Hurray!!! Viralwriter is one month old

I’m happy to announce you that viralwriter is one month old, viralwriter was launched on the 23rd of June and I just want to say thanks to the readers I’ve gotten on the blog and the readers to be. Its story time and I’m about to share with you the activities of this blog and how I promoted it right from its day 1.

I’ve written 12 wonderful blog posts so far and I’m happy that they really helped you. So how did I really get to where I am today?

hurray viralwriter is one month old

My first 2 weeks of blogging

I didn’t receive much traffic from my first two weeks of blogging (maybe it’s because my blog was still new then) and I wasn’t happy about it. These are the promotional strategies I used.


Blog commenting

Yea! That was just the two things I did, I was then hired by a blogger as a co-author of his blog. He told me to write an article on “20 successful bloggers and what they have to offer”. I accepted and wrote the article but unfortunately, he didn’t accept the article and told me he wants something more than that (I guess I wasn’t good then). I had no option than to publish that precious article on my blog and that was the article that actually boosted my blog till today. I’m yet to beat the page view I got for that blog post.

What I did

I contacted those bloggers and told them about the blog post, they replied my mail and shared my blog post to their readers and right from that day, the passion I had for blogging started rising. I got a few readers and subscribers just from that blog post alone, thanks to the blog post.

After that, the number of page views I had started dropping, I had no option than to put more effort and concentration. I then joined Triberr and some facebook groups which helped my blog, and increased my daily page views.

Tip: Join Facebook groups in your niche or you can create a group and invite others. Post your latest blog post there and other users will share their view on it, all you have to do is to obey the rules and regulations.

Back to where I was:

After joining facebook groups, I found out about comment redirect plugin. When you post a comment for the first time, you’ll be directed my “thank you” page. This has really helped me in getting more subscribers to my blog. I never knew Ezinearticles works great until when I read a blog post on how to get more backlinks, I published one of my blog posts on Ezinearticles then dumped it not knowing that it has a role to play, not until I checked my referral traffic and found ezainearticles in the list. I did the same for go articles too and it works great. I will never forget warrior forum too, this forum has also helped my blog to where I am today.

Blog commenting Reloaded

Anytime I’m not on system, I’ll be busy commenting on blogs in my niche with my mobile phone, its fun and at the same time TRAFLINKS. That’s a combination of traffic and backlinks.

My Guest Posts

At last my first guest post was published on Comluv. This really helped my blog as at the blog is have over 50 comments and I replied to all single comments making it a total of 100 comment more comments are still coming in and more to reply.

My second Guest post was published on bloggingtipstoday. It also has a total of 17 comments including my replies and more comments to come. I got readers from this blog too and the traflink was great.

I also found out that publishing articles with an attractive topic is another way of getting more visitors to your blog. Actually I just noticed it of recent when I published a post on I’m tired of blogging – fed up. It’s one of the blog posts with the highest number of page views, highest number of comments (32, fair for a one month old blog) and got me more subscribers.

Thanks to my readers and I hope you’re enjoying the secret tips I’ve been sharing with you. To those that subscribed this week , watch out, you’ll get a surprise in your mail soon.
If you haven’t subscribed feel free to subscribe and get my secret strategies.

This is a summary of what I’ve achieved on this blog
12 blog posts
2 Guest Posts

Get the strategies I used with more details here: Advanced ways to make your blog go viral

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Upcoming Activities
Designing a professional logo and deleting that crap up there. You can suggest a logo for me if you care.
Writing a full step by step guide ebook on how to make a blog go viral.

I know I didn’t put much effort in my promotional strategies and I really need to work hard to make this blog go viral and make other blogs that I’m helping go viral too. How lazy do you think I am, share your views in the comment section.

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  1. says

    Congratulations on reaching such an important milestone of blogging! You’ve made it to a stage where post people seem to give up! I haven’t done any guest posts for my blog yet but I plan to in the next upcoming month! Maybe I should write for you! 😉
    Alvin Chadwick recently posted…Make Money with UdemyMy Profile

    • says

      Wow! The first person that ever called me by my name,
      Thanks for the encourgement dotun 😀
      I found a blogger brother at last 😉
      Good luck to your blog too, we’re all gonna go viral

    • says

      Yea Elechi, its one month old and, its all about hard work, determination and passion. I just told my blog about your comment and Viralwriter was really happy 🙂
      Welcome to VW, hope to see you around

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