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Want to boost your marketing campaign? Have more social traffic to your blog? Then Million Social Help is just the right place to go. Million Social Help website and forum was first lunched on September 2012 in an effort to help you (bloggers) improve your social media network strategies plus help you reach your business goals.

Million Social Help website provides all the latest information and news update about major Social Media websites and provide tips on how to utilize these social media website to promote your
website, blog, product or services.
Through the Million Social Help Forum you can gain more social shares by our forum members on major social media websites for free, you can get: Free website, blog, product or service advertising

So What exactly is MSocialH:

Just like I said in the introductory part, MSocialH is simply a platform set aside to exchanging social shares. It’s more like Justretweet, Tweetlow, Viral Content Buzz and the likes. Check out the video for yourself.

Now, you might be like “but there are quite a number of platforms such as this, why this again?”

See fellows, I must submit to you that there are a plethora of potentials MSocialH poses, which I will herein highlight on. MSocialH is a place where you can grow your social media presence, social media account followers and get a lot of social media traffic.

I used to believe where there is no rule, then there is not sin/punishment…..I still do anyways.

MSocialH like every other serious networks has a rule guiding it and it’s critically advisable to following those rules if you were to get the utmost from it.

So basically, MSociaH is created for bloggers with the aim of building their brand awareness, growing their social media followers and increase their social media traffic.

It’s a platform which works exactly like justretweet, you get points for sharing other people’s stuffs. You just have to follow the rules to get the utmost out of this platform.

MSocialH in the Next Couple of Months:

MSocialH as of now is not as popular as the likes of, MyGuestBlog Crew and the likes and I’m sure you know it’s a new platform, and needs time to grow, right?

Now, truth is I don’t really know much about Quasim – the founder of MSocialH but I do know one thing; he is a visionary.

If it isn’t because of his great vision, a vision that is burn out of helping others to be successful – he wouldn’t have created this platform. I mean despite all the noise and emergence of platforms such as this, he still went and create it. Isn’t that great?

Here’s what MSocialH says about themselves:

Why MSocialH?

We know there is a lot of social media exchange websites, but most bloggers and webmasters hate these websites
because they have a lot of fake accounts and many low quality pages that they will never share on their
social accounts. MSocialH is different; MSocialH is built for bloggers, we make sure that only real and authenticated accounts are added, we make sure that
only content that you would love to share is added.

Platform Features:

If you are a user on Tweetlow or Justretweet, you would of course be familiar with some of the features listed below.

So with MSocialH you can get a huge following, plus also get your posts shared on the below social media channels:

– Google+ shares

– LinkedIn shares

– MySpace Connections

– Reverbnation Fans

– Soundcloud Followers

– Stumbleupon Followers

– Traffic Exchange

– Twitter Followers and tweets

– Youtube Favorites, Liked, Views and

– Pinterest followers, Image likes and repins

– Instagram followers, Instagram image likes

– Facebook Fanpage, website page and blog post Likes, Facebook Fanpage Photo Likes, Facebook websites pages and blog posts shares and Facebook subscribers or followers

How To Register:-

Registration is completely free for MSocialH. All you need is head over to their website(Exchange Platform) and register. Be sure to submit all your details and confirm your email ID. You will be sent a confirmation mail upon registering. click on the link in the mail to confirm your account. Immediately you will receive 100 coins as a signup bonus. The platform is easy to use and you can also make money being a member by referring others, ready to give your social presence a boost? Check out their membership plan and go for the one that suites you!

social media exchange platform

It’s as cheap as free and to know more about this then go check out the platform for yourself. Join MSocialH now!

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    Good to know about MsocialH through you Gilbert 🙂

    I got invitation to write about the same but do to my time limitations I missed the chance to write about this helpful community for bloggers.

    Sure, I’ll join over there soon and I got inspired with your post info.

    Thanks for revealing all the data linked to MsociaH, will visit over there soon 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…Strategies To Earn Money Online with Copy Editing JobsMy Profile

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    I just heard first time about Million Social Help platform which has big values for businesses as well as for blogging. Now everyone who want to get more traffic or customers can use this platform and feel free from all difficulties. It is quite easy to register on this channel and best thing which I like most is, it provide the facility of sharing posts on world’s best social medias like Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc. Its pleasure to read your introductory article about MSocialH 🙂

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      Hi Vicky,

      I haven’t been blogging much since my studies is choking me in the throat. Everybody’s busy these days 🙂
      Well, it’s a good thing you found out about MsocialH

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    No doubt, MsocialH is powerful but I should really recommend “JustRetweet” as one of the powerful social media exchange platforms. Well, after reading your post, I am also gonna try out MsocialH – the new social media exchange platforms/ Thanks.

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