411 On My New Header Logo

Surprised? I guess not. Look around, any changes on the blog? I caught you there before you made your final conclusion, you’re still on viralwriter. For a couple of months now I’ve been using my previous logo, it’s good though but its graphic is not professionally made and it looks kind of blurred. Definitely, it’s not as perfect as the one you’re looking at right now (to me). The difference is clear, check it out.

best blog design
Though the previous one is cool but I prefer simplicity. Well, I didn’t change my color scheme and as a matter of fact, my favorite color is green. I can remember writing something about colors in my post on having a good blog design.

Check out the concept of the design

best blog design


  • The globe describes the word “viral” which means going or revolving round the globe.
  • The chart and arrow describes the result of what goes viral. Noticed the arrow going up? I love that!
  • The Pen describes the “writer” part of the domain name.

Who’s behind this design?

Actually, I was admiring the header logo of a friend’s blog and I couldn’t help but contacted him to know who designed it. We did a little blah blah blah till he introduced me to the guy behind his design and that was exactly how our deal began.
The guy is a great guy and he doesn’t mind giving you the perfect design you need, he tweaked mine for a couple of times before i got satisfied.
And what’s his name? Meet Harsh Shah, the guy hiding behind my header logo. He rocks he’s not made of stone. He’s a friendly guy though and he doesn’t mind adding some spices to your header logo. What are you waiting for? Connect with him on facebook now, just click this link – Harsh Shah and get a professional header logo from him.

I case you didn’t notice, I also changed my homepage and made it static instead of showing my latest post, I noticed most of the visits to my blog was on my homepage which could be either through the guest posts I submitted or comments I dropped on other blog. You can check it out either by clicking the header logo or the “Home” navigation menu.

Over to you

So what do you think about my new header logo? Good? Normal? Manageable? Bad? And most of all is it better than the previous one? No sweet or sugarcoated words, you honest reviews will be appreciated, 5 people already said the previous one is better but I like the new one though, it’s just simple.

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  1. says

    Gilbert I’ll be honest, you know me, what I don’t like at this logo is “.com” text, I think will look better without it.

    I don’t know if you notice but I changed my logo for upcoming webmaster forum, the first one I paid $30 to a pakistani guy, designer active on DigitalPoint, well I discovered he copy the symbol of my logo. Lost the money, guy didn’t respond to my email, whatever…

    I decided to make a contest on DigitalPoint and got multiple visions, but also 100% unique logo, looks awesome the one I choosed, you can see it now. I’m planing some T-Shirts, will be freaking awesome.

    Anyway, I wanted to know how much you paid Harsh to make this logo? Just curious? If he is kind ask him to make a revision for you, remove the ‘.com” text and you’ll see how your logo looks in my vision.

    If you have the source file, the .psd than you can do the changes yourself with an online editor or photoshop.

    Nice to visit you Gilbert, see you next time!

    • says

      Hi Buddy,

      thanks for the honest review (done!) you really know when something is perfect or not and I like you for that. Thanks for covering my back, I can really count on you. Oh! your header logo is awesome, the symbol is the main spice in a header logo and that’s not good for a brand if copied (reminds me of a guy using problogger symbol). The T-shirt thingy is really going to cool.

      I paid Harsh $40 and this was the forth revision, the first 3 were cool but i love this. Thanks for the heads up again buddy

      • says

        Looks like a professional logo now, which makes your site professional to your readers. I’m glad you like my vision.

        Have a nice week ahead dear friend. See you on your next article.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. says

    Hello Gilbert,

    I must say the new logo is brilliant and wonderful. It matches perfectly with your theme design. I never heard of Harsh yet but I’m gonna contact him soon for my new blog logo work.


  3. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    No sweet or sugarcoated words? OK. The logo is not bad. It is a little bit too small for my taste. I would make it a little bit bigger (like you did with your first logo).

    The letters are a little bit too geometric. This suggest a more formal, official message to your readers. The letters in the first logo suggested more creativity. Everything depends on the message you want to transmit.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted…Newbie Guide. How to Check the Pagerank of Your SiteMy Profile

  4. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    I gotta say man, I’m impressed with how perfect the different aspects of your logo fit in with your blog. It’s cool that you were able to find something that fit so well (with a cool design) so easily.

    I make most of my graphics with photoshop, but it wouldn’t be half bad to run stuff by a designer every now and then.

    Hope you’re doing well bro, and have a great New Year :)
    Josh May recently posted…5 Social Media Tools that will Save you Time OnlineMy Profile

  5. says

    I agree with Silviu dude! The design is cool man but it’s a little too small!
    I made my own Logo but I am not 100% happy with it atm!

    Am glad you get the colour scheme as well dude love the green!
    I went with Blue on mine as all the biggest websites have that colour

    In fact mine is FB Blue!
    Very nice anyway dude and Appy New Year
    – Phillip
    Phillip Dews recently posted…You are One Millimeter OffMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    The new logo is much stronger, including the ‘writer’ pen element and ‘viral’ globe. I’m not sure if everyone will notice the graph, but it doesn’t matter. It helps tie the elements together.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been designing logos professionally for about 30 years. But if your readers relate well to the branding refresh, that’s even more important.

    Wishing you a very prosperous and memorable 2014,

    Cole Wiebe recently posted…The Real Reason Most Blogging and Social Media Missed the Mark in 2013My Profile

    • says

      Hi Cole,

      Nice to hear that, I myself didn’t notice the graph until when the designer told me about the concept, I had to take a closer look.

      I never knew you’ve been in the industry for long, wow! 30 years! Keep up the pace and happy new year too.

  7. says

    Hi Gil,
    I could say about Harsh Shah and about his works even if you asked me while I’m sleeping 😉 He’s a young and innovative logo designer who designed my logo.

    Sorry for the self promotion but look at this image http://img.revealingthestuffs.com/2013/07/pencil-rts1.gif

    It’s my logo. The Pencil Icon as the letter “T” says I’m a writer, reveal-er 😉

    He made an awesome logo for you with great concept. It’s a lot beautiful than your previous one, seriously!

    PS: Dude, what does the 411 mean in your title? Curious :)
    And the special characters in your post are not rendering properly.
    Sriram recently posted…WordPress Maintenance Tasks: Making your Blogging a pleasant oneMy Profile

    • says

      Good to hear that, remember you recommended him to me? :)

      Oh! Nice concept and thanks for the nice word.
      411 means info,getting information by dailing the number but since it’s a blog post then it means getting information e.g infomation on my new header logo (btw, information doesn’t sound good)

      I noticed that, weird huh. I’ve tried ways to avert it but to no avail. I’ve contacted my host about it and they’re working on it.

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