2 months of blogging – my blogging journey

At last viralwriter is 2 months old and I once again I want to say a big thank you to my readers and followers for the support and inspirational words.Of course, I learnt a great blogging lesson. You guys played a great role in increasing my passion for blogging, keep it up buddies.

Blogging is a journey and in this journey, we learn something new every day no matter how perfect we are. I learned new things during the course of this journey and I’ve achieved quite a number of things for my blog which I’ll be sharing with you.

Immediately I launched my blog, the first thing I did was create a facebook page, twitter and google+ account for my blog. Of course we know social media is something that can’t be ignored especially for promoting a new blog. I’ve gotten quite a few numbers of followers, circles and likes. To connect with me and stand behind the scene of my blog, feel free to check out those icons on the sidebar.

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blogging journey

My guest posts.

I’ve submitted 6 guest posts and the results are awesome. I also replied to every single comment on my guest posts, of course by now you should know I’m an addict when it comes to replying to comments. This dragged and dropped me on the list of the top commenters on most of these. These are the list of my guest posts;

Promoting your blog after publishing – Comluv

Blogging chores that will boost your blog – Bivori

Maintain your passion for blogging – skyhitblog

Social media etiquette – Bloggerdoc

Signs that your blog is drowning – Bloggingtipstoday

I was also contacted by a blogger to drop a post on his blog but too bad I didn’t get to know his audience.

Boost your blog connecting with bloggers – Dnem

I still have some other guest posts that are under review and some blogs are not accepting guest posts for now due to the google pagerank update that’s knocking at the door. After the guest posts, I was skipping and hopping around the corners of my room, congratulating myself for the number of guest post I submitted in a short span of time. Not until I met an elder blog and a competitor. This blog is a week older than mine and I was blown away by the number of guest post he submitted in just 2 months, you’re not going to believe this digit. If I told you that this blogger friend of mine submitted 14 guest posts in just 2 months were you going to believe me? I was blown away but thank God for the parachute, he’s one of my frequent readers and I don’t mind calling him master Sifu. I know what’s on your mind; you still don’t believe me right? Go check it out yourself.

I know alexa ranking doesn’t count but his rank is bouncing and is now at 100k while I’m still taking a nap at 199k. The name of this guest blogging wizard is Adesanmi Adedotun and he has really inspired me in putting more effort on guest blogging. I don’t think I can reach that amount in a short time due to my studies but I’ll try my best. Dotun, if you’re reading this, thank you very much, you really changed my gear.


My traffic has been a bit awesome and encouraging. After my first guest post on comluv, I started receiving 60-80 daily visitors (my blog was 2 weeks then) apart from my post on how I got google adsense approval on a 7 weeks old blog which welcomed 219 visitors and 72 comments. Most of my traffic was from social media, I didn’t get much organic traffic which wasn’t good. I concentrated more on social media and totally forgot about SEO.

Well, i met another blogger friend and his blog is also one week older than mine. I’ve seen him jumping round the blogosphere. I guess we have the same social media promotional strategy. The first place I saw him was justretweet > a comment on my guest post at comluv > a guest blogger at comluv > a comment on my guest post on Bivori and I was so curious to know this guy but never had the time. I landed on this blog through a comluv enabled comment. I can’t really remember the blog; I was just doing some blog hopping when I saw his attractive title; 60 days and 7,977 blog traffic. Since we have something in common, I can’t resist but to check it out and to my surprise, he has really achieved a lot in just 2 months. His search engine (organic) traffic was so high that I was blown away, good thing I still have my parachute with me.

I really need to know the secret on how he achieved such an awesome number to an extent that I contacted him on facebook and he poured out his entire secret in our chat session. I implemented it on my previous blog post ‘When is the next google pagerank update’ and the result is impressive. It was the first time my organic traffic went higher than my referral traffic. This was also with the help of google keyword tool, seopressor and wordpress seo, these tools rock! Check them out. I also noticed on webmaster tools that the more your organic traffic, the higher your bounce rate. I’ll advice you to write quality content on and try as much as possible to reduce your bounce rate.

I’ll be sharing the secret with you guys and if you don’t want to miss it, then subscribe now before it’s too late, you’re a new blogger right? You’ll also benefit from it. Reginald, If you’re reading this, thanks for the help buddy.

This so called blogging journey is something very frustrating especially at the beginning. I was having a chat session with Suresh Khanal of Bivori and this was the question I asked him;

What was your experience as a new blogger, how hard is it?

And the reply I got was;

I experienced it is like flying an aircraft. Until you take off it’s really frustrating and scaring. Once you are recognized in the blogosphere and you have good connections and circles, blogging is a real fun. You can earn some money to live your life and gives you recognition.

Suresh, if you’re reading this post, thanks for the inspirational words, it really kept me up.

blogging lesson

So if you’re a new blogger, please don’t give up. All probloggers out there started out just like you did. The only thing that can discourage you from blogging is if you don’t have traffic which I don’t think is possible if you work hard for it.

Like he said, it’s all about connection. I connected with Suresh, Reginald and Adedotun and I got great ideas from them. If you’re interested, you can add me on facebook lets rub ideas together, I’ll try to create time and get in touch with you.

Back to my blog, happy birthday to viralwriter, this is a summary of what I’ve achieved in a span of 2 months.

Daily visits – 90 – 120

Alexa – 190k

Google pagerank – The Google gods are still busy

Guest posts – 6

To my favorite readers and commenters, umm! How am I going to thank you guys? Ok, I’ll just share a brief bio about you with my audience.

Susan Velez is a part time internet marketer and she’s sharing her journey on what she has learnt in the course of her coaching program, I’ve learnt a lot from her and you can also join her in this journey. Thanks Susan.

Emmanuel Cudjoe is passionate blogger, my funniest reader and commenter, the guy behind kabenlah a platform where he looks to the world through the eye of others. He’s also one of my blogging masters. Thanks buddy.

Adesanmi Adedotun is my master Sifu, I guess I’ve mentioned him before! The guest blogging wizard, Oh! I remember him giving me a nice name ‘the viral writer’. Keep it up Dotun.

Don’t mind me if I didn’t mention you, I’m a kind of person that forgets easily but all the same, thanks for being a reader of viralwriter.

I know I’ve been lazy and I need to work harder, at least I added more effort than the previous month and I learnt something new, I wouldn’t have learnt more without you guys. I hope to learn and expect more in my third month of blogging. For now, I’m not getting any distractions in my studies and I hope it doesn’t in the future.

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  1. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    Honestly speaking, your blog is growing fast because you are working really hard. I don’t mind that you don’t mention me as newbie blogger because friends are in hearts, not in the blog posts, and you are also my wizard in this field and I am learning a lot from especially when you share your stories like this one. Thanks for sharing this.
    Muhammad saleem recently posted…Blogging: Who is a real ProbloggerMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Muhammad,
      Thanks for the nice words, don’t mind me not mentioning you. I had to mention those that had been following my blog right from my first week. I can’t please everybody 🙂 I’m sure you understand. Good thing you’re learning. I’m sure they’ll inspire and help you.

  2. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Hey mate! Firstly, thanks for the share and of course, congrats! You are really hardworking mate.

    I see you nearly everywhere in this blogsphere and that’s good. Most bloggers are doing wrong because they thought leaving comments is enough. The truth is you need to get out and bring up your name and authority.

    You my friend, are doing very good in that. I bet you will be doing even more better in the coming months and remember to keep your head and target straight 🙂

    When it comes to SEO, it is way too simple. What makes it hard is that everyone trying to outsmart Google. There is basically no chance in hell you could do that. Don’t forget, there are lots of SEO myth which is really … not true.

    Most importantly, enjoy blogging and you will be building your authority in no time. One step at a time is a good thing.

    Good luck buddy!
    Reginald recently posted…7 Most Influential Social Media Platforms For BloggersMy Profile

    • says

      You’re welcome Reginald,

      What more can I say 😀 ‘speechless’
      Hmm! These are great words and I’ll definitely implement them.
      I’ll try my best and charge more power to my elbow in months to come.

      Thanks for the SEO tips buddy, I’ve been playing around with GKT and it’s fun 🙂
      Thanks buddy.

  3. says

    Okay, i just finish reading your article, only to see that you missed me out of your top commenters(?)!.
    Okay, happy birthday ViralWriter, and i hope you will certainly grow from Height to height, and yes, i know Master Sifu, that guy rocks!
    he comments like craze and he’s so blogging wise, hmm, he’s really a master.

    Wish you the best, please can i have a facebook with you? or any other platform?
    Omoscowonder recently posted…Nine best Ways To Make Money Online As a TeenagerMy Profile

    • says

      Haha, You’re the second person to drop a query on not mentioning you. Don’t mind me buddy 😀
      I extended your greetings to viralwriter and he’s saying a big thank you for your wishes.
      Oh! Master sifu? He’s my secret competitor.

  4. says


    I am always blown away at how much you accomplish with your blog…it is amazing and inspirational. I know you have done quite a few guest blog posts as I am starting to see you everywhere in the blogosphere.

    I know that next month your blog will take leaps and bounds on more traffic and a high page rank. I will eventually get into guest posting…I just have way too much too do right now.

    But your results are telling me that I can’t wait much longer…I just need to get out there and do it.

    Also wanted to say thanks for the shout out…I really appreciate you throwing my name out there. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

    Have a great day!
    Susan Velez recently posted…Back To School At The Age Of 40My Profile

    • says

      Hi Susan

      I’m also blown away by your comment, thanks a lot for the compliment. I hope my blog gets a higher pagerank and more traffic. Use never can tell, the strict google god can drop something unexpected regardless of the hard work.

      As for the shoutout, you’re welcome. You deserve more than that 🙂

    • says

      Hi Pritam,
      Definitely, writing about yourself and your success story is a great way of engaging with readers.
      If you really wanna dominate SEO, then I think wordpress seo isn’t enough.
      It’s user friendly and guides you especially when you’re a keyword dummy 🙂

  5. says

    Gilbert,, I really want to thank you as well as congratulate you on your blogging success. You motivate me. My blog is just 5 days old! I hope to triple your results in less time.

    • says

      Hi victor, thanks for the compliment. Its all about hard work. I expected more than this but I didn’t work hard for it. If your consistent in it, for sure! You’re reall gonna triple my result.

  6. says

    Hey Sam, it surely is nice to meet you here on your great blog 🙂

    This indeed is a great feat. I must congratulate you on your blogging success. People like you motivate me. I will surely have you on my interview session when I finally lunch my blog.

    Happy belated Birthday to ViralWriter. I’m glad I finally. Am able to connect with you. Thanks for the warm welcome you gave me upon connecting with you on facebook, I really am grateful bro.

    Let me also admit that Dotun is the one of the best around now. There’s virtually no place in the blogosphere that I don’t see his comments, even you. I sometimes wonder, how on earth you guys are able to do all this, considering the fact that you will have to manage your own blogs too. Did I mention that he also commented on one of my guest post on onenaijablog? I think you should see it too, perhaps you would like it as much as he did by leaving your two cent comment. That guy is really a “sifu”. You have chosen well buddy.

    I’m sure you will one day write or feature me on this great weblog. When it will be I don’t know but I know its around the corner.

    If I’m not mistaken, you’ve posted over 100s of comments on comluv.com and several blogs. Question is, how are you able to achieve this great feat. And I’m sure those comments are not just a “well written article” or “thanks for sharing this with us” comments like many a bloggers will resolve to post. Tell me, how did you do it?

    I’m sure it will do me good if I start taking you as my own SIFU.

    There comes a time when students gain mastery positions, pls be my SIFU boss.

    Ahhhh…..It seems I have said a lot…. I will just have to stop here and anticipate your reply.

    Thanks for sharing this great tips with us – you should have a magical Thursday boss 🙂


    • says

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for the compliment. Can’t wait any longer for the interview.
      How would I survive if I avoided connecting with my readers on facebook. That’s one of my strategies of engaging with them in order to get them to come back to my blog.

      Oh! Dotun, he dragged me into guest blog and concentrating more on other blogs. I’ll definitely check out your linkluv on onenaijablog.

      I managed to get on the list of top commenters through my guest posts on few blogs and oh c’mon you’ve just dropped a comment on my blog, if you do it frequently on blogs you’ll get on the list of top commenters, it’s a no-brainer :). I’m the type that replies to all comments and I hate ignoring my readers, that’s the little secret on how I achieved this.

      I’m glad to see you here mate! Your mster Sifu, sure! Haha

      • says

        You are always welcome Sam. Bout the interview, I also can’t wait to hit publish of your interview on my blog.

        Brother, I think you are really good and knowledgeable in this game and it’s of course a good strategy in getting repeated visitors and unique ones for that matter, as I now am.

        Oh please do read it and let me know whether I am also trying or not, or perhaps there are some few things I still need to know bout writing quality contents.

        The first time I saw you was on Comluv.com and seriously, when I saw you on the list of Top Commenters and the amazing comments you’ve left there, I was like wow, can I ever reach this same feat. I was highly intimidated brother but on a second I thought you were one of those bloggers that started way back, never aware of the fact that you barely was two month old in the blogosphere, I mean to say active. “If Sam the ‘Sifu’ can do it then Sam the ‘student’ can do it.”

        Me too boss and yeah….MY SIFU 🙂 Enjoy boss! – Sam Adeyinka
        Sam Adeyinka recently posted…5 Powerful People Who Wear SunglassesMy Profile

  7. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    It’s a relaxed and a good round up post of your two months journey. First of all, congratulations for the achievements. I hope you’ll get some good numbers in coming PageRank update. Best wishes.

    At, the same time thank you for the mention and sharing my words in your blog post. It is very necessary for the beginning bloggers to learn the fact. Many newbies fly away just in this initial stage when they don’t know what’s waiting for them if they’d worked bit hard for a bit longer period.

    You’ve mentioned SEO Pressor and it’s a great plugin to track the SEO status of your post and get some good idea. In this very context, I’d like to remind you about WP SEO by Yoast plugin. SEO Pressor is great to get LSI keywords, keyword density and a few other features such as Rich Snippet and so on. For other fundamental parts, you must use WP SEO.

    Thanks for this lovely post and good luck to your blogging journey!
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Time Saving Tips for Bloggers’ ProductivityMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Suresh,
      thanks for stopping by and as for the pagerank update, I can’t wait till then.

      You’re right Suresh, I have friends that gave up in their early stage. I also thought of that but inspirations kept me up, especially yours.

      I use wordpress SEO by yoast to gether with SEO pressor and it rocks! It shows a detailed guidelines of optimizations I omitted. The mention? You deserve more than that. Thanks for being there.

  8. says

    You are making quick progress because you are doing the work that is needed to succeed at this. Everyday I see your comments everywhere! You gotta get your Twitter followers up next! lol.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  9. says

    Hi Samuel,

    I can remember vividly the last time we discussed about this (14 vs 6) guest post but I thought it was just a joke, meanwhile it was our agreement that there is nothing about it. Master SIFU, (HAHAHA) you got my throat indeed, what I have to say is; I must as well confirmed what you have said about adetechblog guest blogging was a blatant truth that adetechblog have published 14 guest post when it was around 60 day plus and are such and guest posting for now on adetechblog is a continuous function despite that fact that adetechblog have started accepting guest post. Thanks for mentioning adetechblog on this great blog, and I must tell you, I am learning from you at a very faster rate. Thumb bro!
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Don’t do it again or elseMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sifu 🙂

      Thought it was a joke? No I wouldn’t joke with something like that, I also noticed that you submitted more guest post after that so for sure, you have more than 14 guest posts. If my readers are not inspired through my 6 guest post, definitely, yours will inspire them.
      You’re welcome buddy, what are friends and connections for! 🙂

  10. says

    Hey Gilbert Samuel: the most positive aspect of your two months blogging journey is that you took it damned seriously from the day one and secondly you got proper training before taking your first step; now after much competition in this field I think we should advice newbie bloggers first they must decide either they want to join this field for amateur blogging or for money blogger; if they have plan to earn money they must do it serious from the day one and avoid every type of experimentation. Now there is no dearth of tips and tricks of pro bloggers which they can learn and keep in their minds before starting their journey.
    Mi Muba recently posted…How to control light pollution and save money?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Mi,
      Thanks for the compliment, well the points you mentioned are totally right. The main aspect of it is passion. When they blog for passion then seriousness won’t be a problem and of course success will follow.
      thanks for the comment, see you around

  11. says

    Excellent post. It is particularly inspiring to me because I checked your Alexa before I read this post, and I was shocked your blog is less than a year old. Good thing I had my parachute too, cos I was blown away. I’ll be following your blog now, and I hope you’ll be open to guest posts.

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