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This is yet another hot contest going on blogengage and like the title says, it’s a $500 contest. Previously I wrote a review about blogengage and how it has helped in boosting my blog, if you haven’t read it then check it out here >>> the best blogging community to promote your blog.

I gave some points which made blogengage outstanding and why you should join the community but too bad I forgot a point which is: As a member, you can make money with blogengage. I made $50 in the last contest, it might not sound heavy but this is just one of the features that makes it a better community.

This time around it’s a guest blogging contest and I’ve participated hoping to win even if the competition is getting tougher. This is how the contest goes:

You write about the contest on your blog > Submit a guest post on blogengage > Promote the guest post. The post with the highest interaction and shares gets the highest price. I noticed that the question some folks do ask in facebook groups is how to get google adsense approval and i decided to share some tips on how my adsense account was approved. It’s got some comments and more are still coming in. You can check out the guest post here > How I got google adsense approval. I can’t wait to see your gravatars below the guest post

Good news! if you’re not a member, participating in this contest automatically makes you one. You’ll be given a free Blog Engage $19.99 GBP Standard Account.So what are you waiting for? Participate it the contest, become a member and be among those lucky winners. It’s worth it and there are more significance which i included in the review about blogengage.

To know more about the contest you can check it out on blogengage.

Contest Sponsors

Guest Blogging


Garden Directory

Go Garden Guides

Just Gardening Fun

Segura Trading

Hydroponic Production

Earth Care Greenhouses

So are you going to participate in the contest? Remember it’s advantage? It automatically makes you a member.

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