Seo On Page Optimization – Dominating the Search Engine

I’m sure you’ve have heard of SEO on page optimization but are you optimizing your blog for search engine correctly? Of course you want your blog to appear on result pages of search engines. Competition is increasing day by day and a high ranking position on SERP seems to be a difficult task especially for the new bloggers.

What exactly is on page optimization?
On page optimization refers to the factors that have an effect on your website or web page listing in natural search result.

Your blog showing up on search engine result page depends on how well you optimize your blog. Check out these lists of on page optimization strategies

seo on page optimization

SEO on page optimization


The first thing you must do in order to dominate search engine is to search for keywords before writing a blog post. You can use the free Google keyword tool. This is the trick; Type the keyword you want to search for and make sure you tick the exact match.

Before writing this post, i used the google keyword too and searched for “on page optimization” but i got 40k global search and a high competition, that’s too much for my blog. I have no ranking yet so I can’t use the keyword because it’s highly competitive. If I should use this keyword, you’re not going to see me anywhere near the search engine result page so it’s better I run away from it. Blogs that can rank for that are pr3 blogs and above. If your blog is pr3 and above, you’re free to use this but the fact is; you going to face a hell lot a competitions.

Back to the keyword tool, since “on page optimization” has a high competition and a high global search which I can’t rank for, I’ll need to find a lower competitive keyword. This is where longtail comes in;

On page optimization strategies
On page optimization tips
On page optimization techniques
Seo on page optimization
Seo on page optimization tips
Seo on page optimization techniques
Seo on page optimization strategies
Guide to on page optimization

For a low (very low) competition which will make you sit with your legs crossed on the first page of google, the highest number of word you can use as a keyword is five.

A low competitive keyword can rank you on the first page of google even if your blog has no ranking, get it? That’s the secret of my organic traffic, yea! On a two months old blog. Have you heard of long tail pro? It’s a tool that makes it easier by providing a low competitive longtail keyword for your blog post which will definitely rank you on serp regardless of your blog ranking. Check it out by starting with a 10 day free trial – long tail pro

Now that you’ve gotten a keyword for your blog post, head back to your dashboard and create a new post. Remember, seo on page optimization is not a minute job; you need to put more concentration if you want to get a good result.

I’ll use this blog post as an example with seo on page optimization as my keyword, so just follow up and do the same on your blog with your keyword too.


Your title is the most important place where your keyword must appear, without your keyword on it, ranking might not be as high as your expectation. Check out my title for a better understanding.Have you ever tried this? Search for anything on google, you’ll notice that the keyword (located at the title and Meta description) will be in bold letters. Putting your keyword on the first paragraph (or Meta description) is a great way of notifying google about your keyword. You’re definitely going to need wordpress seo because this is going to help, don’t bother asking; I know what’s on your mind. Yea! WordPress seo is better than all in one seo pack.


Permalink is the URL of your blog post. I would prefer using only my keyword in my permalink because it’s going to make it google friendly.
It’s not advisable to have a long permalink, your keyword as well as your permalink should be at least 3-5 words. Seo on page optimization is definitely four words (I can see that without my glasses) so I guess I’m going the right way.

To implement these keyword perfectly on your blog, you’re going to need both the help of wordpress seo and seopressor. If you’re not, then you’re lagging behind.

These plugins will help you implement your longtail keyword on your blog post; it guides you and notifies you anytime you skip an seo strategy.

If your permalink is showing some ugly digits you really need to make some changes on your wordpress settings. By going to settings on your dashboard > Permalink > choose the one that suits you (I’m using post name) and save.


Going down from permalink to your content, this is where your keyword should be optimized wisely because this is also a place where you can be penalized by google; we’ll talk about that later.

Putting your keyword at the beginning of your blog post is another great way of notifying google about your keyword. Check out the beginning of my blog post, it says; I’m sure you guys have heard of seo on page optimization. I got google there you know?

Now after the title, you can sprinkle your keyword all over your blog post. With this, google will be convinced about your key words. Apart from your focus keyword, you can also use a few negative keyword on your blog post. To get these negative keywords, search for your keyword on google and head down to related searches found below the result page. Another high ranking right?

Are you following? Let’s ride on!

Your content must not be short and it must have a great quality, so this a combination of quantity and quality. A well optimized content of 1000 words will rank higher than a content of 700 words while a content of 1500 words will rank higher than a content of 1000 words. See the difference? The more the quantity and quality, the higher the ranking. Don’t get it twisted, quantity doesn’t have much role to play.

Like I said above, if your keyword is over optimized on your content, you’ll definitely get penalized by google. Good thing seopressor has a feature that notifies you when you’re over optimizing.

Have you heard of keyword stuffing?
Well I made a little research, according to Wikipedia;

Keyword stuffing is an unethical seo strategy which leads to banning a website from major search engine either temporarily or permanently.

And according to google;

Keyword stuffing is the practice of loading a webpage with keywords in attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in google search result

This is simply, repeating your keyword more often within a sentence. For a better understanding click here.


Of course, even a 6 year old blogger knows that you must include images on your blog post to make it attractive and professional. Do you also know that you have to optimize your images for seo? We know about it but most of us skip this, I don’t see any stress in copying and pasting your keyword into your image’s alt tag. It’s not only for image search ranking but it also reduces your bounce rate and raises your ranking on search result to a higher level.

Social media sharing

Do you know social media sharing has a role to play in seo, the more your content is being shared on social media, the better the ranking. This is what I think; when readers shares your blog post on social media, it notifies google that your content has quality due to the number of social media shares you’ve gotten. Justretweet is the answer to this. On this platform, your blog post will be shared on facebook, twitter and googleplus thereby giving you a better ranking. It’s one of the best method most bloggers use in order to get their new blog post indexed in a short period of time. I also got an idea about social media sharing from a comment on my blog. Thanks Reginald.


In a nut shell, on page optimization is all about Organic traffic while off page optimization is about Referral traffic and the number of backlinks pointing to your site. I’ll be writing a post on off page optimization soon. If you don’t want to miss it, don’t forget to subscribe below after reading this post.

SEO is something stressful but has a great result, this is where Submitedge comes in, submitedge is a service that helps you optimize your blog for high ranking. Don’t be hesitant, its totally not black hat. Check them out and see what they have to offer, let the experts do it for you! Try Submitedge now. Check out my SEOpressor review and don’t forget to check out the last image about my blog dominating the search engine.

These are the on page optimization techniques that must not be overlooked, it might be a no-brainer but I’m sure there are some steps you haven’t experimented on or put into optimization, try to follow every crumb on these steps and implement them on your blog. Oh! Did I miss something on these points mentioned above? You know what to do, feel free.

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  1. says

    Wow is a LOT of information to take in. I’ll have to re-read it a few times to fully understand everything.
    I have heard about SEOPressor a little while ago but the price is a little steep. I know I could really benefit from it, i’ll just have to buy it because I know it’s really going to help me rank well with the search engines.

    Thanks for all the great information!
    Adley recently posted…How to Write a Quick eBay Listing Description to List Items FasterMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adley,

      Good to see you here, at least I’m glad you understood it, don’t mind the stress it took you 🙂
      I also started using seopressor of recent (not up to a month) and I must confess, it rocks!
      I started using it right from my post about getting adsense approval till date and I’ve been getting the love from Google 🙂

      Well according to my opinion, it really worth the price, good luck as you use it. I’m glad you love the iinformation, see you around buddy.

  2. says

    Well Well Well,,,,,,
    Victor is coming back with another great article. I think getting seo ranking is much difficult than any other region. I don’t know where I am lacking. But surely your post really enhancing my SEO understanding and writing skills. But i want to know how many times a “Focus Keyword” will be in article?.

    • says

      Hi Rohit,

      This is Gilbert, Victor was a guest blogger on my blog 🙂
      Seo ranking won’t be difficult if you follow the steps I mentioned above. Use low competitive keywords and google will be yours 🙂

      Hmm! focus keyword? I don’t really count my focus keyword unless I check my keyword score using seopressor or wordpress seo. Just put your keyword in mind when typing and don’t forget to use it. Just try as much as possible to reach 50% score or have a green bar in wordpress seo. use your keyword frequently and avoid keyword stuffing at the same time.

      I’m glad this article helped you buddy, there are more great ones to come, see you around 😉

      • says

        Hello Gilbert,
        Sorry for my mistake. Buddy i want to know what is keyword stuffing? Check out my below link and tell me is there any keyword stuffing.? In that article i used “MAT 2013 Admit Card” as a focus keyword.
        Please check it once. i need ur help buddy. 🙁

        • says

          You’re welcome Rohit, keyword stuffing means using multiple keyword in a short sentence. This is an example; if my keyword is “seo” and my sentence is;

          seo can make seo blog seo friendly so please use seo on your seo blog to make it seo friendly.

          That’s a lot of keyword stuffing and this can get you penalized. I checked your blog, I can’t find any keyword stuffing for “MAT 2013 Admit care” but you did a whole lot of keyword stuffing on your first paragraph with “MAT 2013” as your keyword, please amend it.
          hope this helps

    • says

      Hi Pritam,
      I never knew that too in my early day and any time I search for keywords, I get a bunch of unrelated keywords which makes me confused.
      I’m glad this article helped buddy 🙂

  3. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    Morning! Very detailed and not bad at all 🙂

    I just want to add about those seo tools etc. We (bloggers) could easily ditch them and save hundreds of dollars if you really know what SEO is all about. Basically, I see many free and premium plugins offering the same options and features.

    It is not wrong to use them as they make our lives easier. But try it one day … blogging without the help of any SEO tools. It is really fun!

    Oh yes, talking about long tail pro. That is a sweet, sweet tool! Lovely mate. You got it? I am thinking of getting either that or market samurai next month.

    Talk to you soon.
    Reginald recently posted…5 Insights You Should Know About Make Money BloggingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Reginald,


      About the tools, you’re right but not totally right 🙂 Probloggers could ditch them and save hundred of dollars because they’re already experienced and they gained knowledge right from the 100s of post they’ve written back in the years.
      Example are those bloggers that started blogging right from when I can’t even spell my name 😀 oh! You’re an example buddy 🙂

      Long tail pro is cool, I’ve heard of market samurai too, they’re both similar tools. Good luck, choose wisely buddy 🙂

      • says

        Haha Gilbert. I am about the same age with you, you know? Slightly older a little I would say.

        The reason why I said in a few months time is I am kicking off my paid services. So, when that gets started, it would be great to have these tools. I used both but personally, LTP is easier to use but MS is more detailed.

        Grr~ Hard to decide mate. Until then … we shall see 🙂
        Reginald recently posted…6 Easy Ways To Choose The Best Genesis Child ThemesMy Profile

  4. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    On page optimization is very important for your blog because by doing this you can gain benefits from as well form you visitor by engaging them on your blog. Page title should be attractive fro visitor as if it is unique then love to come your blog. You should also include keywords in the title and permalink as it bring traffic from search and social media sharing is necessary now days.
    Muhammad saleem recently posted…Importance of Social Media today in BloggingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Muhammad,

      A blog that not implementing these strategies means he’s not ready to rank on SE.
      Page title should also be attractive but it must also be optimized of SE at the same time. Good thing you mentioned social media sharing 🙂

  5. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    Nice detailed post, I agree on-page optimization is very important because how each article behaves in search engine will eventually determine the total value of your site in terms of traffic. I think WordPress SEO is enough for any WordPress blog for post optimization, I really like SEOPressor but not using it as I already have WordPress SEO and too many plugins affects loading speed to a certain extent.
    Dhiraj Das recently posted…Create a Blog: Choose the Best Blogging PlatformMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Dhiraj,
      good to see you here,
      Wordpress is good but for other premium features, I’ll recommend seopressor. You’re also right about too many plugins affecting a blog’s load speed, well I’m an addict when it comes to checking page speed and brokenlinks and I’m trying as hard as possible to reduce the speed of my blog to 1 second, it’s currently at 3 seconds, it’s not just about the number of plugins, I have a bunch of plugins that I can’t do without.

      You can check the speed of your blog using pingdom. You might have just 10 plugins but it’s possible for my loading speed to be faster than yours if I have 20 plugins. I’m an addict in it that’s why I gave a full detailed explanation 🙂

      • says

        You are right Gilbert speed is very important as far as user experience is concerned, as per Pingdom my blog’s speed is at 3.42s, But I prefer to check speed using Google developer speed insight, that’s because it belongs to Google and they will trust their own module -:)
        Dhiraj Das recently posted…Ultimate Source For Blog Post IdeasMy Profile

  6. says

    In the past when I had several niche sites, I focused completely on SEO. If you can get ranked for a keyword that gets a lot of searches…even if it is not a ton, the traffic you can see is amazing.

    I also love using Longtail Pro. I have purchased so many keyword tools in the past, but I think that Longtail Pro is my favorite.

    I have used SEOPressor in the past, I don’t have it installed on my blog right now. Maybe I need to re-install it and begin using it. Have you noticed if it slows down your site or not? Thanks for these tips, I know that they can be helpful for anyone who is just getting started with SEO.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Setting Up A Case Study For My Flipping Websites Membership SiteMy Profile

    • says

      I can’t believe it anytime I check GWT or GA the traffic is high and of course, followed by a high bounce rate. The number of visitors is high but genuine readers are just a pinch.

      So many keyword tools? I only know of longtail pro and market samuari.

      Seopressor doesn’t slow down my blog. Quantity of plugins doesn’t really matter, plugins can only slow down a blog if they have a bad coding. This is one of the reason why I switched from digg digg to flare. I’m yet to be a pro but seriously, I’m falling in love with SEO 🙂

  7. says

    Hi, Gilbert,
    It really an awesome post on Seo on page optimization.
    Going through Google keyword before writing any post can helps us a lot. This shows where and how much traffic is going to, means search volume for a keyword. Yes, more dense search volume may not come good for us. So, we wisely chose medium one.
    Keyword optimization in our title do also help us as search engines read the title of the blog. Search engines are also look in to permalink so keyword in permalink could be handy for us.

    Writing for our readers give us quality which a right habit. Post quality is a key in appearing in the search results.
    Thank you for sharing such a informative post.
    Have a nice weekend. 🙂
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…How to connect Google analytics and Webmaster Tools?My Profile

    • says

      Good to see you here Kumar
      Google keyword tool has a hand in this and bloggers can’t do without it. The keyword tool has also been replace by keyword planner, this is the news all over the blogosphere and folks are finding it difficult to use.

      Without optimizing our content for SE (and readers), it’s going no where for sure. See you around and have a nice weekend too. 😉

  8. says

    Hi Sam,

    This is really wonderful; though it takes me almost 8 good minutes to read through and it was not a waste of thereafter. Seo on page optimization is a great keyword that every bloggers who prefer search engine traffic the most spend most of their time on because it is a last long traffic when coupled with quality content source. Understand SEO strategy is very important in blog-o-sphere if truely we need to succeed as a blogger using the right keywords that can optimize our blog for search engine traffic. Thanks for sharing this buddy.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Blogging mistake you should avoidMy Profile

    • says

      Hey buddy,
      It took you 8 minutes but I’m sure you understood it. I love your point. The traffic lasts long, even than social media traffic but of course, must be backed up with a quality content. Oh! It’s a shame keyword planner has replaced keyword tool, folks are finding it difficult to use

  9. says

    Hi Gilbert ,

    Yes these are some basic things you mentioned here that should be correct. I believe that choosing a accurate meta tags is very important part of On Page Seo. Content should be mix of both ,readers friendly and search engine friendly.
    Shorya recently posted…What is a landing pageMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Shorya,

      Meta tag is one of the most essential aspect that must not be skipped. It’s the perfect way of showcasing the keyword in snippet on SE. But like you said, we shouldn’t just focus on serch engine alone, we must also focus on our readers.

  10. says

    Just read the post and as always you have explained yourself very well to those that are trying to learn SEO. I did not know the bit about not having page rank and using higher competitive keywords. I try to stay away from the high ones the best that I can, but now I probably won’t use any going forward until my Page Rank increases. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Leon,
      I’m a pagerank junkie and I’m so vigilant about it. Using high competitive keyword will take you months or even years to rank but lower ones might take a max of just one month which is great. I hope they help you as you implement.

  11. says

    Hey Gilbert,
    Interesting point you make about “Social media sharing” and it’s importance to seo,
    I love it and totally agree, it make sense, while search engine can be tricked with fake content and fake links etc..
    social media on the other, people do the sharing, and people only share something of relevance to them, so in a way if it is getting allot of shares by people it must be of some value ..
    so for the future seo algorithms to take some authority from social-media it would make allot of sense!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch recently posted…Loading, Web Design Lebanon, full-service marketing and advertising companyMy Profile

  12. says

    Hey Sam,

    Nice post as ever seasoned with great informations and instructions that if implemented upon, like you always advice will cause a major success to you and your blog.

    Like seriously, I know about SEO, I’ve read tons of articles about SEO from the so called SEO experts but I’ve never come to an understanding of it until now.

    You not only educate in this wonderful article but also instruct. It was straight to the point.

    Well, I don’t have anything to add but I now know, and I think have been doing that even without my awareness. You should check your mail bro and see whether I tried.

    I will keep this article for future purposes. 🙂

    Let me now ask my question: Sam, do you mean to say WP SEO is better that All in One SEO or even SEO by Yoast?

    I guess we will talk more bout this when we hook up on FB, right?

    Thanks for this great guide Sam, it surely will help a lot of us bloggers both newbie and oldbie. 🙂

    Do have yourself a fruitful week ahead, SIFU! 🙂


    • says

      Hi Sam,
      Thanks for the compliment, I always want what’s best for my readers, this is one of the reason why I break the bones into bits, it definitely makes chewing easy.

      Of course, wp seo is better than all in one seo pack. Heads up, wp seo is the same as SEO by yoast. I’m glad you found these tips helpful buddy.

    • says

      Thanks for mentioning these plugins, it’s obvious that everybody goes for wordpress seo. Of course without keyword denssity, say goodbye to SE 🙂 good to see you here Rajesh, see you around

  13. says

    Nice post which is essential for the bloggers Gilbert 🙂

    On page optimization is important to get good SERP and I am also suggesting the bloggers like you to concentrate on keywords using keyword planner.

    Hope am implementing all, will check the missed ways now.

    Thanks for sharing the nice post with us, keep doing it 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…How to make money online by writing tutorials?My Profile

    • says

      Good to see you here Nirmala 🙂

      Blogging without the use of keyword is more like running away from search engine. GWP dashboard has been my playground and I do get great idea and of course, in addition with low competitive keywords.
      You? Of course you definitely gonna be implementing all 🙂 see you around

    • says

      Hi Rahul,
      You’re welcome buddy.
      Oh that’s simple, go to widget and drag blogging cage advertisment box to header right tab then paste the code, that’s all.
      Hope this helps 🙂

        • says

          Talking about my header color, I changed it is style.css on the theme editor. Went down to #header and changed the color code to #FFFFFF
          Check your widget carefully. Apprearance > Widget. You’ll see blogging cage advertisment, drag it and drop it into header right tap then paste the google adsense script.
          you’re tunneled this post from seo to tutorials 🙂
          Hit my contact form let me know your result
          Btw, there’s nothing like header.php in bloggingcage

    • says

      Yup, you’re right Kuldeep. Most folks underestimate the magnitude of long tail keyword.
      Of couse, the lesser the competition, the higher and faster the ranking. I’m glad to see you here 🙂

    • says

      Hi Cheryl
      I also did exactly the same thing when I first heard of SEO. You said it right, long tail keywords is the best strategy if you really want to rank above your competitors (regadless of your pagerank). Keyword research is one of the tools that determines my next blog post due to how I play around it and the result is awesome, reversing the order will be a good step. Wish you best of luck in dominating the search engine.

      Have a great week ahead

  14. says

    Hello Gilbert Samuel,

    I would like to thank you about your efforts to give us effective useful information about On-Page Optimization (SEO) , In fact, on-page Optimization is not in the business of ruining websites they make websites better. They are making your website found by search engines. Lots of webmasters and web designers think that decreasing picture’s quality and size is bad thing while it’s necessary for pages to load faster.
    Thanks a lot and best regards

  15. says

    One of best laid out tutorial for newbies and medium bloggers ! Sometimes simple things like this ones get forgotten and the results are easily visible. Cheers

  16. says

    Hello Gilbert Samuel
    Some people use keyword stuffing and also with no content on their blogs but they still rank on number one on google from last 3-4 monts..howz possible..
    waiting for your rply..i hope u will rply

    • says

      I to approve your comment due to the question but I don’t approve comments with keywords. The blogs last 3-4months because there haven’t been an update. If google finds out then the blog is going down

      Keyword density doesn’t work anymore too so stuffing keyword is just a waste of time.

  17. says

    On page optimization is important for page rank,i know this information is benefit for me, i never know the permalink, i came for right place.

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