45 Experts Share their Best Monetization Strategy

best monetization strategy

Googling how to make money online? Close that tab!

In this post you’ll find out the strategies experts used in monetizing their blog and the techniques they used in getting the best out of it.

You just stumbled upon the best blog post on how you can boost your blog. I was planning on writing a guide on “how to make money online” but I came to realize that this title is everywhere (even in ebooks), I then decided to make mine outstanding by reaching out to influencers and getting their secret weapon.

The question went like this:

Of all your monetization which one works for you?

what are the strategies you used to get the best out of it?

Good news! 45 experts responded.

Don’t get overwhelmed, simply bookmark this post, choose the one you know that’s going to work best for you and implement it. You can always come back to try more strategies.

Grab a cup of coffee, here we go!

Brian BelfittBrian-Belfitt

From my experience traffic equals sales. Generating income is not easy but with the right affiliates and traffic stats money can be made. Traffic will come from all sorts of medians, social media, search engines and more. The element to making money is having traffic and great affiliate products that meet the needs of your blog visitors.

What I like to do is find a product that will meet the needs of my visitors and write a review about the product or service on my blog. From here I take this post and market it everyday. I post on Twitter, Facebook, specifically groups and social media sites I like to visit. Writing the post is the easy part, generating traffic that converts into sales is the hard part.

Pick the right Affiliate

ShareaSale is a great affiliate program for bloggers out there. They have a lot of amazing products that can help generate new sales.

I recently made a post showing off some of these products you can see it here. The reality is, you’re not going to make a lot of money in the beginning. You need to be patient and allow ample time for sale conversations to start happening.

Monitor Statistics and Sales

Overtime you will start to see key indicators on what products vary selling and what are not. When this happens you need to pay attention as these are the products you may want to start marketing more, or in many cases less. Making money online require attention to details and this is one simple example.

I typically see more sales from WordPress Themes and Social Media Tools. I have an audience of bloggers so for me, this makes complete sense. I still try my luck with other products but the majority of my sales online come from marketing software and themes. As mentioned above, monitoring my stats has allowed me to find what my readers are interested in and over all has increase my online affiliate income. 120x90x1 Creating a Product or Service As many of you know I’m also the owner of Blog Engage which is a large social network connecting bloggers with other bloggers. The best way to earn money online is to create your own product or service. You have to find a need and provide a solution. Yes, it’s very hard to accomplish this but with hard work and determination you can succeed. The hardest part is not giving up, many people give up before they see any kind of success.

Another challenge for most bloggers is the lack of confidence from friends or family. Don’t let people tell you your idea is no good or has no value to the consumer. Blog Engage has over 200 RSS clients today and when I first started people told me the idea would never sell. The best advice is to not give up, keep working hard, write reviews and try to create your own product or service.Tapping into all three area’s will maximize your income. I don’t just make money from one specific area I have a few area’s that generate money. The best part is eventually they will all add up to produce a steady stream of money. I suggest you follow the same guidelines, try and generate income from many area’s not just one.

Brian Belfitt, founder of Blogengage


Justin GerminoJustin-Germino

Out of the dozens of online earning platforms that I have used over the years, there are two that still are the most successful and one is affiliate marketing a quality product to an audience who is interested and has a need for that product. The other happens to be passive income from AdSense on my various sites.

Of course the best is if you can create a product or service that fills a need, solves a problem and is unique, original or just plain better than the competition and if you are not able to create your own product, then find one that meets that criteria and become an affiliate. Social Media growth is key to affiliate sales and marketing, I have more CTR on products I mention to my readers on Facebook fanpages than I do on my blog posts now, and CPC is better for social media pages where your growth is organic and not bought.

Mailing lists still reign supreme as well but for much tighter niche focus and make sure you are not spamming, I see too many marketers spewing sales pitches weekly and overuse the phrase “This product will change your life” make sure you stand 100% behind the products you promote as if it were your own, be able to convince yourself to buy the product and justify what you would buy it for yourself.

Justin Germino is the owner of Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment and is a part time technology blogger who has dabbled with dozens of blog earning platforms, CPC platforms and affiliate marketing platforms since 2008. I encourage all others to become entrepreneurs and learn through experience and there is no better time to start a venture for little start up costs than in the online space, you can learn so much in a short period of time and while your first, second or even 8th venture may not reach the success you want right away (unless you are really lucky or experienced from the start) you will learn, grow and adapt.


Brian DeanBrian-Dean

In my experience, the best monetization strategy is to create your own product or service. I’ve done well with affiliate marketing, but unless you have your own product to sell, you’re ultimately at the mercy of another business. And when you sell directly to your traffic you cut out the middlemen (like networks) that take a cut of every sale.So if you’re relying 100% on affiliate offers, think about where you can add value to your target audience with a product.Is it an information product, software or a personalized service?

What are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

I built an email list. People are VERY rarely going to buy something the first time they land on your site. By building an email list you can build relationships with people — so that when they’re ready to buy — you’ll be the first person or site on their mind. Brian Dean is the link building rockstar behind www.Backlinko.com, an SEO training resource.


Justin CookeJustin Cooke

It’s funny that AdSense is considered one of the lowest forms of monetization for bloggers and yet we’ve build our online business around it through the creation of niche sites. Over the last couple of years, we’ve built thousands of niche websites/blogs around a variety of topics, most of which are monetized with AdSense. That being said, you wouldn’t see us monetizing our main site, EmpireFlippers.com with AdSense. Our top forms of monetization there include the sale of websites and what we call “productized services”.

Having run an outsourcing company and coming from a service-based background, we know the frustration that comes with all of the up-front work and customization required. We decided to standardize all of our service offerings into set-priced products. Rather than renting out our team on a per-hour basis, we’ve been able to increase margins and decrease the headache that comes with so many custom requests. You can find out more about the approach in the book, “Built To Sell”.

What are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

People buy from other people they know, like, and trust. It’s amazing to me that many small businesses and entrepreneurs still hide behind a facade, trying to look like a larger company than they really are. That’s not the best way to approach your marketing or branding in 2013. Instead, feel free to bake your personality and company culture into the brand and let it shine through in your content. Let transparency be the differentiator between you and your competition. for a good example as to how this is working in the startup space, take a look at companies like GrooveHQ.com or WPCurve.com and their approach to marketing.

Justin Cooke is a partner at EmpireFlippers.com where he explains exactly how they are building, buying, and selling their way to an online empire. (And helps others do the same) He’s also a host of the Empire Flippers Podcast, a top-rated business podcast in iTunes.



Adsense. I have several websites that generate a good amount of traffic collectively. Many are in the finance space, where most of the Adword spend is made and thus Adsense payouts are significant in nature.

What are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

I had put in a lot of time initially in building and ranking my sites. Since then, I have done some ad optimization to maximize CTR and earnings.

Sunil is the author of the Extra Money Blog, a blog that discusses ways to expedite the wealth building process through the creation of additional passive income streams on the site while maintaining a full time career.


Jerry Low jerry low

There are plenty of ways to convert website visitors into dollars but private ad sales and affiliate programs are the two that work best for me.

Direct/Private Advertising

Private ad is something similar to pay-per-view advertisement but instead of working with an ad network, you deal with the advertisers directly. When a business owner contacts you and buys an ad space (be it banner or text link) on your blog – that’s a private ad. Private ad works well for me because:

  1. It involves very little work – most of the time you only setup the ad once and you are done;
  2. It normally goes long term – (in my experience) you’ll encounter less fly-by-night businesses, more industry veterans who setup their marketing on long term basis.

Affiliate program

In affiliate marketing, you make money from promoting other people’s products and services. To start promoting, you apply to become affiliated with a merchant via affiliate networks (examples: CJ.com, ShareASale.com, etc) or in-house affiliate program. Each time you refer a customer to the merchant, you receive a commission fee. Affiliate program works best for me because:

  1. Minimum hassles in business – no inventories, no shipping arrangements, no after sales services – no troubles :)
  2. Easy to start – anyone with a website or blog can start selling today. Plus, it’s a mature industry online with plenty of education resources around.

How do you make these two strategies work for you?

Short answer: Give, and you shall receive. Think monetization later; don’t focus on making money at starting stage. Instead, think about what you can bring on to the table and how to gain trust from your visitors. If you create a website (or blog) that provides real value to the readers, money will follow. That said, there are a number of fundamentals that could increase your chances of success.

  1. Avoid these common blogging mistakes.
  2. Write explosive stuffs on your blog
  3. Have a clear and focused niche – don’t build a mega mall, instead be the specialist in a focus industry.
  4. Stay active on social media networks, especially on the big three (Twitter, Facebook, and Google+) and build a large/effective followings.
  5. Learn and practice good SEO tactics – Google is still the best source to get targeted audiences in 2013 (and most probably in 2014).
  6. Above all, maintain a balance between monetization and user experience.

Jerry Low is the founder of Web Hosting Secret Revealed – a must visit web host review site for hosting shoppers. As a geek dad who lives and breathes SEO, he enjoys writing SEO and web marketing guides. You can connect and get more from him on Google+


Harsh AgrawalHarsh

In past 5 years I have tried various monetization technique from Contextual ads, direct ads, affiliate ads, services and few more. Of all, I love AdSense and Affiliate marketing. AdSense is useful for me as it provide recurring source of income, and real income booster is Affiliate marketing which is contributing around $4000-5000 on my monthly revenue.

What are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

For affiliate marketing I follow a simple strategy of being honest. I write about those products that I use or products that are useful for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Along with writing reviews, I also write guides on using them. The idea is to not only tell about the product but also show them how to use it. Working on this strategy is time-consuming but it gives better results. For example, recently I reviewed Make Web video and spent 2 hours creating the video using their service and it turned out to be great review at the end. You can check the review post and video

Harsh Agrawal, founder of Shoutmeloud


Gregory CiottiGregory

The best monetization strategy for upstart blogs is affiliate marketing, without a doubt. I had the WP Engine affiliate team call me last month because one of my articles generated $3k+ in commissions over 30 days. That’s insane for a single blog post! Being an affiliate also allows you to scale revenue with low overhead, because unlike a ‘normal’ company, you won’t be dealing with a huge majority of recurring costs, and won’t need to handle customer support.

One of my favorite ways to maximize affiliate commissions for a blog is to create systems that put affiliate content in front of new people on a continual basis. A very simple example would be to create an autoresponder email that broadcasts 3-4 days after a new subscriber signs up, containing a list of your favorite gadgets/tools. I do this for my site Sophistefunk by emailing new subscribers a few headphone recommendations (it’s a music blog).

— Gregory Ciotti, marketing strategist at Help Scout


Dino DoganDino-Dogan

Good monetization strategies are few and far between for most bloggers. Most of us don’t get enough traffic to make a living from ads, not to mention that ads create a terrible user experience. Affiliate marketing is working for somebody else. Pushing someone else’s product. If I wanted to have a boss, I’d keep my day job. Product reviews are not money. You can’t pay your rent with a free product. Sponsored posts boil down to giving over the reigns of your voice to a brand for few bucks.

The best monetization strategy I managed to stumble upon was 2 fold:

1. I don’t make money through my blog, I make money because of my blog. Companies hire me for consulting, event organizers hire me for speaking engagements, and brand hire me for brand advocacy. This brand advocacy thing felt really good, so I started thinking about how to scale it out and make it available to all. And that brings us to the second way of monetizing your blog.

2. Brand ambassadorship Bloggers are mini celebrities. Your audience may be small, but they’re extremely loyal and attentive. Someone like our host, Gilbert Samuel, of the ViralWriter fame, is too small for a brand like Nike to even consider hiring him. Gilbert, by himself, can’t move a needle for a brand like Nike. But 100 Gilberts can. And Triberr -platform for bloggers I founded in 2011- enables brands to hire bloggers by the hundreds for brand ambassadorship positions. 100 Gilberts CAN move the needle for any brand. Triberr simply enables a brand to hire, communicate, track, and manage 100s of bloggers as a singular unit, which is extremely attractive to large brands like Nike.

To learn about the how bloggers can become brand ambassadors, check out these links: A New Way for Bloggers to Make a Living #BeLikeMike Crowdspourcing Influence -Why it works. How To Become a Brand Ambassador


Erik EmmanuelErik

Like in an offline business (or for many other things in life), I suggest to not put all your eggs in one basket. It’s very risky, because if you lose your single source of income, you are in serious problems. This is the main reason I use different strategies on my sites. On some niche blogs, Adsense works just fine. It seems obvious, but since 2010, I have made few thousands dollars just with that. My main online income is from selling banner spaces. The price you set for each banner heavily depends on the monthly pageviews you generate. I suggest BuySellAds here.

Another big part of my revenue comes from sponsored posts, in my blogs. Most of the time advertisers contact me directly and we agree the price together. A good resource to mention is Postjoint. If you love risks, and if you do not have a lot to lose on a specific blog, you can sell links. Remember? Different strategies for each of your site. If you want to try, start with Text-Links-Ads (now MediaWhiz SEO), Teliad and AdBeans (pay attention : do it at your own risk!).

I make some money also selling copies of my eBooks, connected with a couple of my niche sites. The last part of my online revenue is from affiliate marketing. If you have traffic and some authority, then you can make some sales with affiliate links. A must use plugin is MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin.

What are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

Well, basically you need traffic and authority. So you should focus on creating great content, attract organic traffic and network with people in your niche, in order to become an authority. Just think of Big names, like your favorite probloggers : they make some good money online, because of their status and because they attract a lot of newbies (and experts) on their websites or landing pages. People are confident and they are not afraid to make a purchase from their blogs. Finally, I want you to remember that, as you know, there is no easy or fast way to make money online. So keep up the hard work and good luck!

Hi! I am Erik, traveler, entrepreneur and blogger. I am the founder of Klinkk, a social networking site and blogging community to connect with likeminded bloggers. To register, visit this link.


Brian D. HawkinsBrian-D.-Hawkin

We have several articles and videos on the topic of blog monetization and one strategy really stands above the rest for long term success. The strategy is simple but does take time. We hear the terms “building trust” and “establishing influence” so often it’s easy to dismiss but it is imperative for almost any form of blog monetization.

You gain that trust and influence by building a great reputation based on putting your reader/subscriber/customer above all, including quick profits. Give first and give often. Give your best and your followers will appreciate and trust your guidance and recommendations. The key here is never allowing the chance of a quick profit to ruin the relationships you have built because it only takes one bad judgment to bring everything to its knees.

I prefer affiliate links (notice I did not say affiliate marketing) for products that you use and truly believe in. Only promote products that you have firsthand experience with and promote it like your reputation depends on it – because it does.

Brian D. Hawkins, founder of Hotblogtips


Joseph AdedijiJoseph Adediji

My best monetization method on Bloggingtipstoday.com is affiliate marketing. I have been able to make more money using affiliate marketing than any other form of monetization including Google Adsense. Due to my blog Niche, Adsense is not bringing in much income, only peanuts but affiliate marketing has been doing well.

Making money from affiliate marketing is not too difficult, all you need is to build trust and followership and then recommend Quality products to your readers and Fans. On my Blog, BTT, I have affiliate banners which I use for promotions at the top of the site and also at the sidebar. I also write reviews of products that I have used or found helpful to my readers and I include my affiliate links in them and I was able to make a few sales via these methods.

Another method i use is my email list, I send them newsletters about high quality products that could benefit them and I of course include my affiliatelinks in the mail.

Joseph Adediji, Founder of BloggingTipsToday.


Annabel Candyanabel

Definitely selling my copy writing and digital marketing services. That’s my main form of income and has been for the last 17 years. It earns me more than all my other forms of blogging income, it’s a service my readers need and it gives me job security. I don’t really like the advertising model. Although it’s a great way to supplement blogging income I wouldn’t want to earn all my income that way. I think it’s tedious for bloggers and readers if every post is sponsored and even if I only write one sponsored blog post in a week that means I need to write at least two non-sponsored posts so there’s a lot of work involved for comparatively little gain. That’s why I charge high for sponsored blog posts because I don’t want to do too many of them.

Products like ebooks are great but again it’s hard to earn all your income that way unless you want to build an educational business and then a format with paid membership forums and webinars seems to work well. Most of my blogging income is earned indirectly by getting new clients for my web design and copywriting services. That’s definitely the most lucrative way for me to monetize my blog and it keeps my husband in work too. But what I really love about blogging is that it’s allowed me to diversify my income.

Previously all our income came from web design but now some also comes from freelance writing, advertising, consultations, affiliate income and selling ebooks So that’s my biggest tips for bloggers who want to monetize their blogs and hope to earn all their income from blogging: first sell your own services or products but also diversify – it’s safer and more lucrative that way.

What are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

When I started blogging I didn’t push my services at all and was writing about travel. But still readers got in touch wanting to hire me because they liked my stories. I’ve learnt that no one really cares about qualifications or work experience – which is a bummer for me as I have heaps of them! What they really care about is relationships and working with someone they know and trust. So if you’re selling services or products on your blog don’t just push those things and do the hard sell. Tell personal stories, be human and inject humor into your blog. It’s much more effective than any sales effort you could do.

Annabel Candy has an MA in Design for Interactive Media and has been writing and designing for the Internet since 1995. She created the lifestyle blog Get In the Hot Spot and set up Successful Blogging to help other small business owners learn about blog marketing.


Zion Amal RafeeqZion-Amal-Rafeeq

To be frank, I’ve not done any sales of products that I own. But I think I have a lucky thing with recommending products. Affiliate Marketing is my most Love-To-Do thing of all. My Success to Fail score on Affiliate Marketing is 8:2. I just love earning commissions by recommending products to people around me. It’s less work if you have a targeted audience rather than selling a product that you own.

How Does it Work for me? Actually there is nothing like a Super Affiliate.

What you really need to become is a Super Human who can gain trusts from the people around and the guts + brilliance on having a perfect marketing strategy. Most of the time when people decide to give it a try on Affiliate Marketing, they set up their affiliate link and put up an advertisement on their blog/website. The bitter truth is that, ads won’t covert well these days. People know what an Ad is and they ( we all ) will try our level best to stay away from them. But, a 100% related ad that’ll help the audience with something might improve your conversions.

I’m having a single Affiliate Ad on my blog and I’ve only did 7 sales through it. So, how to get some real conversions? The closer you become to people, the more they trust you and the more chances of them buying the products you recommend. Another biggest mistake people make while selling an affiliate product online is trying to get more conversions without having the potential. You must target a WORKING audience, build trust and stick them with you before you can roll out a product and shout the word about it.

I strongly recommend you to build an Email List of your loyal people to always stay connected with them. Don’t just send them messages only when you want to get something done. Calling people to action through your Email Newsletter is a wise idea. But it’s wiser if you don’t give them the feeling that they are treated as your slaves. Talk to them, help them and be a friend. Then you can fire Monetized emails through your Newsletter and hope 90%+ success. Writing a post that solves a problem which can target a great traffic and including a product that’ll make the process much more easier is a sure way to sell them. Only recommend products that you know well, which are worth the money and which people will like. Or you’ll do NO conversions and break up the TRUST CHAIN like a swing of bat. Even if its a featured post or an Email, tell them why they need to buy this product, how that helped you and what’s it going to be for them.

I suggest you to dive into the post I wrote about Affiliate Marketing Strategies on which you can learn how to build up the trust factor and make use of it to get more sales. Another great way to see some conversions on your stats is by engaging on Social Discussions and pitching with an Affiliate Link. I know this sounds SPAMMY, but trust me, it works.

Zion Amal, founder of bloggerdoc.


Ammar AliAmmar ali

As everyone knows, there are dozens of monetization strategies on the internet be it In-text ads, Adsense, guest posts or affiliate marketing, everyone has their own preference because there is no universal technique that works for every blog.

Out of all those dozens of strategies, considering the niche and future of my blog, The strategies that work best for my blog are;

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Direct Ad Sales

3. Sponsored Posts

4. Blog Services

What are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

My #1 income source is affiliate marketing. I’ve subscribed to affiliate program campaigns of couple of companies. Which in start didn’t give me much but now I am earning handsome amount from those strategies as well. I use proper search engine optimization to drive traffic to specific blog post that contains affiliate link or product review. In this way, I generated some good sales (Search engine traffic converts best!).

Regarding direct ad sales, the best way to get attention of companies to get ads is by getting good amount of unique visitors that will help you in decreasing the alexa ranks which will attract the companies to put their ads on your blog. As the time passed and blog start emerging blogosphere, I start providing blog services to fellow bloggers and people start asking to publish reviews of their product on my blog which helped me in some handsome money.

Ammar Ali, founder of Allbloggingtips.


Adam ConnellAdam-Connell

Some may say that what I’m about to tell you isn’t really a monetization strategy at all, but I’d disagree. The strategy that has helped me the most is simply – becoming an authority within my niche. Sure things like affiliate marketing, selling ads and selling products can all work really well but if you become an authority within your niche than it makes all of those tactics work even better.

A great example is the fact that I do not advertise that I do consulting, SEO services, web development or copywriting – there’s nothing on my site that says I do those things (although I do manage a marketing agency, but generally people that make a decision to enquire about services through my agency and not my blog). So just by becoming an authority I have people simply wanting to give me money. And I will be adding these consulting pages in future to capitalize on this but I have held off due to the fact that I just don’t have the time.

To get to this stage it has taken me under 8 months of blogging on my own site and contributing to sites like ProBlogger, KISSmetrics, TweakYourBiz, Benchmark Email, Viral Heat and more. I believe that anyone can write about anything but the key factor for making this strategy work is knowing what you’re talking about – authenticity is key.

Adam Connell is the founder of Bloggingwizard. His latest roundup featured 46 expert bloggers and revealed their Top Social Managemant tool. To find out how to make your blog a success download Adam’s free report here.


Ileane SmithIleane Smith

I’m not really big on monetization, although I do a little just to cover the costs of keeping the blog running. I use affiliate marketing with ClickBank products like SEOPressor and Facebook Timeline Slicer Pro and the rest is Google AdSense.

Most of the AdSense income is generated on my YouTube channel right now since I scaled back on using it so much on the blog. One strategy I’ve used successfully is to create YouTube video tutorials that help my audience understand how to use a product and what actual benefits they can expect.

I think this works well because most product developers concentrate on promoting their product’s benefits but often they fail to mention the pitfalls or demonstrate real-life outcomes. One last affiliate program I would like to mention is Blog Engage. I sold a couple of really big packages that made both me and Brian smile.

Ileane Smith is the founder of Basicblogtips and her podcast, msileanespeaks


Timo KianderTimo-Kiander12

The only way I’m making money from my blog is through my own product. I recently published a book, and I’m hoping it will bring me some income to cover my expenses. Right now it’s too early to say how much income the book will generate for me, since it was just published several days ago. I also created some additional bonuses so the book is more appealing. In addition, I gave away many review copies, so I would get testimonials and additional sharing on social media. Finally, I have tried affiliate marketing in the past though a niche site (which doesn’t exist anymore), but my plan is to give this strategy more focus in 2014.

Timo Kiander is the guy behind Productive Superdad. He also wrote a book called “Online Business Productivity” with 18 co-authors (people such as Pat Flynn, Corbett Barr and David Risley). The book (which is also available as a free download) shows the best time management and productivity techniques for anyone who is building his/her online business on a part time basis.


John Paul AguiarJohn-Paul-Aguiar

For me the best way to make money with your blog is to SELL YOU… I call it “The Self Selling Strategy” You can sell YOU 2 ways:

  • through the services you offer.
  • through the products you create.

This works better than any other way of making money since the people coming to your blog, like reading what YOU have to say, they want to learn from YOU. So it makes sense that since they are already enjoying YOU, that selling your own services and products will work best. But to have any success with my “Self Selling Strategy”, you will first have to build up your blog with loyal readers that frequently visit, read and share your content over time. First you have to build a community on your blog: share great helpful content stay consistent with your publishing schedule answer all comments answer all questions Once you have done all that and you are seeing your traffic going up, your comments going up and your shares going up, then you know it is that right time to put together your own Self Selling strategy. The best part? Normally two of the biggest issues keeping people from buying are:

  • will it be worth the money
  • will I have support/help after I buy.

If you have followed the strategy I shared above correctly, both issues will be eliminated. Since they have seen how smart you are on your blog posts. They have seen how helpful and reachable you have been on your blog. Clever right?

John Paul Aguiar is a Social Blogging Entrepreneur and the owner of the Money Dummy Blog. John Paul helps Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners learn how to use Blogging and Social Media to grow their blog and businesses. He offers a Free WordPress Installation service to help get your blog online fast. Get John Paul’s FREE Blog Marketing Course


Daniel SoccoDaniel-Scocco

Currently I use a mix of AdSense, affiliate marketing and selling my own products. In fact this is the first rule I try to follow: diversification. If you rely on a single source of income your risk of getting in trouble is too high. As far as advertising goes I think AdSense is still the best option, as their rates tend to be the best in the market, and the payments are always accurate and timely.

Affiliate marketing is quite suitable for how-to websites, as you’ll be naturally recommending stuff to people. Finally, selling your own products required a bit more effort but it’s the most profitable business model.And what are the efforts you made in order to get the best out of it? In order to make money with AdSense you need websites with a lot of traffic (thousands of visitors per day, at least). If you are not there yet, work on promoting your site first Affiliate marketing is a matter of trial and error. You’ll need to spend a lot of time trying out different promoting strategies and different offers to find the ones that will be profitable with your audience.

As for selling your own products, you need to understand what your audience wants, and what kind of problems they are trying to solve. If you help them with that you have a winner.

Daniel Socco, founder of Dailyblogtips.com


Loz JamesLoz-James

My work on Content Champion is actually a trust and authority building exercise for my main copywriting business. I’ve supported my family through my copywriting and content marketing work for over 15 years now, and it’s very good for my clients to see that I have an active, credible blogging and social media presence. The Content Champion blog itself is primarily there to provide high quality content marketing information (mainly through my podcast), but I have just started to monetize some posts with carefully selected affiliate links – and this is proving to be a success.

So I guess to answer your question more concisely, I make my money online through my copywriting consultancy, and top up this income with affiliate earnings from my blog – so it’s really a two pronged approach. Just a quick tip for the future, my podcast is growing faster than my blog – and I can see great potential with this platform as a means of driving both traffic and income. If you’re not doing a podcast already then perhaps you should consider it.

Loz James is an experienced copywriter, content marketer and blogger. He blogs at contentchampion and has an online copywriting portfolio at http://www.lozjames.com


Richard Marriottrichardmarriott

Since biased product reviews are churned out on a daily basis, it is a nightmare for newbie bloggers to decide what tools they really need to invest in to run their blog. If you want to give your blog the best possible chance of success, you’d way rather use tools that are proven to get results right? So, to create the most unbiased and helpful lists of tools, I ask dozens of expert bloggers to choose the 3 tools they cannot live without to solve a particular problem. I’ve done this twice already for link building tools and tools to promote your blog. After I have at least 50 responses I count the votes and rank the tools in order of how popular they are.The result is a resource rich with genuine advice on what tools you really need to run a blog.

My expert roundups usually get a lot of shares (because the amazing people who get involved help promote them) and drive heaps of traffic to my blog. Since the content is very link-baity, bloggers are happy to link to them on their site after I reach out with a simple email telling them about it. When you combine the ton of social shares with the 8K+ words of content (each roundup has) and the organic links they attract, it’s not long before they rank on Google and start attracting even more new visitors from natural search.

This is currently the only way I monetize my blog and I will continue to make similar lists because people love how refreshingly unbiased they are. To sum up, if you can work out a way to create genuinely unbiased resources that help answer people’s questions, people will want to buy from you.

Richard Marriott runs regular expert roundups on clambr.com.  His latest roundup featured 50 expert bloggers and revealed the 3 best tools to promote your blog. Follow Richard on Twitter @clambr


Abhishek balaniAbhishek balani

If someone wants to generate revenue from their blogs they can do it in many different ways. There are tons of sites which may help you find advertisers and they take 25-50% of the deal price. By now, many of the bloggers must have named Google adsense, affiliate marketing etc.. I don’t want to repeat that. In my case, I think the best monetization strategy for me has been, reviewing products and services related to your blog theme and suitable for your audience.

You can look out for good services or products which suits to your blog and you audience and try to make a deal with the respective company. Use the product or service, and write an honest review and share with your readers. That will help you get paid, keeps your blog running, and most importantly, it might help some of your readers. Even if you don’t crack a deal which includes getting paid, you will definitely get to use new services or products. But one needs to be careful here about how many reviews you do per month, how honest your review is, how suitable the is the review of product is to your blog and your audience.

Being a part time blogger, 2-3 sponsored reviews a month gets my blog running smooth. And it includes services or products which are free to use. This has been proven good for me because I have got good feedback from my readers.

Abhishek balani (Abhi) aka OddBlogger is a part-time blogger and is the founder and editor of OddBlogger. He loves to share what he knows and help people. He is always  looking to increase his knowledge on any subject.


Chris DysonChris-Dyson

The main monetization strategy I use for my sites is affiliate product sales. I don’t build huge traffic sites so there is little benefit in running Adsense for example, all my sites are very niche specific and target high value products.

The best tip I can give anyone for getting more from affiliate sales is to get to know your affiliate manager really really well. Good affiliate managers are easy to get a hold of and are always happy to give you the scoop on any upcoming developments whether it’s new features in a piece of software or if they plan to run a sale event such as Black Friday.

The other thing is the affiliate manager will know what types of posts/promotions are working the best for other affiliates, they’ll give you tonnes of ideas. The best performing affiliate links for me are those I include within reviews or tutorial articles – so many people have affiliate banners/text links in their blogs sidebar but a person is more likely to die in a plane crash than click one of those.

Chris Dyson, founder of TripleSEO


Jane SheebaJane sheeba

Affiliate marketing is my top monetization method that earns me money. I make sure that I write honest reviews, guides and tutorials on using those products instead of writing a “Buy it now by all means” kind of review.

I also make sure that I try the product myself before writing a review so that I can provide my honest opinion including both the positives and negatives about the product.

The second topper is of course my services like blog setup, blog maintenance and hosting.

Jane Sheeba, founder of Probloggingsuccess


Rob CornishRob Cornish

I use many different methods of monetization in my business but here are 3 that are often missed by bloggers…

1. Not selling straight away

First of all, whatever kind of blog you have you should always have an optin form on the sidebar to allow people to sign up for your list. Ideally, you can offer a free gift such as a special PDF report to encourage this but at the very least you should have an optin form which says something like “sign up for updates” or “sign up for the newsletter”. This sounds pretty obvious but it’s amazing how many site owners just haven’t got around to doing it. If you’re one of them, do it today! Then immediately after people sign up, on your Thank You page, offer a low priced offer. Again ideally this will be your own product but if you haven’t got that yet then recommend an affiliate product. The moment people sign up for your list is often the moment their interest is the highest it will be for your content. So not offering a high valued, low priced product for sale could cost you dearly over time.

2. *Honest* Affiliate Reviews

My income comes mainly from creating my own products but a significant portion is also from marketing affiliate products as well. A great way to do the latter is to write reviews of products on your blog (or indeed send them to your list!). However, in many markets (e.g., internet marketing, forex, personal development, etc) affiliate reviews aren’t really reviews at all. Instead they are simply badly disguised promotions! So by countering this trend you have a huge opportunity to:

a) Build huge amounts of trust with your audience who will recognize that you are giving an honest opinion and not just trying to promote products regardless of their true value and quality.

b) Make a significant affiliate income from related or competing products to the main one you are reviewing. So, if you review a product and really don’t like it then say so in your blog post review. You’ll immediately stand out, probably get a lot of comments and Twitter/Facebook viral shares (and therefore Google will rank you higher in their results generating even more traffic) and be able to monetize the post by linking to competing products that people can use as alternatives.

3. Signature Links

This is hardly a new strategy but a surprisingly effective one. At the bottom of every email you send to your list, put in a link to a product. Here’s a couple of reasons why this works so well: a) It gives you a way to monetize every single email that you send, even if the email itself is just offering free content. b) The repeated exposure of the same link, which is there on every email you send, slowly embeds itself in your readers’ mind. This can be very powerful, especially when you consider that on average people take 5-10 follow ups before they actually purchase.

Rob Cornish blogs at Gainhigherground and you can get a free copy of his book “101 Profitable Niches and How To Make Money From Them” when you sign up for his newsletter at his site.


Chris Guthriechris-guthrie

I’d just say it’s all about going back to basics. The easiest way to make money is to solve a problem your audience or target market is experiencing and sell the solution to that problem either in the form of information, software etc. Solve a real problem that people are willing to pay for

Chris Guthrie, founder of EntrepreneurBoost, I’m 28 years old and over the course of my life I’ve had several interesting experiences as an entrepreneur. To know more about those experience check out more about me.


Tom EwerTom-Ewer

Definitely my writing business. I used to be a freelance writer but these days I subcontract my client work out and act in an editorial capacity — making sure that the work is good enough to be sent onto my clients. At my peak I was earning $150 per hour as a freelance writer; with this new business model I am earning around $400 per hour.

And what are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

Making the switch from pure freelancing to subcontracting was one of the best business decisions I have ever made and I would thoroughly recommend scaling your business in such a way to anyone! Tom

Ewer is a professional blogger and the founder of Leaving Work Behind and Healthy Enough.


Kevin MuldoonKelvin Muldoon

In my experience, the best monetization strategy is to build a good website that people want to visit. That normally falls into one of two categories: A website that people enjoy visiting (humour, entertainment, interesting info) or a website that helps the visitor in some way. If you can entertain someone or solve a problem they had, they will keep coming back. That is what is at the heart of every good website. Every website you visit is useful to you in some way; whether it be checking football news or reading the latest mobile phone reviews. Know what your website offers visitors and then work hard at making it the best. That is the surefire way to making money online.

Kevin Muldoon, founder of www.kevinmuldoon.com


Neil PatelNeil-Patel

Products have worked the best for me. If you can generate traffic and then convince people to buy your product for a monthly subscription, you can make a lot of money in the long run. It isn’t easy though as it takes years to build up an audience and people will churn fast. So your product has to be really good.

Neil Patel, founder of KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg and Quicksprout


Matthew WoodwardMatthew-Woodward

You should focus on getting subscribers and creating relationships rather than money. You can get so much more value of your traffic than just affiliate clicks & sales which means you are leaving huge amounts of money on the table. By making monetization of my traffic a very low priority I was able to build a top 100 blog in just 12 months.

Subscribers > Money

The main monetization strategy should be to get people to subscribe your email list. These are the people that will bring repeat value to you for life. You must treat your subscribers with respect. They have said they want to hear what you have to say, they can also change their mind. I have a number of opt in forms on my blog. In fact there’s 4 on this post and nearly 10 on my about page. That might seem a little excessive but I haven’t had any complaints!

Automate Relationships

Once someone subscribes you can automate the relationship building process. I have setup an auto responder sequence that helps people connect with me on social media, creates user generated content, provides a stream of fresh new tutorial ideas and pushes traffic into older posts.

The Welcome Email

The first email I send out thanks every subscribers and sets expectations. I also take this opportunity to get them to follow me socially.email1

This grows social signals/authority and also makes it easier to get social shares on new articles when they are published.

How Can I Help? Ask Me Anything!

A couple of days after the welcome email I send a follow up with the subject How Can I Help You? Ask Me Anything – Don’t Be Shy! This email helps to create the initial relationship while getting user generated content published on the forum. email2 This creates a new page on the forum which Google indexes and delivers long tail search traffic to. As soon as I reply to these posts and actually help people. This creates a solid relationship! Even if people don’t ask questions – the fact that you are willing to help builds relationships with them as well.

The Full Sequence

After those initial emails I share my older posts & tutorials.Every week a new tutorial gets delivered to their inbox sending new traffic, comments and social signals to old posts throughout the entire blog on complete auto pilot. auto-mini You can take a look at my full sequence right here. I also send out relationship focused emails such as Which Tutorial Do You Want Me To Make Next? You Decide! to get new content ideas. Then I ask for reader people just simple asking people 1 thing they like about the blog, 1 thing they don’t like and 1 thing they would change immediately. Those emails help shape the future direction of the blog while creating a tighter relationship with my readers.

How Does That Convert Into Money?

Instead of focusing on getting people on and off the page via an affiliate link, I have created repeat opportunities to extract huge amounts of value. I can grow the blogs authority, social signals & create user generated content on complete auto pilot. And you know what? This results in people clicking MORE affiliate links because they are so much more engaged with the site & brand. Trust me.


Lisa IrbyLisa-Irby

I have always generated the best conversions by writing about products I use and showing HOW I use them through either a very detailed blog post or through video.  For example, I wrote a post about the importance of using responsive WordPress themes and this is one of my highest converting blog posts for The Genesis themes.

One big mistake people make is they often OVERsell by creating an article that is merely just an advertisement for the product.  But when you can show you actually use the product and teach people something new, it increases credibility and the likelihood someone will buy.

Lisa Irby is a blogger, YouTuber, affiliate marketer and e-teacher who has been earning online since 1998. Blog: 2createawebsite


Kristi Hines

Kristi-Hines One of the common things I see bloggers doing is trying to make money through only one or two strategies, generally placing ads like Google AdSense on their site or affiliate marketing. If you are looking at a passive income stream, what I have found is most profitable is creating your own information product. I started with an ebook, and then evolved that content into a course. If you aren’t ready to create a product, then the next best thing is offering services.

Think about the things that people ask you for help with, and narrow down who those people are. In my case, it was bloggers and businesses asking me to write content for their sites, make customizations to their WordPress sites, help them figure out what’s missing from their blog, and help them develop social media strategies.

I took all of these things and turned them into services: freelance writing, WordPress consulting, blog auditing, and social media strategy creation. The same goes for creating your own information product. If lots of people are asking you how you get things done, maybe it’s time to write an ebook on productivity. Figure out how to monetize the things people want from you the most, and you will be on your way to earning more online.

Kristi Hines, Freelance Writer and Blogger. Don’t miss my latest post on 101 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online.


Mauro D’AndreaMauro-DAndrea1

“Building a product is my best monetization strategy. You have complete control on it, you take “full commission” on sales, you can upgrade it and its increase price, you can get loyal customers, and you can upsell/cross-sell. It’s the most time consuming monetization strategy, but it’s well worth it…and you really realize it after you see the passive stream of money going into your bank account :)

To get the best out of it, you have to provide a huge amount of value to customers. This will make them happy, which means your product will be spread all around the web because of word of mouth, and your existing customers will buy again from you. It’s the ideal win-win situation.”

Mauro D’Andrea, founder of Blog Growth, is an internet marketer and online entrepreneur who can help you increase your online revenue.


Bill SebaldBill Sebald

I’ve tried many of the old school affiliate models – some were quick hits, some were lazy, some were long-form and time consuming. I don’t really do the churn-and-burn affiliate thing anymore because it left me pretty poor once Google started resorting results in 2011. Now I run my SEO company full time, but still have a couple sites I monetize.

My strategies are truly different for all of them, but one thing I truly believe… it’s all going to take more time than ever. For a music site I run, I monetize with ads. I try to tailor my copy to the ads when I can for a higher conversion rate. Cheap copy isn’t ranking, so I spend a few days a month coming up with an short-run editorial calendar, which includes 3 videos and one podcast (which is freely available through iTunes). I do a search for keywords I want to write about, and see who’s ranking. I study their content for ideas and think of ways to improve upon it.

I have authorship in place, and spend a lot of time making sure my social circles are big by following and engaging with people who may be interested in my stuff (thanks to Topsy, Followerwonk, and tracing the people who RT and share my followers stuff). I also try to outreach at least three links for every post I put up. I’m very targeted. Granted, I’m writing what people have proven they want to read or see, but I’m also balancing it with stuff I’m passionate about as well. My traffic sources, after about a year and a half, are expanding and visitor count finally looks to have gained organic momentum.

Bill Sebald, founder of GreenlandSEO


Ashley FaulkesAshely

Making money blogging is not as easy as many people think or hope. When you first start out, you read posts on how easy it can be to make money with Adsense or Amazon affiliate links. But the honest truth is: it’s hard.

Over the last year I have tried a many ways to monetize my blog, and I am certainly not finished experimenting yet. So far, my best monetization strategy so far has been affiliate marketing. Of course, every blogger tries this and knows that it is a great way to make a passive income through blogging. Although I have been approached by a number of people with products and plugins to review, I only review and promote quality products that I know and use. That way your readers can benefit from your experience, and trust you when you recommend something.

For example I recently reviewed and promoted Market Samurai which has helped my blog gain a lot of traffic from Google. I was able to demonstrate this in the post, as well as give an honest review of the product. They were also having a sale at the time, so the promotion was doubly powerful! On the side, I am also working on my own products to sell and promote, but that takes a lot longer to develop. I should be releasing my first one early in 2014. (This is how you seriously make money blogging.) But to summarize my affiliate marketing recommendations:

  • Review products you know and use, and show how they benefit you
  • Also promote such products with a few ads on your site (don’t overdo it or it will annoy your readers)
  • Don’t be tempted to promote everything you see or are asked to review, it might damage your reputation

All the best with your monetization efforts!

Ashley is a Blogger at Mad Lemmings and runs a niche site called Magic Tricks HQ. He spends way too much time on Twitter, where he is seriously growing his following.


Jason Acidre

Jason-Acidre Obviously, it’s the SEO and other online marketing services that our team provides. Although, we’ve also started to build other web properties that are more focused on generating revenue through other monetization strategies – such as selling physical products/ecommerce/dropshipping and advertisements.

What are the efforts you made to get the best out of it?

The core part of my blog’s inbound marketing strategy was focused on consistently building/publishing content assets (that are useful and actionable for my target customers). This approach has tremendously impacted my brand’s ability to attract and acquire new customers. And pushing out new content on a regular basis – with ideas and information that aren’t that mainstream – helped me build relationships with other practitioners and content publishers, which somehow improved the perceived value of my brand. Jason

Acidre is the Co-founder and CEO of Xight Interactive, a fast-growing digital marketing agency based in Quezon City, Philippines. He’s also the author of Kaiserthesage, an online marketing blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre.

Michael AagaardContentverve


Heather Lloyd-MartinSEOCopywriting


Joanna WiebeCopyhackers


Darren RowseProblogger


Nick EubanksSEONick


Kathryn AragonKathrynAragon


Steve ScottEbooksbySteve


Jessica MerrellBlogging4jobs

Whew! How many cups of coffee?
I learnt a lot from this post and I’m sure you did the same too. Now hop over to your blog and implement these strategies. Are you monetizing your blog the right way? what are the techniques you used? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post if you found it useful.

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  1. says

    Hi Gilbert, it was truly a great feeling being part of yet another smashing post with some of the popular online bloggers. As you know I’ve been online marketing since 2007 and making money wasn’t easy… ever! With the blog engage rss services I now have a steady stream of income and over 200 subscriber clients. I’m blessed with what I have worked so hard for and everyday I work even harder to ensure it’s not something I will lose but grow with. Thanks again for inviting me on this post and being so patient waiting for my reply I respect that about you.
    bbrian017 recently posted…The Affiliate Lights $150 USD Blog Engage ContestMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Brian,

      You deserve it and thanks for participating, I’m sure the readers will find your tips useful. Wasn’t easy though, I learnt something new: Patience is a virtue.

      I don’t think these strategies will work if “hard work” is overlooked.

  2. says

    Gilbert you killed it with this article.

    what combination of strategies did you use in pulling this off?

    From the article I can see you deployed e-mails and and twitter.

    Just got to say wow to this awesome tips you.

    I can bet your blog traffic will do a 30% dance.

    I need to bookmark this article.

  3. says

    Wow, Gilbert!
    Huge list!

    It seems to me that the most common form of monetization is to create your own product and sell it to your audience.
    Being an authority is the way to ensure people will trust you and buy from you.

    I liked the post, it was very interesting to check the answers of all these experienced bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing, Gilbert.
    I appreciate to be in this list.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…5 Proven Tips to Help You Make Money BloggingMy Profile

  4. Dom says

    Wow, great piece of information.

    Some statements which I think are true:
    1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to monetizing your site
    2. What works for one blog, might not work for the other one

    A lot of bloggers seem to build their monetiziation option around Adsense. Tbh I’m not a huge fan of this, however, it does depend on the niche.

    My top 2 monetization tools are:
    1. Affiliate sales – try out different products / services. As some bloggers mentioned, the downside is that you’re promoting someone elses product, however, you have to consider the ROI.
    2. Sponsored posts – either through approaching the leaders in your niche or through platforms like the ones mentioned (mediawhiz, teliad, etc…). There is bound to be an ethical dilemna if you accept EVERY sponsored post though.

    Keep up the great articles.

    • says

      Hi Dom,

      Thanks for pointing that out, that’s the point where most bloggers get it wrong. I’m glad to hear that affiliate sales is working best for you.
      Have a wonderful week ahead.

    • says

      Hi Annabel,

      First of all, thanks for participating in this roundup post.

      I concur with your point, one more thing; putting our eggs in one basket is a very big risk. Glad to know what works for you and I hope others will learn from it too.

  5. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Epic! I am generating more cash recently through cash gifting – not seeing any gifters on this list – but cashing in on affiliate sales and ad revenue seems to make great sense for my blog.

    One pattern I see; create value to become valuable. Your content is the best ad or affiliate product out there. Dino said it best!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Why Does My Wallpaper Inspire Me to Be Unlimited?My Profile

  6. says

    Wow Samuel,
    What an epic post! I loved Matthew Woodwards tips on building relationships!
    I am currently writing a book on blogging that I will be giving to subscribers as well
    One section on the book is all about hosting and will include my affiliate link for
    my fave hosting provider!
    At the end of the day people will buy from people they know like and trust!
    Epic post yet again dude!
    – Phillip
    Phillip Dews recently posted…1 Sneaky Tip for Getting What You Want in LifeMy Profile

  7. says

    One thing seem to be common with all these answers – Affiliate marketing. Monetization via PPC is dying slowly as many people including myself are beginning to monetize our blogs via other means, they always say the money is in the list and i can see from this post that the saying is true. This is a great post and i must say it is resourceful too.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Tech Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas 2013My Profile

    • says

      You’re right buddy, sometime affiliate marketing might not give you best results but when you have an accumulated list filled with subscribers then they can help in boosting sales. We mustn’t underestimate it.

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    Hi Gilbert,

    Man, that was a lonnngggg article. But hey, I enjoyed reading it. You know, such articles inspires me to up my game :)

    I went through the experts’ earning and monetization strategies. One thing I noticed is that majority of them are fans of ‘affiliate sales’. It was nice going through their views regarding various monetization strategies :)

    I respect and appreciate the hard work you put towards creating this article. Epic article my friend! Thanks for compiling it :)

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…How to Improve your Blog or Website’s ReadabilityMy Profile

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    This is a killer post offering some true value to the blogosphere! I appreciate and offer a huge thumb up for the post.

    Looking at the experience sharing of most blogger, we can conclude that Adsense and Affiliate marketing appear to be the prime source of income. I felt if bloggers ascend the ladder as Adsense and other contextual Ads on first step ascended to affiliate marketing and eventually to create your own product.

    I could not complete reading the whole post as it is really long, but bookmarked it so that I can return again and resume again. I understand it is very important to go through the experience of successful bloggers so that you can learn and shape yourself to grasp the good things and find out where you can make yourself unique to earn money that nobody is earning!
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Roaming Around a Game Site – PlaGamMy Profile

  10. says

    Thanks a ton for including me with all these awesome experts. It looks like now I am gonna make some more money in 2014. :)

    This post needs to be bookmarked. Done that.

    Thanks once again.

  11. says

    Wow! What else should I say? They gave us an idea on how to monetize blog in a great, smart and wise way from 45 experts. Even though I did not know all of them, still I am grateful to read something from them. And what I like the most is that, they gave us an idea of some tools that are useful and helpful to them.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  12. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    This is one of the best articles I have read in a long long time.
    And I read the whole of it. From top to bottom, inspite of its length.
    I am currently struggling with monetization of my blog, and the timing seemed to be just PERFECT for me!
    I can see the hard work and the effort that has gone into contacting some of the best known bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs and getting their feedback in this article.
    Hats off!!
    Wishing you lots of success in your blogging journey.
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…How to Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Photos, Videos?My Profile

  13. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    This is one of that types of posts everybody in the blogosphere seems to enjoy so much. Everybody tries to do things like that and the one who is quicker and more ingenious takes over.

    This type of posts has the following problem: “Now hop over to your blog and implement these strategies.” LOL! I wonder… from all those guys who made a comment here how many of them have read the post?

    So, the reason of this post is not to teach, to educate, to help. It is just to attract the masses of readers who are usually mesmerized by these posts and to create an aura of a powerful expert and influencer in your niche.

    Well, if you understood this all by yourself, then you are a genius. If somebody taught you how to do it, then you have a powerful friend whose value is more than his (her) weight in gold.

    Have a wonderful week
    silviu recently posted…Blog Comment Ingredients: How to Add Flavor to Your Post?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Silviu,

      You’re right about the first aspect but I might have to disagree with your second point. Most of them didn’t read it, some bookmarked it for later, some read it half way too and some of them implemented (not all) the strategies.

      I’m also learning and I implemented it too starting with Matthew Woodward’s strategy (it’s my favorite and I implemented all his strategies) and I’m still reading others, this is just one post I won’t stop reading.

      Like I said in the first paragraph:
      Don’t get overwhelmed, simply bookmark this post, choose the
      one you know that’s going to work best for you and implement
      it. You can always come back to try more strategies. Most of the readers were honest and they said in their comment that they didn’t read it all but bookmarked it, you can browse through the comments.

      So the reason of this post is to teach, to educate, to help and to attract the masses like you said (all of the above). I’m 100% sure you won’t agree with me.

      Btw,I caught myself laughing when I read your reply to my comment on your blog :)

      Have a wonderful week.

    • says

      To echo what Gilbert said and agree with what you said, there is no follow STEP A, B, C and you will monetize and make money. It just simply doesn’t work like that some programs work for some people that don’t work for others, some just can’t get foot off the ground, it is about sharing ideas and finding commonality in what works across multiple people.

      Look and see which affiliate programs are being used in common like shareAsale, Amazon Affiliate…etc. See if people are still using AdSense or others a CPM methods of earning. You can see how some are just passively earning, others reselling plugins and such through ClickBank. Once you see some highlights, then it is up to the reader to research more about those products/services and area’s and of course they can feel free to reach out to any one of the authors directly. I have dozens of people weekly ask me for concrete tips and how to help them, I tailor my advice based on the niche/type of blog and what they want to do.

      I can’t say everyone be an Amazon affiliate if your country doesn’t have an Amazon store, same with AdSense. The reason why specifics are hard to mention in these posts is they can’t apply to everyone so you try to broaden the information as much as possible give ideas.
      Justin Germino recently posted…Gleam Giveaway Platform Now Has Referral ProgramMy Profile

  14. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    You’re right, I’ll have to keep this one bookmarked and come back and read the rest. There are a lot of people to check out here but I like what Dino said for sure and of course this was my answer to you as well. I don’t use my blog to make money, I use it to make connections that lead to making money. Whether that be through products I promote, my consulting service, or hiring me for help with their blogs.

    I love this post and you’re right, it’s a great resource for when someone asked how do you make money and monetize your blog. Excellent job my friend and bravo. I’ll be back.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      Thumbs up to Dino, you’re the third person pointing that out, now i understand your strategy. I’m glad you love the post, It’s always good to hear that from you.

      Have a wonderful day

  15. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    What a KILLER post!

    This article is oozing with value and I love it. Like you mentioned in your above response to Silviu, Matt Woodward’s is my fav strategy. I follow his work faithfully and I try to implement all of what he recommends that I feel would benefit my blog business.

    I also really liked Kristi Hines strategies. Offering my own product and now my own services is def a long-term monetization strategy for me.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to compile such an amazing article. I’ll def be sure to share it with my social circle. :)

    ~ Ti
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      Good to see you here Ti,

      Oh! Kristi Hines strategy falls in any criteria too, It’s going to work perfectly if Kristi’s strategy is combined with Niel Patel’s strategy: Having a product or service on a monthly subscription” I’ve been reading the post and churning out my own ideas out of it 😉

      Thanks for sharing it on social media, i really appreciate it.

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    Hey Gilbert,

    I have to say that this was epic. I’ve met some of them within the online marketing/blogging community, and I do have to say that it gives me more confidence to keep doing what I’m doing, making those right adjustments. It definitely spark something inside me as I was reading and skimming. it looks like most people got the success from affiliating marketing, writing about 3 to 4 email messages from their email autoresponder, giving value, building those relationships, and giving good detail reviews of products that they use. So this definitely justify that I’m heading in the right direction. Thanks for sharing this value Gilbert!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Using Sucuri Security To Rid Malware From Your BlogMy Profile

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      Hi Sherman,

      Oh! good to hear that, I noticed most of them referred to affiliate marketing, others are products and services. It’s just great and of course if well implemented then you’re going through the right direction but we mustn’t put our eggs in one basket. Nice tip you got there.

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    Gilbert ! This was truly amazing post with a huge list. Monetization has different views as these experts share most interesting ideas. Recently I read an Entrepreneur view who is into mobile android iPhone app development read here: lab.plorez.com/sriram-cofounder-at-contus/

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    Hi Gilbert, first and foremost: thank you for having me in this great post to which so many phenomenal people contributed!

    I think this post is a milestone for everyone who wants to make a living online. Getting advice from 45 online experts on a so crucial topic like it’s monetization is not something you can get every day.

    And this becomes even more important when you think that most of the people don’t really know where to start when it comes to “convert their traffic into money”.

    Keep doing this great stuff, and have happy holidays 😉
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    We love to hear from the experts and this post idea was just awesome. So much to learn so little time! We will be coming back to this post over and over to get all the golden nuggets.
    thanks Gilbert

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    What a great list here!
    Wonderful people indeed!
    This need more time to go in for a detailed study or read!
    I am bookmarking this for my further reader.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely and amazing people and their amazing works and knowledge, Though some are already known many are yet to visit, I am sure meeting and interacting with these people will not be a loss. Thanks again Gilbert for guiding us to these pages.
    Have a Blessed and profitable weekend
    Keep informed
    Best Regards
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      I was also like OMG! when I published the post. Good luck as your study the tips mentioned by these experts, I’m also glad you met new faces. Connecting with some of them is definitely going to be lucrative.

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    Great post Samir,
    I am wondering if anyone actually is listening to the advice these big guys are giving. Bloggers sometimes are taking carried away because their colleague got a big blogger to come over to their site.

    Sadly, most people are too carried away by big guys presence and by the traffic it can likely it can generate for their colleague that they do not listen up to what is being said.

    You did well in bringing these people together. I have learnt my piece… Give and you shall receive… Great one Jerry Low
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    Hi Gilbert,

    Wow! Epic post with some great information. In reading a lot of these, there seems to be a common thread among these marketers.

    It seems that having your own products, affiliate marketing, and ad sense are favorites.

    I will definitely bookmark this page and refer back to it. Thanks again,
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      That’s good to her Geri. Yea, having your own products and offering your services works the best. I also learnt a lot from this post. Good luck as you add it on your reference link

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    wow amazing, 45 experts, write on 1 topic, it’s really wonder, but in some countries affiliate programs are not worked like India, mainly in this type of countries internet access people percentage is low, any how I read a great post, it’s helped me a lot.

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      you’re most welcome Fabrizio, glad you hopped over to the blog. Chris has a good point there, finding solutions to peoples problem and giving it out for a specific price. that’s clever huh? Well, good luck as you create yours and i wish you success.


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