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There are two reasons why you visited this page, it’s either you want my freelance writing services or you want my SEO services. To save yourself some stress in scrolling you can click on the one of your choice and find out more information about it.


Have you been busy to an extent that you don’t have much time or no time at all for your blog? You want it updated with fresh and quality content right? Do you need a co-author, freelance writer or ghost writer to do the job for you? If your answer is yes then you’re at the perfect place to get those content delivered to you.

What topic do I blog on?

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Traffic Tips
  • Monetization
  • Search Engine Optimization

These are my areas of expertise and I’m up for hire if you need any of these delivered to you

What will you get?

  • Quality blog posts on any of the topics mentioned above.
  • Well optimized content for higher ranking on search engine which equally means more revenue
  • Promoted by me on social media
  • Will link to the blog post on any of my guest post when relevant
  • I’ll also reply to comments on the post if required.

Are you ready to get them delivered to you? Contact me using the form below for quotation –>  Click here for an auto scroll to my contact form.



I’m up for hire if you need SEO consultation services. Of course you hate those low organic spikes whenever you check your analytics. You wish to pull them high, it doesn’t stop there but you also wish to take advantage of it and make money online.
It’s damn difficult to find affordable SEO services out there and it’s also very easy to doubt cheap SEO services because of the cheap quality they might offer. Well, it’s totally different here, You’ll get my (quality and expensive) services at a cheap rate so there’s no need to be hesitant. Is that exactly that you’re looking for? Then you’re at the right place.

Where do I specialize on?

  • Link building
  • Website optimization
  • Optimizing existing contents
  • Website ranking

What will you get?

  • Of course you’ll have an increase in sales but I can’t give up a specific percentage increase
  • I can’t guarantee you a specific ranking position such as #1 spot on google
  • You’ll get more conversations from visitors to lead sales.

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