5 Things your Blog Must Deliver to be Lively

This is a guest post by Victor Igbokwe of Motivated2success.biz

I have seen several blogs full of zeal but lack the very little things that will skyrocket them to the peak of blogging excellence. Just because you blog about a topic and you are writing-savvy doesn’t make your blog worthwhile. At times you need to change and test your writing, find out the one that is suitable for your readers and stick to it. I wouldn’t want to read a blog that has nothing to offer and neither would you. While blogging, the first thing you must consider are your readers, others can follow. A lively blog will definitely go viral while a uninteresting blog will remain static. What are the things your blog must deliver to be lively?

lively blog

1. Pleasure

I wonder why on earth some persons tend to attract and retain loyal readers on their blog by writing straight blog posts like the corporate mantra. For the life of me, start a blog post with zest and present reasons why a reader should finish up every single word. I have found out that telling little experience stories, mainly humorous and success stories glue readers to your blog post. Crazy Egg run by Neil Patel uses heat maps to track mouse movement and eye movement of readers over a page. I sure bet that if you check that out on a blog post that is pleasurable, stories will tend to score very high. What makes you think visitors will come back to a blog that doesn’t make them smile. If you doubt this then visit Seth Godin’s Blog and scroll through some blog posts he made, you will definitely chuckle.

2. Benefits

Usually most bloggers tend to forget that blogging is like a business platform to sell your expertise. First impression matters a lot. A hurrying visitor cannot stay back to read through your blog when it doesn’t offer him any benefit. The benefits am talking about is ‘overdelivering’. Give visitors and your readers firsthand outstanding information in your niche that they will rather pay another Digital Marketing Consultant to do. Give them freely information worth several thousands of Dollars for free. That is PreSelling. You can decide to give out freely materials, info graphics for free to them. You are trying to get attached to them emotionally. Remember any potential visitor that hits Google’s search bar looking for information or solution are blinded by hamburger stories but real winning benefits and solutions opens their eyes. Here is a puzzle for any blogger reading this. Find out what you can do that will make a first time visitor to your blog or website save or bookmark your page instantly!

3. Engaging Content

This is simple. Your ability to write killer contents makes you 60 percent an advanced blogger. The remaining 40 comes in through Traffic, Preselling, Monetization and Strategy.  Focus your energy on writing in a grand style, what I call ‘Personal Branding’. Don’t just write to update your blog, plan to churn out highly irresistible contents. Start by making readers want to comment instantly on what your blog post is talking about. Develop a post like a grand master, a superior writer even if your blog is just one month old. Write like a pro. Try to tweak your blog post to be wonderfully engaging such that readers will want to share your post instantly to friends on social networks. Solve this puzzle. How many comments do you average in a typical blog post in your blog? If you can calculate it, then plan to increase it. Though a typical blog is not really a complete social network but at least is still a powerful platform to build a community of like minds.

4. Rich Cohesiveness

Nowadays, Google and other search engines rank sites based on the amount of time a visitor spent on the site as well as the total pages or clicks. You can easily convert a visitor to instant subscriber by using advanced content marketing strategy. Plan your blog like a killer startup company. I will advice any newbie blogger to first write at least 10-15 quality blog posts with links to each post before going for traffic. This model is simple. If a visitor lands on your blog, your powerfully arranged contents take him from the very first post to almost all of them. This is the most advanced blogging strategy anybody can use. Usually the problem why you don’t get returning visitors is because you have not arranged it in a chronological order. Every blogger that wants to hit to the top and make your blog a desired destination should incorporate this idea in blogging campaign. Usually, you will notice that planning contents properly saves you a lot of stress and disciplines you to maintain a central voice and theme throughout your blog. Make use of blogging calendar as well as blog notebook. It’s quite helpful.

5. Emotional Connection

The best way to retain a customer through a product or service in the corporate business world today is applying Emotional Intelligence. This is connecting to the customers by settling their fears, getting them to know that you really care for them like no other and getting them deeply attracted to your product or service. This is why blog comment replies are very vital to your readers. Care for people and let it show. Just like the way you will feel bad when you make a comment and it is ignored, another person will feel the same. Don’t ignore people. To really make your visitors and loyal subscribers feel at home in your blog, then be real. You can add a picture of yourself at the sidebar of your blog with a brief description of yourself and ask them to read more about you in the ABOUT PAGE. It makes them feel they are really talking to you live. This is why most companies have built billion Dollar brands over several years of applying emotional intelligence.


If you can see your blog as a virtual conversation platform to reach your potential audience, your blog will become the most important place to visit at the breaking of the day in the world of bloggers. If you think there are more ways or tips I didn’t mention, you can kindly drop your comment about it.

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    • says

      Yes Chibuike, these 5 points forms the core of blogging. Every blogger must know that blogging is beyond just writing, make it a virtual conversion. Thanks for coming around.

  1. says

    Hi Victor,
    Nice to see you for the first time here. You write a great guest post on a great going blog and for that I congratulate you. I think the more quality you provide to your readers or visitor, the more they engage on your blog. Although all tips that you mention are important but according to mine, quality is must be thing on your blog.
    Muhammad saleem recently posted…Importance of Social Media today in BloggingMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi victor,
    Personally, I would like to say that every time when read your articles, its really down to earth materials. Specially, focusing on small things which we forget while witting an article. In this article, I like Point 4 “Emotional connection”.Yes you are right Its important to tell your visitors that you are caring about what u trying to find in my article.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Rohit Kumar

      • says

        Hello and thanks Victor,
        I will surely follow your steps and make it complete. And one more thing please tell me … my site’s links is getting listed into 12 or 13 pages. how to improve it? My blog is 7 month old but still facing hard road. 🙁

        • says

          Well Rohit, tried opening your webpage but could not open. Do you use sitemap on your SEO campaign? Try submiting a sitemap to Google or other search engines. If Google is not indexing your pages fast, then visit Google webmaster tools at www[dot]google[dot]com/webmaster and look for “Fetch as Google” then type in all the links and url of your blog you want to be listed in search results. Do it one after the other. In 45mins to 1hour, Your pages will be displayed if you type the url in Google search bar.if there are error reports, then check the permalink of your blog post or try submiting a sitemap. Also, check your “robots.txt” file if it allowed those particular pages to be displayed. Search for “How to Configure robots.txt file” in Google.
          You are welcome and remember, blogging excellence is starting out from day 1 with a plan.

  3. says

    Yes, Pritam, in fact rich and cohesiveness is the greatest strategy right now to both keep visitors longer as well as become friendly to Google.

  4. says

    Hi Victor,

    Nice summary. When it comes to lively blog, most importantly is the content must reach out to others. This means that you need to touch your audience with what you type. Basically the best way is to write through your experience.

    Another great way is comments. When you have more comments, it give the outlook to others that your blog is lively. So make sure you reply to all the comments 😉

    Thanks for dropping by!
    Reginald recently posted…What is SEO? Understand what SEO is all about in 521 secondsMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Debasmita,
      I studied top bloggers to find out these secrets and am really working on them myself. Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting in VW.

  5. says

    Hi Victor,

    Great post, I was recently told that I did not share enough about myself. I have to admit I am now starting to do that. People who come to your blog want to get to know you.

    I like to visit blogs that are informative and will help me in my online journey. Great tips about how to make a blog lively. Some of these I need to start putting into practice.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Driving Traffic To Your Website Using The Warrior ForumMy Profile

  6. says

    Good read. Enjoyed the guest post!. What it boils down to with the content is what you are writing going to stand out from the other 100 blogs that are writing the same content as you? You got to hook the reader and reel them in! Then if they read, comment, show love and thank them if they say something not spammy! lol.

  7. says

    Hey Victor, it surely is nice to meet you here on Sam’s blog 🙂

    Great post! I seriously love your style of writing bro and I love the fact that you have a friendly tone.

    Well, I decided to read 1) because of the catchy title 2) because you also are guest blogger and 3) As a prospective guest blogger on this site, I need to know how other people are writing.

    Speaking bout the post again, the list are really comprehensive bro and we bloggers aiming for success should engage in them.

    Thanks for sharing bro – do have a great weekend 🙂

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…5 Powerful People Who Wear SunglassesMy Profile

  8. says

    Hi Victor,

    I do agree with you, you have to find out what best matches your audience and try to maximize that, testing different ways of writing and topics will help you understand how you can go viral with your posts. People need to address you as a source of information and authority but at the same time have to enjoy being at your site. Thanks for this great discussion.
    Qasim recently posted…Secrets Of A Site That Stands OutMy Profile

  9. says

    Hi Victor,

    I think that the core elements are the ability to identify people’s problems and emotional intelligence. If you can really understand people’s problems and create content that address those problems, then you don’t need practically anything else. You don’t need a visually appealing
    blog, killer titles, exquisite photos, you don’t need to offer pleasure to those millions bored users who surf the net all day searching for cool things etc.
    So what really matters is to find your niche and develop that extraordinary ability to identify people’s problems. This is all it takes. If you don’t have this skill it doesn’t matter how much pleasure you offer, how wonderful your pictures are etc. You will lose. Well, except in the case pleasure is your niche.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted…How to Upload a Powerpoint Presentation to SlideshareMy Profile

  10. says

    Hi Victor – Points are well taken – I have to concur with Reginald that the best content comes from personal experience. For me personally, I prefer to read something with personality as well as important information.

    If I read something that is too academic I feel like I am back at college listening to my political science professor. Although he was knowledgeable, he was very boring. You can learn and be entertained at the same time. .
    Donald Thomas recently posted…10 [Common] Mistakes That Internet Marketing Newbies Make: Part 1My Profile

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