Epic Comment vs Great Article

All bloggers are in the atmosphere of blog commenting, I don’t think a blogger can do without it. There are just 3 common ways of generating traffic to our blog which are social media, Guest bloging and commenting on blogs but the most effective of all is guest posting, followed by social media then blog commenting. Previously, I was thinking that blog commenting is a waste of time in terms of traffic and not in terms of backlinks. For example, you visit a blog with 100 comments or more, what’s the probability that your comment will standout and people will start clicking your name or your link love (for comluv enabled site), well! I threw the thought into the recyclebin not until some comments on my blog restored it. I can’t call it a comment anymore; I guess I’ll name it a mini guest post. I so love those comment that I visited the blog, read some quality and challenging articles, and eventually but unknowingly subscribed with my eyes closed. Enough of the story Gilbert! I just want to share with you the magnitude, the power, the capability, the the, I’m out of words. Whatever, the power of an epic comment over a short comment.

epic comment vs great article

An Epic Comment commands Visitor to your blog

No tell me, do you expect me, my readers or visitors to visit your blog if your comment is just saying “great article” Hell No! All you are trying to say is that you didn’t read the post through the lines, you just did some humming and you find your way to the end of the content is just 10 seconds and then head to the comment section with your almighty “great article”. Well I’m a kind of person that replies to all comment but you gave me a “great article” then I’ll give you a “you’re welcome” Good bye buddy. But when you post a comment with 2 cents, appreciations and others then all you’re trying to say is that you know more, this will magically unlock the gate to your blog and make it wide open for visitors. You better know how to write an attractive blog title if you want to magnet those visitors and make them become become your readers

An Epic comment shows that you read the blog post COMPLETELY

Well, I’m not a fan of epic comment (trying to get used to it) neither am I a fan of “great article”, “great post” or ”great whatever”,  thats totally not my commenting strategy. I might include it at the beginning or at the end of my comment but that doesn’t mean that I won’t write my point, my 2 cents or appreciate the author. I guess I’m standing at the middle of an epic comment and a short comment. Doing this or writing an epic comment still shows that you read the post and you understood it completely.  Check out these comments below. There’s many more but I wouldn’t want to consume all the space.

epic comment vs short comment

An Epic Comment Encourages the blog author to write more quality content

If I should write a great content and I was given an accolade for it, then my next content should also deserve an accolade, this is going to make me work harder on my next blog post and deliver exactly what my readers want. Comments encourage blog authors (especially new bloggers) to keep the quality post coming. But a blog content without comments is a wide exit door out of the blogosphere because the blogger will be fed up, well that’s not possible. How can I write a blog post and get no comments, even when I did some promotions? Nah that’s not possible.

Enough with the Epic comment lets head over to the short comment.

Gilbert Samuel: Hi Mr Great post why is it that anytime I spend hours writing a great post for my blog, all I get from you is just great post, is it because I have a great post?

Mr Great post: Great question.

I don’t see anything bad in writing a short comment, that’s my way of posting comments, like I said above I’m trying to be Mr Epic Comment. I might read a blog post and go blank after reading it or I might be in a hurry due to one reason or the other and I wouldn’t want to leave the blog without posting a comment, I have no option than to quickly paste “great post, I gained a lot reading this” in the comment section.

So if you’re a fan of short comments (like me) you can keep it up. It all depends on your temperament, some people talk a lot and they would love to convert all their statements into typed words. Epic comment and short comments are both good but I would love to hear your opinion. Which one’s better?

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  1. says

    haha, epic comment. Epic is definitely a word that I use a lot. I agree with your points. I don’t mind people commenting to get their blog links up, but at least, if you are going to comment, take time to glance at some of the content at least. I had a video post comment last week and the commenter said great pics. Uh…where the pics at other then the featured post? lol!

  2. says

    Oh Great! Now I can’t get out of this with a short comment? I feel trapped now Gilbert! All I wanted to do was stop by and say “Great Post!” and be on my merry way, but now I feel like I have to come up with some super insightful comment LOL! 😉
    Personally I don’t mind the short comments on my posts (as long as there not spam). While I like the mini novels people write in response to some of my articles I don’t like to give them a short reply. I figure if they took the time to sit down and write an 800 word response that nearly rivals the post it self then I better get busy and come up with some good insights myself.
    On the other hand when someone stops in and gives me a quick attaboy I don’t feel the obligation for a huge in depth response.
    Truthfully I’d have to say leave a comment that feels right, but make sure it’s relevant and it shows you actually read the article or at the very least you did a good job of skimming it.

    -Eric Out-
    Eric recently posted…Best Prospecting Strategies – What Would Batman Do?My Profile

    • says

      Whoa! I wasn’t expecting an epic comment Eric 🙂

      Your points are flawless, I’m sorry they are not good but they are so perfect. its a tit for tat, if I should get a short comment then a short reply will follow but if a person spends time to write such a long comment (like you did) :), why would my reply be short.

      According to your second point, I guess the “Mr Great Articles” are not wrong after all, at least they tried by leaving a comment than those that read and leave without posting a comment at all.
      Thanks for taking your time to post a comment 🙂 I would love to see you around 😉

  3. says

    Very true, Gilbert! I’ve seen some people commenting – “great post, keep it up” on a blog post titled “My Blog is Hacked i’m finished” which makes no sense. . And make us feel they are bots

    • says

      Haha, I receive that a lot, not until I started using antispam and askimet. I’ve even received an epic comment but ended with admin. Why would such a person call me admin when he knows my name is Gilbert. They are nothing but bots.

  4. says

    Hi bro,
    You know what? It appears both of us have something in common but you’re a bit ahead of me. You write with lots of precision and very thought provoking posts!
    Come on, keep up with your good work. Sorry it took me quiet some time to get here. My blogging companion, went blank when it fell down. I mean my phone!
    So I now have to visit the internet cafe as usual. Mind you, it’s more than 32km away. Hahaha. I do all this just for the love of blogging.
    Emmanuel recently posted…How Blogging can send you to an Early Grave?My Profile

    • says

      I just checked my spam folder and i can’t believe i found you there, seems Askimet needs google glasses lol.
      Buddy, you’re the one ahead.

      hahaha your phone, I’m sure that’s not gonna stop you from blogging. At least you posted a comment, the time you got here doesn’t matter
      I really appreciate it.

  5. says

    Hi Gilbert
    I have received the same kind of comment. When a person explain the whole history, pros and cons of particular device. I was amazed to see the comment. Later I decided to make a post on it. People can certainly search WIKIPEDIA for it but I am reviewing that particular manufacture and gave my review. People appreciated my post.
    Thanks for the share. Keep up the good work , would love to read more from you
    Have a great weekend ( TGIF )
    Regards 🙂
    Ashi recently posted…Download Music For Free [ Where & How ] [ Legally ]My Profile

    • says

      Wow! From a comment to a blog post, that’s great. Thanks for this point. You can’t believe I learnt something. You can get more ideas on you next blog post just through a comment. Thanks buddy TGIF 🙂

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