The Ultimate Guide to Generating Traffic Commenting on Blogs

Generating traffic commenting on blogs is a common strategy known around the blogosphere and it is really a lucrative way of generating traffic to your blog. Upon all the researches I’ve made on how to generate traffic to a blog, I’ve never seen a single blog post without the blog commenting and guest posting strategy which means generating traffic commenting on blogs is the most essential strategy of all, let’s go broader into this blog commenting of a thing.

Commenting on other blog is the most easiest way to generate traffic to your blog, especially if its a new blog because it doesn’t take up to 5 minutes to drop a comment, but when it comes to guest posting you really need to work hard. Have you read my Guest blogging guide? It shows some tips on how you can become an addicted guest blogger.

Try to compare this strategy with other traffic generating strategies, you will find out that commenting on other blogs is the most commonest of all and not just that but its something very interesting, that’s if you have passion for blogging and not just trying to make money online. Commenting on other blogs is not just visiting other blogs in your niche and posting comments, yea you’ll earn some reasonable traffic but there’s more to that. I’ll be sharing with you the  ULTIMATE METHOD  on how you can boost you blog traffic by commenting on other blog,  just a mere comment but with great results. Tighten your seat belt, roll your sleeves, here we go!

the ultimate guide to generating traffic commenting on blogs


Ultimate Guide to Generating Traffic Commenting on Blogs

1. Start a Discussion

You can start a discussion by asking questions or by adding  points to what the author has written on his blog post, if the blog author is a type that reply to comments, he’ll surely thank you for your tip, don’t just stop there, keep going on with the discussion not with the blog author alone this time around but also other bloggers that posted their comments, with this you’ll go outstanding in no time. By the way, no just short comments, post lengthy comments and no spamming please, don’t paste your link all over the comment section of the blog else, your comment will not be approved.

2. Start an Argument

You don’t have to please the blog author for the sake of commenting on his blog and generating traffic. SAY YOUR MIND, all you have to do is BE YOURSELF and don’t pretend to be what you are not. If you don’t support the writer’s opinion, clearly address him with yours and why you don’t support his own opinion. This action will grab the attention of his audience, making them curious to know who you really are.

3. Be the First to Comment

This method is no longer used as before but if you are the first person to post a comment, you will get noticed, that’s if you follow any of the tips mentioned above, try to be the first to comment on high blogs in your niche before those loads of comments arrive, even if you can’t be the first to post a comment, try as much as you can to be among the early batches. If you can manage to do this a couple of times, you’ll get connections with bloggers, backlinks to your blog and automatically, you’ll make your blog go viral

4. Topic Versus Topic

This is the method I love the most and it works for me, I had to give it this slang; TOPIC VERSUS TOPIC. Its simple, all you have to do is search for topics related  to your latest post using topsy and post your comment on the blog, then add the link to your latest blog post explaining how its going to benefit the readers if they combine both ideas. This method works greatly on comment luv enabled blog.

tip: you can configure your search to either an hour, a day, 5 days or 7 days interval depending on the number of topics related to yours on the search result. Visit each blogs, post your comments, and watch the traffic if there’s going to be a green light.

Implement these on your blog but don’t make the mistakes most bloggers make while taking this approach and don’t spam other blogs. Have commenting on other blogs really helped your blog? please do share your idea with us in the comment section. Looking for more tips to generate traffic to your blog? Don’t forget to check out these helpful articles.
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Happy reading and make sure you implement the strategies.

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      Hi Tope!
      i love the way you think and creating discussion is the most commonest aspect as it covers all aspect. welcome to viralwriter and thanks for the comment

  1. Wisdom says

    What else do I have to say, your list is so complete and I’m so blown away, I’ll go implement this, wish me luck Gilbert 🙂 I never knew commenting on blogs has great possitive effect

    • says

      Sounds like you’re starting an argument 🙂

      Ok now I disagree with you, writing short comments stands out of the crowd but at the same time it’ll be invisible among the crowd of epic comments.


  1. I’m very happy I came across this blog, thanks for sharing your tips on commenting on blogs, my tip, I love posting comments on dofollow and comment enabled blogs due to the backlinks. Cheers!

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