SiteGround Review: Best WordPress Hosting Service

Best wordpress hosting service

Choosing the right web host can be a very difficult task especially those trying to go for the cheaper hosting services out there. This is a decision that can make or break your blog and who knows? Your hosting company can either kill your blog or boost it; I wouldn’t want to go for the […]

Nine Questions before Hiring that Local SEO Consultant

Hiring that Local SEO Consultant

Being mystified by any aspect of your business is always a recipe for disaster. Unless your business is entirely – or mostly – online, there’s probably still a lot to learn. Without question, whatever you learn about the online aspects of your business will always pay you back, either in getting you more online business, […]

How to Speed Up your Website Load Time

website load time

Have you been struggling and looking for ways to speed you your website load time but to no avail? I’ll show you how I improved mine and how you can too. This time, it’s not about becoming a successful blogger and how to promote your post, let’s jump on the practical boat and dip our […]

Seo On Page Optimization – Dominating the Search Engine

seo on page optimization

I’m sure you’ve have heard of SEO on page optimization but are you optimizing your blog for search engine correctly? Of course you want your blog to appear on result pages of search engines. Competition is increasing day by day and a high ranking position on SERP seems to be a difficult task especially for […]

When is the Next Google Pagerank Update

google pagerank update

The latest google pagerank update is taking longer than expected, normally it takes just 3 month but for over 5 months now, we haven’t heard any news concerning the google pagerank update. To those of us that are new to blogging, how do you feel anytime you try to check your pagerank and all you […]