]

SiteGround Review: Best WordPress Hosting Service

Best wordpress hosting service

Choosing the right web host can be a very difficult task especially those trying to go for the cheaper hosting services out there. This is a decision that can make or break your blog and who knows? Your hosting company can either kill your blog or boost it; I wouldn’t want to go for the […]

How Freelance Writers Can Meet Deadlines Without Stress

freelance writers meet deadline

“I love deadlines,” goes the old joke, “I love the whooshing sound they make when they go past.” Meeting deadlines can be challenging for a freelance writer, usually because our brains are more wired for creativity and word-play rather than organisation, scheduling and prioritising. Many freelance writers find that time management and meeting deadlines is […]

MSocialH – A powerful Social Media Exchange Platform

social media exchange

Want to boost your marketing campaign? Have more social traffic to your blog? Then Million Social Help is just the right place to go. Million Social Help website and forum was first lunched on September 2012 in an effort to help you (bloggers) improve your social media network strategies plus help you reach your business […]

Win $150 Paypal Cash Straight to your Paypal Account

paypal cash contest

Hi everyone I’m happy this month of February to be co-hosting this cash giveaway with Enstine Muki. We have known him for organizing these giveaways and giving out real money to his readers. This month, 3 winners will be picked to win real cash. All you have to do is follow the instructions below; $150 […]

Article Formatting Cheat Sheet – Doing it the right way?


While there are many keys to writing effective articles, following an engaging writing style and good choice of topic, there is none as important as your formatting – that is, how you present that engaging tone and worthy topic. From the keen use of imagery to using appropriate sentence and paragraph structure, how you format […]