6 Ways to Convert Your Readers into Subscribers

We all know how to generate traffic to a blog and also how to make a blog go viral right? but do you know how to convert your readers into subscribers. When a visitor visits your blog and find your contents interesting, they shouldn’t just go like that but you have to find a way of trapping them before they head for the exit door, of course this will also increase your bounce rate, check out my killer tips on how to reduce your bounce rate. The higher the number of subscribers the more the money. Remember, money is in the list. Check out these quality ways to convert your readers into subscribers, implement them as they will boost your blog.

Ways to Convert Your Readers into Subscribers.

1. Create Quality Contents

This is the number one principle of blogging, if you need more readers, make money online or generate traffic to your blog, you need quality contents on your blog. Write High quality contents that’ll get shared and let your readers fall in love with it, try to find out what they need and offer it to them for free, they will eventually come back and won’t have any option than to subscribe to your blog to get more updates. Check out the significance of a quality content

2. Use Comment Redirect

Comment redirect is a plugin by Yoast, with this plugin, if visitors post comments on your blog they will be redirected to any page of your choice depending on your configuration. I did exactly the same thing, I’m currently using this plugin and I created a thank you page for this. If visitors post comments on my blog, they will be redirected to the page, thanking them for posting their comment and also requesting them to subscribe to the blog for updates. Post your comments in the comment section and see for yourself, also don’t forget to subscribe to viralwriter to get free updates and my ebook on making your blog go viral.

3. Post Consistently

After following the steps above, let your readers know that your blog is still alive and so is your blog. By posting consistently, I don’t mean you should post every single day of the week, let’s say a minimum of three posts per week. Try to settle down and make researches in order create quality contents else, your readers will be bored. If your blog is new and you hardly get comments, don’t worry; keep on posting quality contents as far as you are also working on steps on how to make your blog go viral, simultaneously and you are doing it the right way.

4. Use popups

Popups might be annoying at times and most readers hate it when a site pops up an optin form, all they do is hit the “X” button and continue with what they are reading but popups really works, the rate of people subscribing through popups is higher than those subscribing through your sidebar or below your post. You don’t always have to please everybody, if they hate popups then let them f**k off, those that love it will subscribe.

5. Host Contests

We all know contests have rules; think of this, what if you tell your readers to subscribe to your blog in order to qualify for the contests, others like facebook and twitter will then follow after, there’s great output so far your prize is tempting, everybody would always want to be the winner. If you know you can’t afford a prize then you can look for a sponsor to help you with it. Here’s an example of a contest that ran on my blog – Blog engage contest. You might be too late though, it’s closed.

6. Create a Landing Page

Landing page is also known as a lead capture page, it’s the page where traffic is specially sent to either from your social media profile, comments or a guest post you did. Linking to your landing page is more lucrative than linking to your homepage and adding an optin form to your landing page increases your chance of getting more subscribers to your blog. This is great especially if you’re a guest blogger, instead of linking to your home page why not link to your landing page, this will make readers interested in you subscribe to your blog. I noticed that most of my traffic was on my homepage and I had to convert it into a page for collecting visitors and of course, it’s working best for me. Check out my homepage


Place your optin form in visible areas like at the end of your post, at the hellobar and the sidebar. Don’t also forget to include your optin form in your about page and other places necessary, omitting them is going to be a big mistake because you are going to miss numbers of subscribers that might contribute to your blog.

Create free ebooks with attractive covers because this is a tempting way of getting more subscribers and don’t forget to use and attractive optin form. I created the one below my post myself, of course it’s optin skin imitator but if you need it, you can hit my contact page and get it for (almost) free.

Share your success stories, people will love to connect with you to know more of your secret and they’ll also love to contact you. stories of my blogging activities has really worked for me, you can try it out, it rocks!

Oh! One more thing, use persuasive call to actions, it also helps.
This can be at the end of your blog posts, in your about page, contact page and other pages.

Are there other ways you convert your readers into subscribers? Share it with us, we would love to know them too.

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    Great post! but no one actually knows that a blog with a great design also attract visitors, thats my 2 cents.
    subscribed! I’m falling in love with your blog.
    Tope Akinlonu recently posted…MonsoonMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    I have just recently started to build a mailing list (only two days back!) but I am not using a service like Mailchimp or Aweber, I am just using a free plugin. I know that I should use professional mailing list services and I will be looking for those soon. Thanks for providing these tips and highlighting Mailchimp, it will really help when I start using Mailchimp.
    Qasim recently posted…How to Use Social Media Writing for Blog Posts PromotionMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Qasim,
      I’m happy you’ve taken a step further into building a mailing list. I do check your blog and views are always high(before you implemented the optin form). What’s your secret 😉 anyother string attached? 🙂

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