Guest Blogging vs Blog Commenting which is Better?

This is a no-brainer and 99.9% of bloggers knows that the three major ways of generating traffic and backlinks (which i call traflink) to a blog is Guest blogging, blog commenting and social media. Though we’ll be talking about Guest blogging and blog commenting, let’s put social media aside for now. If your’re in a hurry then you can check out my social media strategies to promote your blog post. I don’t think there’s a need for me to give the definition of guest blogging and blog commenting, we all know it right?

guest blogging vs blog commenting

Guest Blogging vs Blog Commenting which is better?

If a guest blogger submits a guest post on a blog, there’s a reason why he’s submitting that guest post. His  blog will gain exposure and the readers on the blog in which he submitted a guest post will learn something new, so the ratios are equal. If he’s also just a passerby, he’ll drop a comment and leave. His blog will get traflinks but the ratio are totally not equal. There are two major difference between what you’ll get from guest blogging and blog commenting.


The Hard Work

Guest blogging

Guest blogging requires hard work. In order to submit a quality guest post that will be approved, you need to spend time to make sure your guest post is perfect. Normally it might take me 1-3 hours to write a blog post while to some bloggers, it  takes them minutes or more but the fact is that guest post is one of the hardest traffic strategy ever because;

  • You’ll create quality and helpful blog post by making researches
  • You’ll fetch a quality image for your guest post
  • You’ll reply to tons of comment (depending on the blog)

Blog commenting

The one and only easiest way to generate traffic to your blog. for example, I can head to a blog, read the blog post (that should be between 3 – 10 minutes), and drop a quality and epic comment by adding my ideas and 2 cents. Let’s say i do that for 10 blogs in a day, there will be a great difference if i compare the time I used in submitting a guest post and the time i used in posting comments on blogs. There will still be more time to even post more comments on other blogs, see the difference? Blog comment is just too easy because;

  • You don’t need to make researches
  • Why would you add an image to your comment?
  • It’s not compulsory for me to reply to comments that needs my attention.

The Result

Guest blogging

Guest blogging has a great result and i can assure you that you’ll see visitors flocking to your blog the day it’s published depending on the kind of blog you submitted your guest post to. It might be hard but you’ll get what you worked for. Guest blogging has a bonus, which is blog commenting. You’re the owner of the page and you’re free to reply to all comments on your guest post, I’m an addict when it comes to replying to comment. Well, these are the major things that you’ll get from guest blogging;

  • Exposure
  • Quality backlinks (dofollow)
  • Traffic
  • Alexa will definitely give you a wink

And all these are going to occur in a short period of time.

Blog commenting

Oh traffic, why hast thou forsaken me. I worked hard and posted comments on many blogs and this is not what i expected. Did your comment stand out like a sore thumb?
To get the best out of blog commenting and to make it stand out like a sore thumb, check out my post on Epic comment vs Great Article. I’m not saying you won’t generate traffic from blog commenting, No! Blog commenting is great and it has really helped my blog but it’s result is not a good as that of guest blogging. These are the things you’ll get from blog commenting;

  • Exposure
  • Quality Backlinks (99% of blogs a nofollow nowadays)
  • Traffic
  • Alexa will give you a wink

And all these are going to happen once because the blog post can go down the archive and not everybody reads the comment of an outdated blog post.

Over to you

You might prefer blog commenting over guest blogging because it’s easy and you’ll definitely get some backlinks and you might also prefer guest blogging over blog commenting because you’re ready to get what you worked for. Which one do you prefer guest blogging or blog commenting and are you implementing them?

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  1. says

    I would have to say that guest blogging would be a lot more beneficial than just doing blog commenting. I know that you are doing both as I recently saw one of your guest posts.

    I eventually plan on implementing guest posting into my schedule. Right now I am only doing blog commenting. So I can’t say from a personal perspective how guest posting works helps my site get more visitors and backlinks. I am only utilizing blog commenting right now.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Transferring A Site With WP Twin – Cloning A Site With WP TwinMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Susan,
      Guest blogging rocks! I was skipping round the room when i saw the number of backlinks i got from a pr 5 dofollow blog (comluv). I’m waiting for the next google page rank update, i hope it favors me. Blog commenting is great but there will be a balance if you do both. Can’t wait to see your guest post :)

    • says

      Hi Pritam,
      good thing you’ve started implementing on of my points. Blog commenting doesn’t give organic, it gives referral traffic. Organic traffic is only from search engines. Thanks for the comment buddy

  2. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    You do a worthy analysis here. Although guest post is better then blog commenting but we can’t ignore the fact that blog commenting is work like a daily dose for your blog traffic. Both are necessary to maintain a balance in your activities and blog commenting is help you in gathering view points about a topic and you can get a new idea for your blog from there.
    Muhammad saleem recently posted…Why you Fail in Blogging Top ReasonsMy Profile

    • says

      that’s true Muhammad, i don’t think a blogger can do without blog commenting, it’s already in our blood. I see you’re on guest posting side but you supported both. thanks for sharing your view buddy

  3. says

    Yes, Guest Blogging is more beneficial for a a couple of reasons. If the site you guest blog has good Page Rank and get’s good traffic, that will anturally send traffic to your site. It’s just a matter of finding one to accept your post like you said.

    With Blog commenting, there isn’t even a guarantee that the blog will post your comment (I’ve noticed this locally within my niche that blogs reject my comments). Not to mention a the other factors of do follow, no follow, bla bla bla.

    Both can be a great work and commenting is much more easier to do, but the benefit of that guest post will outweigh sitting on a computer commenting for hours.

    Good post!

    • says

      Good point Leon, you understood what i was trying to explain up there. hahaha. I love your comment. I actually prefer blog commenting that one of the reason why i do write long quality comments so i won’t be invisible among other commentors. Thanks for sharing your view Leon

  4. says

    Hi Samuel,

    Hmmmmm, guest post vs blog comment! I found pleasure in doing these and I love doing it. Guest blogging is far better than blog comment, it brings exposure, show casing bloggers writing skill and as well drive more traffic to guest bloggers’ blog. From my own perpective, guest bloggers need to publish quality content else the guest post will not make his/her rather will mar his/her blogging career. Talking from the view of blog commenting, it is very easy to spam but one cannot spam guest blogging, why spamming? Reply like, nice post, keep it up, nice article and all the like but talking about guest blogging has more benefit than blog commenting.Thumb up bro.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…How to promote your blog post while you are busyMy Profile

  5. says

    Great post Gilbert :)
    Well, you should definitely be doing both :) Blog comments get you quick links and some traffic, but guest post can get you a ton of traffic and a few links, but it takes a lot more time 😀 Also with commenting luck is a huge factor, whether you get in the top first comments and with guest blogging there isn’t this luck factor.
    Liudas recently posted…How To Use Facebook Power EditorMy Profile

    • says

      Good point Liudas,
      yea it takes more time for guest blogging but its result is great. there’s nothing like luck in guest posting but the strategy i use in blog commenting is writing a long and quality comment, this will grab others attention and command them to my blog :)
      Thanks for hanging around Liudas

  6. says

    Thanks for this article! I recent did some guest posting, but don’t know how to confirm if there was a back link? I’m relatively new to blogging (~7months) and still learning about the computer jargon. I have a WordPress site, but don’t see any reference to 2 guest posts I completed ~2-3 weeks ago. Can you help me understand? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      You’re welcome Shana,
      I’m also new to blogging (7 weeks) and still learning too. To know if you’re getting links from your guest post, you can check your stats on your dashboard and check where your visitors are coming from. If most of them are coming from the blog you submitted your guest post on, then its working.

      You can also do this automatically by visiting backlinkwatch[dot]com and checking which of your backlink is receiving clicks, you’ll see the blog on which you submitted your guest post and the numberof out boundlinks you got from it.

      Thanks for hopping over to VW and thanks for the question.

  7. says

    I think Guest Blogging and Blog Commenting is totally two different things.
    Guest Blogging is when you roll out an article as a Guest on authority blogs to grab some of their readers and put them on yours. Yeah! It takes a little bit of hard work. And it’s a great way to build links safely.
    But at the same time, Blog commenting shouldn’t be taken as a promotion method. Just make a habit of reading content from your niche and comment appropriately. That’s what I think. It helps you to build your online presence. But, 80% of the commenting system on blogs are giving out nofollow back links.

    It was a great article indeed. Thanks for sharing :)

    Amal Rafeeq recently posted…Link Building Strategies To Survive In The Post Penguin/Panda World.My Profile

    • says

      Good point Amal,
      Guest blogging rock! And of course it’s the best way to build quality links (safely). I agree with you on your second point, blog commenting might be a promotional method but should not be taken as such.
      Nofollow backlinks is one of the best way to reduce spam, a spammer won’t waste his time commenting on nofollow blogs.
      I’m glad you love the article, expecting you around mate 😉

  8. says

    HI Samuel, as you say commenting is an easy task as compared to guest blogging. i totally agree with this. commenting introduce us to lots of new blogger & also generate traffic. Guest posting is very hard to do. Now the days when most of bloggers have comment luv plugin so commenting is best. I don’t say guest blogging is not good it also good and it describes the author knowledge. We should do guest blogging when we have great knowledge what we are going to post. so for a newbie comment is better. Nice stuff you have shared.
    Gautams recently posted…Windows Hidden Features that You don’t KnowMy Profile

    • says

      You have a point there Gautams,
      Comment introduces us to new bloggers which is exposure but to my opinion, there is much exposure in guest blogging because the comment section is yours and you’ll get used to their readers.

      Commentluv plugin has really helped us by giving us double way backlink and this competition has overcrowded guest blogging. Nowadays, people focus more or blog commenting than guest blogging. But of course guest blogging and blog commenting are both great. Thanks for sharing your view Gautams.

    • says

      Yea but folks prefer blog commenting to Guest blogging. You’re right not all visitors check links unless he/she is first to comment and visiting author’s link from guest posting is certain,
      Good point Ivan

    • says

      Hmm..that’s true, which means gaining exposure and awareness on a blog that doesn’t allow guest blogging is certain through blog commenting. Definitely blog commenting doesn’t have any disadvantage. Thanks for the comment namesake, would love to see you around :)

    • says

      Good question Augustus,
      There are many blog that accept guest post out there, your question should be; does my article have a great quality? If you can achieve this, then blogs will definitely approve you. Thanks for the comment mate, see you around

  9. says

    Informative article, yes guest posting gives your blog more exposure, it’s just a matter of weighing the time it takes as opposed to doing several blog comments. Also blog comments can generate exposure fast if you do them regularly but also it depends on the PR of the blog. The high the page rank, the better. Plus blogs that focus on blogging and SEO tend to get lots of active visitors.
    Sondra recently posted…Fiverr Gig: Place Your Banner On My Classified Ad Site For LIFE!My Profile

    • says

      Guest posting might take time but it rocks! And blog comment can expose your blog but 80% of blogs now are nofollow even if they have high PR. so I think it’s better for me to focus more on guest posting and this doesn’t mean that I’ll stop blog commenting.

  10. says

    Gilbert, bonjour from France…
    Thank you for your post. I’m a member of a business community that gets a lot of flack from 3 or 4 scam bloggers. Your post has given me the idea to suggest a group of community related guest bloggers who can post to each others blogs, as well as businesses outside of that sphere.
    We have many talented writers within the community, which should in time overpower the influence of the scammers.
    Do you have any tips on how best to find well ranked blogs / businesses related to our own interests?
    Kevin Phoenix recently posted…Increasing Organic Traffic HitsMy Profile

  11. says

    Hi Gilbert, i’ve been little lazy lately. . I’ve to invest some time on blog commenting. . . Yes, guest blogging is a good way to build safe links and bring some quality traffic . . Awesome post, Thanks for sharing. .

    • says

      Not only you Adithya, I’ve also been lazy and reluctant too. But for safe links, of course guest blogging is the best, those I also support blog commenting. Thanks for your view buddy.

  12. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Nice post you got there.

    Personally I would say a balance of both. Guest blogging is good to tell the world you are alive. That builds your authority as a good blogger.

    Blog commenting on the other hand gives you the opportunity to build authority (again) in terms of providing quality insight.

    A good mix of both can easily increase your brand and traffic at the same time.

    Keep it up buddy!
    Reginald recently posted…7 Most Influential Social Media Platforms For BloggersMy Profile

    • says

      Good point Reginald,

      A balance of both will result to maximum exposure and of course traffic will follow. The fact is that folks prefer blog commenting to guest posting because its an easy way to get backlinks and you’re right blog commention builds authority in terms of providing insights.
      Good to see you here buddy :)

    • says

      I’m glad to see you here Lisa,
      You’re right about guest blogging, it has an awesome effect but it doesn’t last long.
      Good thing you mentioned the google gods :), I think guest blogging is the best way to create backlinks, not just backlinks but safe backlinks though blog commenting works too.

  13. says

    Here comes the viral writer with another stunning post again! Hey Sammy, hmm, this is a thought provoking post as usual. No wonder my comment comes in as the 46th comment.
    With respect to guest blogging and blog commenting, I will always go in for blog commenting. I have a special bond between some great bloggers even though I’ve never guest posted on their blog before!
    The site is number one! I’m going to guest post on it by all means before the month ends.
    Emmanuel recently posted…What can Make and Unmake you as a Blogger!My Profile

    • says

      Caught myself laughing while reading your comment :). First of all, the statement “here comes the viral writer” sounds like you’re introducing a superman (with a suspense music playing in background) haha.

      Blogging commenting is great but I’m trying to invoke the spirit of guest blogging on myself :) I can’t wait till you publish you guest post on Bivori.

  14. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Great site. Nice colors and catchy pictures. You worked hard, created quality content, made a lot of comments and guest posting. As a result people are more and more interested in what you say and you get more and more comments on your blog each day.
    This reflects on the hierarchy in the blogosphere, too. Your site rank in Alexa is now 146 K. Congratulations. You strategy definitely works.

    As far as I can see, you enjoy doing both: blog commenting and guest posting. However, it seems you are saying that guest posting is a little bit more effective than simple commenting. It is harder but brings more results.

    I done a lot of commenting, too. What I can say for sure is that blog commenting is a powerful tool and can bring you nice results. However, Blog commenting and quality posts are not enough. You need to combine them with the third weapon: guest posting. This seems to be the only way.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted…How to Prevent Identity Theft with a Password ManagerMy Profile

    • says

      Good to see you here Silve,

      Wow! I’ve never received such a compliment ever since I started blogging. Thanks a bunch :)

      I’m working hard on guest blogging, of course it’s my major traffic strategy backed up with blog commenting. Like you said, all these will be a waste of time if the blogs has no quality content or is not attractive to visitors.

      Thanks for hopping over, see you around

    • says

      Calculating your comment, it’s either you’re on both side or you don’t really know the one that’s better like you said. Of course they have different objectives and different results. Apples to oranges, let me guess; guest blogging is definitely the apple.

  15. says

    Well written posts. I have tried both of these strategies a lot in the recent few months.

    Honestly, I haven’t found much success in blog commenting. I probably comment on 3-6 different blogs a day ( and yes I read the blog posts in totality ) and have found that I only generate 1 or 2 clicks MAXIMUM from a blog comment.

    With Google Analytics it’s easy to breakdown where your traffic is coming from, and I just don’t see a whole lot from blog comments. Maybe that will change over time, but a guest post will get you way more if you post on the right blog.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
    Martin Ricky recently posted…10 Tips to Help Motivate You to WriteMy Profile

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