How to Create an Attractive Blog Title

There are many ways to create an attractive blog title and doing this has a viral effect on your blog, it can increase your readership and their trust, your blog content will be shared to many other readers which automatically makes your blog will go viral, but how do you create an attractive blog title? I’ll be sharing with you some ways to accomplish this?

how to create an attractive blog title

Make it short
The longer your blog title, the more boring it will be. Readers are found of skimming through blog titles before they click, try to make your blog title a short but tempting title that readers can’t resist, this will grab their attention. A blog with a long title will only get you few amount of readers and won’t grab much attention. On one of my best blog post “I’m tired of blogging – fed up” I just love that title, the little mistake I made was not promoting it well. I would have written something like “10 ways not to get tired of blogging” or any other blog title based on how to generate traffic but I made it shorter and it attracted more visitors to my blog.

Make it sweet
You’ll need to sugarcoat your blog title and don’t forget to add some honey too. Create an attractive blog title by putting yourself in your readers shoes and thinking of a blog title that you can’t resist to click. You can write down a list of titles to use then choose the best out of the blog titles. The flavor on “how to generate traffic to your blog” is no longer sweet and tasty, I won’t be tempted to click (even if it has an excellent content) because it’s a common blog title and it can be found all over the blogosphere, but if I should see something like “how I got 5000 visitors in 10 seconds” I will be so curious to know how possible this is, think of the difference.

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Don’t forget SEO
Seo has a role to play in creating a blog title, don’t forget to add keyword to your attractive blog title, this will make your blog google friendly which will also increase your organic traffic. We all know about the google keyword tool, you can use it to get targeted keywords with low competition. Your blog title can be written in this format;

Keyword + Attractive title
Attractive title + Keyword
Blockword + Keyword
Keyword + Blockword

My blog title is in this format: Blockword + Keyword
“I’m” is the blockword while “tired of blogging” is the keyword

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Avoid baiting your visitors
This is common among bloggers that need visitors on a specific blog post or on their blog generally, most bloggers trick their readers in to reading something far different from the title of the blog post. It’s very wrong to do this, I can even say it’s illegal. Tricking your readers has a negative effect on your blog, you’re not only building a bad reputation for your blog but you’re also buying off the trust your readers have for you, this will make them leave your blog and don’t expect them to come back to your blog because they wouldn’t want to be tricked the second time. Create an attractive blog title and let your content go according to what your blog title is saying.

Follow bloggers
You can get more experience on how to create attractive blog titles by following bloggers that write great contents and create attractive blog titles too, with this getting more ideas from them will be very easy. My favorites are problogger and copyblogger if you need a complete list you can check out 20 successful bloggers and what they have to offer.

Let passion come in
Sometimes you just need to take a pen and a notepad and start writing, you might not know what you are writing about but just keep writing, if you really have the passion for blogging, you are going to write something great. I do this a lot, I might not think of a topic to give to the blog post until after writing the complete article. This is not the time to start thinking of;
The ultimate guide to….
10 killer ways to….
How to to to to….

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Just keep on writing, you’ll definitely get an attractive blog title at the end and if you think you are out of articles to write, then you can follow the little steps i mentioned on how to brainstorm.

There are many ways to create an attractive blog title and things you mustn’t skip while creating them. If there’s any step that I skipped please do share it with us in the comment section.

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  1. says

    I enjoy writing catchy titles as well. I mostly enjoy wider readership with my header.
    ‘Is your blog insured? ‘ is one of my best posts as well as ’50+ ways to get what bloggers term as traffic’
    Having a long exciting title is great but when it’s boring, no!

    • says

      Thanks Pritam, its all about consistency, I’m trying as much as possible not to fall into the trap of my blog post “I’m tired of blogging – fed up”. One more encouraging word; never give up ;). Thanks for hanging round

  2. says

    Good post indeed. You went into detail on the keyword and ways to write…So you went in depth for those that might not know. A good title is absolutely necessary!

  3. says

    Amazing post, Gilbert.

    Effective social marketing and Internet marketing in general starts with the title, right? You got to be able to catch your readers attention and after you catch it you have to be able to keep their attention as they read through your content.

    I loved what you mentioned about not baiting your readers. It makes no sense to write a title that has nothing to do with your post. That’s a surefire way to lose traffic, visitors, their trust and your credibility.

    This is my first time visiting your blog, Gilbert and I’m loving what I’ve seen and read so far. I’ll be sure to share this piece with my social circle. I’ll also be sure to comment on and share it with the BizSugar community.

    Keep the great content coming and I look forward to connecting more with you soon.

    Ti Roberts recently posted…[VIDEO] TRTT Episode #7 – Should You Swap Guest Posting For Paid Advertising? (subscriber questions answered)My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Ti,

      You’re totally right, the title is the first thing to consider before making a quality content go viral and Catching your readers and getting their attention will be the result of it.

      Thanks for pointing out my 4th point. I was once a victim of being attracted by an attractive blog title but met something on the contrary. That’s totally a bad traffic strategy.

      I’m happy you love it Ti! and thanks for sharing it, I also look forward to seeing you around.

  4. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Those are really great tips, indeed blog tittle can increase the click through when sharing your blog post on social media or when your link came in search engine results. I would like also to add to make unexpected tittles. For example I wrote a review about Communtluv. Which is a very popular comment management plugin that is widely used one successful blogs. And when I wrote the review I used a tittle that says “Why not to buy Communtluv plugin” and many people although know about this plugin clicked on the link to read about the bad review to only find out that it’s nothing than a recommendation for the plugin.

    Thanks for sharing your tips.
    Qasim recently posted…Why most of the Bloggers hate google AdsenseMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Qasim,
      Thanks for including promoting here, sharing your blog post with an attractive title on social media, there’s going to be a buzz and people will be curious to read the content.

      I guess a lesson was learnt from your mistakes, experience is a great teacher and nobody is above mistakes. I won’t be surprise if I did that in my early days of blogging. Though you didn’t do any baiting there, your topic is still talking about your blog content. BUT most people write totally a different blog content with an attractive title thereby loosing the trust their readers have for them.

      Thanks for your view on this

    • says

      Good point Scott, when creating an title, SEO must be considered to encourage organic traffic. Sharibility is something that cannot escape from a quality content with an attractive title. Welcome to VW, I would love to see you around 🙂

    • says

      Good to see you here Nirmala, unfortunately, your comment fell in my spam folder, i had to unspam it.

      One thing i like about you, you didn’t miss any step on your blogging journey and your so perfect in it. KEEP IT UP
      hope to see you around. 🙂

    • says

      I’m glad you love it Archie,
      good luck as you implement them, i hope they help your blog.
      Don’t mind my late reply, i found your comment in my spam folder, i guess askimet needs flogging. 🙂
      Thanks for hanging around 🙂

    • says

      Thanks Mitch,
      You got it, giving your readers or visitors what they are looking for, they’ll be curious to learn more. The key to a blog content and how it’ll get visits is the title.
      Thanks for hanging around Mitch.

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