How I Exploded My Google Analytics Traffic Spike

Being a student, I’ve been reading and preparing for exams which lowered my google analytics traffic spike and made it quite difficult for me to focus on my blog, yup! The result wasn’t impressive. At least I tried to write quality blog posts, hit the publish button, close my system and the rest was left to my readers. They did a good job by sharing my content on social media and linking to me. I also churned out some time to reply to comment, I can’t do without it as it’s one of the methods I use in engaging and connecting with my readers.

google analytics traffic spike3

I checked my google analytics direct and referral traffic, It wasn’t impressive though but I planned on raising it up.

Done with my exams, now what?
I concluded my exams and now that I have more time to spend on the blog, I was thinking of a way to revive it. The next blog post on queue was “how to make money online” but this was what came on my mind:

If I publish this blog post, will I have an impressive number or visits or just the usual low traffic spike? Hell No!

About to explode my google analytics traffic spike

I decided to make this post on “how to make money online” outstanding by contacting other experts and influencers in my niche and finding out their best monetization strategy. The email I sent was in this format:

google analytics traffic - email

I had the contact of some of the experts so I didn’t bother reaching their contact form, I also skipped the introduction aspect as my email signature will automatically do that for me.
The reply I got was a bit impressive, I decided to give another 2 weeks break to get more reply and I contact more experts in the process too. I got more replies and again I notified those who didn’t reply in this format:

google analytics traffic - email2

It worked! I got a few more replies which made it a total of 35+ replies from experts. I didn’t stop there though, I reached out to some experts on twitter and I got a few more response too. This is exactly how the tweet looks like:


I compiled the list which turned out to be over 10k words and 45 experts, published it and embarked on the best promotional strategy ever: Notify the featured experts of your publish post while they help in promoting it.
I contact them in two ways, via twitter and email (just to make sure they got it). This was how my tweet looks like:

google analytics traffic - twitter2

Of course they won’t be surprised since I’ve previously contacted them about it. I didn’t stop on twitter though, I wanted to be 101% sure that they saw the tweet and the blog post. I reached out to them through email, it sound stressful but I had to pass through this step because it’s worthwhile although it’s not an essential step. The email was in this format:

google analytics traffic - email4

What was the next thing I did? I closed my PC and relaxed

The interesting part of it

Majority of the experts replied through mail, twitter and google+ thanking me for including them in the huge list.
Couple of minutes later, I started receiving comments, facebook, twitter and google+ notifications. I also found my post on tons of communities, social bookmarking sites and some blogs linked to me too.
24 hours later, I checked my analytics and boom!

google analytics traffic spike

Time to get busy
Being a comment addict, I replied to the comments on the post, like I said earlier it’s one of the methods I use in creating relationships with readers and visitors.
I replied to some of the shares on twitter thanking them for sharing it, same goes to google+ as well.
48 hours later, I checked my analytics again and bam!

google analytics traffic spike2

What did I achieve?

The post was to help others and in I also helped myself in the process (still reading and implementing it – 30% complete). So what did I achieve?

  • Connections with influencers and experts
  • Got an impressive amount of subscribers
  • I also got additional readers
  • Awesome affiliate sales
  • More followers on social media……and many more.

Generating massive traffic and exploding your analytics traffic spike is a piece of cake but there’s just one reason (which covers other reasons) why you’re not getting it. Lazyness!

The best time for a lazy blogger to work is tomorrow (yea I know, I’ve been lazy too). Tomorrow will never come because it’ll always be the day after tomorrow whenever it comes. You don’t have the time to build your brand
Blogging is all about hard work, probloggers didn’t get to where they are in a day as well as Rome, it wasn’t built in a day too.
Traffic = Money
Try to find out how others promoted their blog and implement it too.

Recap of how I exploded my google analytics traffic spike

  • Write about experts in your niche
  • Notify them of it when it goes live

Help your readers and help yourself

If you’ve not seen the blog post then you can check it out here – 45 experts share their Best Monetization Strategy

These tips might not work for the reason mentioned below:

You have a horrible website load time
Everybody is in a hurry and if your blog doesn’t come up in 3-5 seconds, they won’t hesitate to leave your blog. My blog is currently loading at 1 second and if you’re willing you make yours faster then check out my  post on how to improve your website load time, implement the tips and get your blog blazing fast.

You don’t have a professional look
Spice your blog with some features in order to look like a pro. For example, instead of using text why not get a professional header logo. That’s the first thing visitors will see when they visit your blog, It’s just a pinch out of it. I’m currently using Genesis on my blog and all the customization was made by me, It’s simple and requires no experience. You can get it at studiopress or get all themes (including upcoming themes) at a cheaper rate.

But I wasn’t Surprised when I saw this:

Google analytics traffic spike4

It’s definitely going to happen, that’s not my traffic, I only boosted it for a while and at the same time took advantage of it.

How did I take advantage of my traffic spikes while it was shooting up?

I turned my about page into a machine for getting subscribers
When new visitors visit your site, the first place they’d love to visit is your about page, of course they want to know more about you. Instead of just writing about you and your blog you can also showcase what you have to offer, your services and what they’ll get when they subscribe to your blog. I have over 5 optin forms on my about page and this has really boosted the number of my subscribers (by implementing one of the tips on the post – Experts shares their best monetization strategy), you can check it out.

I made my optin form compelling
There’s no big deal in adding an optin form on your sidebar and other parts of your blog but how compelling is it? Let your readers know what they’ll get when they subscribe by pointing them out, same goes to the optin form below your content. You can also design it to blend with the theme and color of your blog which makes you look professional.

I turned my home page into an optin machine
Of course normally your homepage shows your latest blog post but I decided to make mine a machine for collecting subscribers. I noticed my homepage bounce rate was really high and decided to make it compelling, attractive. It’s shows how I boosted my blog in 3 months and whenever visitors visits the page, they’ll be tempted to subscribe to find out the secret I used in achieving it. Now the number of subscribers I get daily is impressive.

Your turn
Are you ready to explode your google analytics traffic spike? It’s high time you implemented the tips I used and put a smile on your face whenever you check your analytics. Why not read my post on How to write an atomic bomb out of your blog post. Have you ever experienced a high spike on your analytics? What techniques did you use to achieve it?

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  1. says

    Thanks Gilbert, for sharing this strategies on how you spiked your traffic. You did a great job.

    I think you featured Adam Cornell and I think it was through his tweets I did read that amazing article. That’s why quality over quantity is what matters.

    That post will certainly continue to bring you traffic as months go by because of its comprehensive nature.

    Will, hurry now to implement some of your tips.

    Hoped you had a fab holiday. And not to forget Happy new year.

  2. says

    Well Gilbert,

    this is more than just a post. Its a tutorial. Its in depth and has very practical insights on what it takes to increase and convert traffic on a website. The idea of interviewing experts in a niche is awesome and I like the fact that you just took your time to explain each bit of the processes you have been through.

    I have shared this comment in the content syndication website for Internet marketers – – where this article was found.

    Sunday – contributor

  3. says

    Yeah, I do agree with your views Gilbert, Because I experienced this before!

    Yes, i am having experts tips category in my blog and I used to see traffic rise in analytics for the posts under this category.

    Mentioning niche experts is a honest way of improving traffic and it gives professional look to the blog as you told.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with an awesome post Gilbert, take care of studies 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…10 Top Posts Of Mymagicfundas 2013My Profile

    • says

      Oh I know about the category, good to hear that you’re always getting the best from it.Thanks for sharing your view, happy new year and of course study in definitely going to be smooth.

  4. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Well, this is a good method to spike your traffic for a while. You must be careful not to use it too often. I think you have already use it two times.

    The best part is that you created and opt in form to convert as many visitors as possible.

    I think the method works best when you have a clearly defined niche and if you use it sparingly. Also the topic must be chosen carefully and the bragging part done with caution.

    To be honest, I don’t like this kind of posts but, if you got results, then it works for you. Use it again when the time comes.

    It is very strange that people like these type of posts but it is true. I saw a similar method used by Dany Inny in one of his famous books “Engagement from Scratch”. Did you read it? People were crazy about this book and it got millions of readers. I read it, too, but wasn’t able to find something useful in it.

    It seems those are powerful tactics based on a deep understanding of human psychology. One of the most effective tricks is to use as many authorities as you can, as many big names as you can. This will operate a kind of transfer from their authority to you.

    You must connect the psychological tricks with useful content. At the end of the day, if you do not teach people something useful, you risk failure no matter how big is your reach and how large is your understanding of human behavior.

    Now, you said you had learned a lot from Matthew Woodward. I am curious. Who is this person?

    Have a wonderful week
    silviu recently posted…Test Your Site for Mobile Devices Before They Test YouMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Silviu,

      Using it too often is not my intention but there are some blogs out there that only publish interviews, what do you have to say about them?

      I used it twice? The last one was just an infographic and the first one I did (20 successful bloggers and what they have to offer) was 4 months ago, now that’s a big gap.

      I remember reading the book before I started blogging but if you ask me, I can’t remember what the content was, I only know some experts were featured, I guess I’ll go dig my files and see “if I’ll find anything useful”

      You’ve got a point there though and I concur with you, getting a lot of reach is more like a transfer of authority but if what you offer doesn’t teach something useful then what else doesn it have to offer, seems that’s exactly what you meant about the book.

      Oh Matt, He’s good when it comes to SEO and Conversion (I don’t mind calling him god of SEO), while I was contacting experts on their views his reply caught my attention (because it was outstanding, with images for better understanding – you can check it out) and his tip was the first I implemented followed by others though I haven’t implemented all, and I don’t think I can because it’s not possible but the good thing is that I have a post to look up to whenever I need to test newer strategies.

  5. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    You made a fabulous post by posting best monetization strategies of experts. It’s a great idea indeed!

    I’ve no surprise that the post boosted your traffic and subscribers. I too have written a post which brought me tons of readers (bouncing readers) worldwide. It was a post that solved a new problem that didn’t have a solution. Most of the traffic came from Google.

    But I didn’t have opt-in forms that time and missed many subscribers. Thanks for your ideas, so I’m sure I won’t miss subscribers again.
    Sriram recently posted…WordPress Maintenance Tasks: Making your Blogging a pleasant oneMy Profile

  6. says

    Summary… so it works like this, get the experts solutions, make some buzz, comment alot and article is going viral overnight.

    Compelling content always gain nice traffic and with good marketing money start roll in your accounts. That’s it! 😀 See you next time Gilbert!

      • says

        Oh… you right! Thanks for that buddy. I owe you one. So why that error? Well I changed my database password via Godaddy Cpanel but I forget to edit config file, because of that site gonna offline till I put the new database password. And now its back online!

        Happen the same with a new site I just launched 2 days ago called , I changed database password and when I tried to access it, simple shows same error, than I put the new password in config file and works as it should, but I forget about forum because I focused all day on this funny pics site :)).

        Now the launch aint set yet as I’m working on my spare time at this project, however I have big plans for this forum and everything must be done properly otherwise will be an epic fail Lol Don’t want that do I ? Means before I launch this forum I’ll change hosting too, get a nice VPS from KnownHost(these guys offer fully managed vps at nice prices and easy to scale up), WiredTree(these guys have awesome VPS but expensive), I’ll decide later, so VPS to handle the traffic I expect because I plan some buzz with a contest and some advertising too. Which means some quite a bit of budge too, now I’m working on some microniche sites, as soon I gather few thousands dollars I’ll focus on this forum only, and now you know the launch day :D. This forum is for those who want to build a name online, is real deal, 100% free, no membership whatsoever, okay I think I’m boring you with my project so I’ll end this comment which is going offtopic anyway. :))

        Once again thanks for heads up. I owe you one. See you next time buddy!

        • says

          wow! couldn’t believe I dropped a comment, hit the reply button and lost it all. Ain’t typing that again lol.

          ok I’ll just drop a recap;

          you’re welcome and I had a feeling the forum is going to have a big launch. The contest aspect is going to work and I’ll be willing to help you advertise when it’s up 😉

          All the same, you’re welcome and good luck with the project. Btw, sorry for the late reply, my hosting company got hacked and this affected my blog too, still in the restore process though. (i hope I don’t lose this comment after it has been restored)

          was trying to make this comment short but here we are, trust me I talk a lot.
          Gilbert Samuel recently posted…How I Exploded My Google Analytics Traffic SpikeMy Profile

            • says

              a big PS:

              Regarding my upcoming project, thanks for helping when I launch the contest, I knew I could count you in buddy, I’m gonna reward you big time, you’ll will see what I’m talking about at that time.

              I have a major issue buddy and your opinion matters a lot to me, it seems the domain name is not that good I though it is, even on digitalpoint got few guys telling me domain name is not good at all for my project and I start thinking and digging deeper you know, so I search another domain and come up late in night with this one (+Opinion), it’s a virgin domain name and easy brandable I can say, easy to spell, not that long, will fit in forum like a glove in my opinon, I’ll wait some opinion from all my other friends.

              So in case you have time, let me know what you think, +Opinion or

              Thanks in advance for reply, sorry for long comment and offtopic, I’ll take care to make something nice for you when my forum is online with many members. You’ll see…

            • says

              YpayZ hmm, to me the domain name looks like you’re offering services for free on the forum.
              Like: Y(why) PAY Z for something I’ll offer for free? Get it? You know sometimes the concept should have a good rhyme and I’m sure no forums will offer services for free. Unlike +opinion, I’ll go for this, easy to remember, spell…..piece of cake. Try to get other’s +opinion about it 🙂

              No worries buddy, 😀

  7. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Very interesting experiment! 🙂

    Of course, having expert advises and thoughts all over can garb massive attention as there are bloggers who struggling to accomplish their still-born targets 🙂

    Now you proved it with your experiment and I’m sure other bloggers who out there looking for more traffic flowing would definitely find it very interesting. Hmm… You planned out very well for conversion too.

    I hope bloggers will follow this experiment and work their way to find a spike up in their analytics report too.

    You have a fabulous weekend mate 😉

    Mayura recently posted…Does the Length of a Blog Post Matter?My Profile

  8. says

    Very informative content Gilbert
    I thinks this post is like a great tutorial for everyone. You have a really amazing strategy to boost up your traffic here, that not many bloggers think about or success. I think this article can have a lot of bloggers to get more traffic and encourage them in this competition.
    thanks for your sharing.


  9. says

    Hello Gilbert,
    I’d like to tell you one secret. I have not in recent times pay much attention to my Google analytic because i am using statcounter and they are showing me some hidden strategies that Google won’t sow you.
    The strategy you used to attract visitors to your blog is awesome and indeed strategic 🙂
    You did explain the tips very well and for that, i say thanks and do have a wonderful week ahead…
    Babanature recently posted…Your Website Is Liable To Get Hacked Because…My Profile

    • says

      Never heard of statcounter, I use Google Analytics and Lead Converter and LC does exactly what you said statcounter does. I’ll check it out though.

      Good to hear the nice words from you 🙂

  10. says

    Hi Gilbert Samuel,
    This is really wonderful post to learn some more unique posts all about Google Analytics. Gilbert, I do understand everything all about Google Analytics very clearly but I’m to much confused with my Blog ! I have a WordPress Blog & it has great traffic before couple of months & now it has low traffic. I don’t understand it’s reason ? & I’m very disappointed 🙁
    Maneesha Malhotra recently posted…Father & Father in Law of NationMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Maneesha,

      Good to hear that from you, I guess your traffic went down because you stopped promoting and marketing your post, if you keep it up and focus on social media you’ll see arise in traffic. If you mean organic traffic then you need to check your site if it has been hit by any google update.

  11. says

    I personally know many bloggers who are getting new readers just by posting frequent interviews of experts in their niches. Of course, this way works. The tips you have mentioned in this article are highly commendable. Gonna implement them right away to see big traffic up curves in my Google analytics.
    Richard recently posted…Google Zero Gravity Tricks of 2014 (Top 6)My Profile

  12. says

    You just inspired me to take action on a few killer posts this year. What a smart idea you had! Writing comes naturally to me, but attracting readers is a whole other thing.

    I can see it would take a lot of work, but all good things take some work and I’m thinking doing it a few times throughout the year would at least draw in some new readers and subscribers, which is part of the goal for this year.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Bellaisa recently posted…The Toothpaste Didn’t Attract Women?!My Profile

  13. says

    Excellent feedback post bro but can you imagine I’m just seeing it now from your Facebook feed? Better late than never 😉

    Thanks for sharing your game plan with us. I see you took patience to build that so popular post. I was just thinking if you keep up with this kind of content, your traffic will keep shooting off the roof 😉

    Excellent as usual and do have a wonderful week my man
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Free Training Program – Affilorama.comMy Profile

    • says

      Oh good to see you here, I was playing around facebook and decided to share some of my older posts. Well. the blog is booming especially in organic traffic and if you noticed, it’s been a while since i updates, Studies is really killing me here 🙂

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