How to Brainstorm: The Ultimate Guide

How to brainstorm; this is a phrase that is going round the blogosphere and a question many bloggers and content writers ask when the writers’ block gives them a handshake. Are you out of blog ideas and you are looking for ways to brainstorm for more quality blog contents? Let me guess, you’ve just completed a blog post and whew! Your mind is at rest but you’re thinking of what to write in your next blog post. You want to write something that won’t bore your readers but will impress them and make them come back to read more. Well, all you have to do is to brainstorm for ideas and I’ll be showing you ways on how to brainstorm for blog ideas.

how to brainstorm

How to brainstorm for blog ideas

Team work
Don’t think you can do it all by yourself, you need to share ideas between your colleagues and friends that are in the same category by brainstorming together. Remember that you are trying to please your readers too and not yourself ask your readers what they actually want or a blog post they think that should be covered on your blog, they’ll be glad to give you some topics, you can shuffle it and create a quality content with their idea.

Take a break
Another tip on how to brainstorm is taking a break. Writing might be stressful at times, go for a walk, take a cup of coffee or play games. Whatever it is you feel like doing, go on and do it putting your uncompleted project at the left side of your brain and not at the back. Taking a break is a way of refreshing your memory and with this; you are going to get more ideas. Don’t also forget that a writing material and a notepad mustn’t be far from you, ideas comes like flash of lights and fades away in a twinkle of an eye. Try to capture any idea you come across and note them down no matter how good or how bad that idea is, you’ll make corrections later, these’s nothing like making corrections when brainstorming, you will only be distraction yourself. A compiled list of idea is enough to write a blog post. A Pen + A thought = A blogpost

Read! Read!! Read!!!
Reading is another way of getting more great strategy on how to brainstorm. Try reading your older posts or other blog articles, it’s also another way of refreshing your brain and making it ready for brainstorming; by the way you are not stealing contents. It’s just like preparing for an exam and before sitting for an exam you have to read, this is also applicable to brainstorming. Read and let the ideas pile up in your brain, you are not at all stressing yourself so don’t go towards that direction. Believe me, after reading a couple of contents, ideas will come your way if you try to brainstorm. It has actually worked for me.

Avoid noise and other distractions by staying in a lonely and quiet environment. Try to create animated pictures in your mind and read what those pictures are saying. Focus on what you are brainstorming on and don’t get your mind off it. Else you might forget the flows of ideas you are getting and might need to start all over again.

Write! Write!! Write!!!
Now that you have followed the steps above, take a pen and a paper and start writing, you might not know what you are actually writing but just keep writing. The more you write, the more it flows out. When you are through, read the rubbish you’ve written and mark out some points, you’ll surely find additional contents and tips for your blog. Start all over by reading what you’ve written and arrange it and make it suitable for reading. I’ve never outsourced my writings or blog post for once, everything on this blog came from my brain as a result of brainstorming, by the way don’t count guest posting as outsourcing.
There are other tips on how to brainstorm that I’ve missed, please do share them with us in the comment section below and how you implememted any of these tips.

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