Plugins I Use and How they Helped my Blog

I was playing around my dashboard and something triggered my to share the plugins i use and how they helped my blog. If you are not using any of thess plugins please try to check them out and if you think there’s any plugin i need to install on my blog, feel free to tell me in the comment section below. Now back to the plugins i use.

Plugins i Use and how they helped my blog

This protects my blog from comment and pingback spam, so if you’re here to spam my blog, shoo and don’t look back while running.

Comment luv
This plugins encourage readers to post a comment on my blog by posting a link back to their latest blog post, really a great way to generate traffic to your blog through comments oh! you know about it, i shouldn’t have explained in the first place but for the new bloggers who don’t know about it, try it out, it rocks!

Comment Redirect by Yoast
Another comment plugin here, this plugin redirect your first commenters to any page of your choice, I created a thank you page with an optin box for this plugin and if any visitor post a comment, they will be redirected to the page automatically and if they love my post and blog, they can eventually subscribe to my blog.

Comment Reply Notification
This is another comment plugin that sends a message to the commenter anytime his/her comment has a new reply or is approved. It puts your blog on their mind and eventually make them come back to the blog to view the reply and keep the conversation going. This is for those that drop a comment and jump out of the blog till the next century.

Contact form 7
Well everybody knows about this, I’ve not seen a blog without a contact form and an about me page. With the contact form, there’s an ease in sending mail instead of passing through the stress of copying an email address, heading to your mail server, pasting it, composing a mail before sending a message. But with the contact form, you’ll compose automatically form the contact page. Gosh! when did i type all these! of course you already know this.

Digg Digg
This sharing bar enables my readers to share my blog post to friends and followers, check it out, it’s located at the left hand side of my blog and PLEASE don’t forget to share the post if you love it. seems you didn’t see that, I’ll repeat. PLEASE don’t forget to share this post if you love it.

I’ll just copy what it says in its description. “Removes the evil nofollow attribute that WordPress adds in comments”. This plugin is related to comment luv, it encourages comment and gives my commenters backlink to their blog.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox
This is a little popup that encourages visitors to like my facebook page. It’s not an annoying plugin, it comes up only once, thats if you are a first time visitor, it actually work with cookies so this depends on your cookie, it’ll come up anytime you delete your cookies, also applicable to comment redirect plugin. Facebook and twitter are great ways of generating traffic to a blog so don’t underestimate the power of social media.

Google xml sitemap
This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog. Yea, that’s what the description actually said. I was so dumb enough not to know about it, not until a friend of mine told me that my blog wasn’t indexed on google.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
I’m sure you’ve seen something like “confirm you are not a spammer” and the comment section of blogs (including mine), well this plugins disables bots from posting a comment on my blog and is also a way of minimizing spam comments.

Jetpack by
Jetpack connects your blog to your account and use its features. With jetpack you can publicize your blog post to social medias like facebook, twitter and linkedin. It also include other features available but my favourite is the publicize feature, It saves me the stress of manually tweeting and sharing my post on facebook and google+

W3 Total cache
This plugin improves the performance and speed of my blog and also encourages readers to return to my blog. By the way, who wants to visit a blog with a lazy loading, I wouldn’t neither do you.

WordPress SEO
This is supposed to be the first on my list but if you notice, my plugins are arranged alphabetically. Actually, no blogger on earth can do without SEO and i highly recommend this in case you don’t have it. It’s the building block of your blog, all you have to to is to configure it perfectly on your blog posts.

Yet Another Related Post Plugin
The internal traffic plugin,that’s one of my favorite plugin also, it actually reduce the bounce rate of blog and closing exit doors by showing readers other posts related to the one they’ve just read. The plugin actually takes them on a round around the blog because when they read the next post, there will also be another tempting related post, by my french “tempting” it actually depends on how you tweak your headline.

Whew! at last, well these are the plugins i use on my new blog, tell me what you think about these plugins.

Since I’m a speed addict, the number of plugins on your blog affects our website load time, I reduced the number of plugins I use on my blog.

My blog is just two weeks old BUT check out my older blog posts its fair in its interaction. Wanna know why? Its because i reply all my comments, add them to my blogroll, follow their blog, comment on their blog and become a reader. Yea! TO ALL MY COMMENTERS. Comment on my blog and you’ll get a +1 reader to your blog, I’ll contribute to your blog and also share it to my followers.

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