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Review of: SEOPressor

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On September 5, 2013
Last modified:September 22, 2013


One of My killer seo strategy and secret of ranking on SERP is SEOPressor, I’ll be sharing my honest seopressor review and what it has to offer. Seopressor has bought the heart and trust of tons of bloggers and this plugin is being used on over 128,000 websites. If ranking on SERP is like a nightmare to you then you need to read this review. You might not be new to this plugin, I’m sure you have seen tons of seopressor review on blogs but you weren’t convinced right? I guess it’s because they didn’t share much of it’s attributes, well you’ll get everything behind the scene here and of course, including my killer seo strategy and how i implemented them. I started using seopressor not long ago and it has really done a great job in contributing to my ranking. Currently, I’m using both seopressor and wordpress seo by yoast. Of course a combination of both is really a big killer seo strategy. Check out my post on dominating the search engine to know more about this mysterious killer seo strategy. Now sit back and tighten your sit belt as i share my seopressor review with you.

seopressor review killer seo strategy

SEOPressor Review – My Killer SEO Strategy

SEOPressor Score

Your seopressor score comprises of both your keyword score and keyword density. This is where you can check if you’re really going through the right track, there are ways in which the keyword score and keyword density are calculated. The keyword score is calculated according to the number of keywords on your content and how you optimize them for seo (seopressor will guide you in doing this) while keyword density is the percentage of keyword divided by the total number of words on your content. The higher your keyword density, the higher your chance of ranking, great Seo and Sem Strategies right?

Keyword decoration

Another feature of this seopressor review is that Seopressor automagically decorates your keyword with an underline, bold and italic attribute and at the same time adds alt tag to your images; this means all you have to do is to concentrate on your content while seopressor does the rest for you. It also notifies you when you’re going through the wrong direction and reminds you to add tags like H1, H2 and H3 in your keywords. This Search Engine Optimization Strategy notifies search engines of the keyword you really want to rank for.

Over-optimization Warning

This prevents your blog from being penalized by notifying you anytime you’re over optimizing your keywords. Do you know that over optimization can lead to your blog being sandboxed or banned from search engine? I hope you know about Mr Panda and Penguin, over-optimization warning is a kung fu technique that will make your blog invisible to them. Negative SEO Strategies can really hurt your blog and it can take a long time for the wound to heal, this is one of the reason why you MUST have this plugin. The warning feature shows you the exact place or content where you’re over-optimizing and this makes it easy to put your content back on track.

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) provides you with long tail keywords, these are keywords related to your focus keyword. Seopressor does the hard work for you by sending google on a quick errand to get those long tail keywords or keywords related to your focus keyword. Sprinkling these long tail keywords in your content pushes your ranking higher and faster and of course, google will definitely give you a handshake.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippet is a feature that made seopressor review outstanding. With rich snippets, your blog will be more compelling on SERP followed by a high click through rate. Apart from just descriptions, you can add reviews, your author bio and ratings in your snippet. This makes you stand out of your competitors.

Are you blown away with SEOPressor features? Do you want to make your decision now? Click the button below and get this magical plugin.

Not convinced? I can go further in this seopressor review.

Social SEO

Another attractive feature of this seopressor review is Facebook open graph and twitter cards. I once said that the more you content is being shared on social media, the higher your ranking. This gives google a signal that you have quality content. Open graphs and twitter cards makes your content more compelling on social media thereby increasing your click through rate.

Link Cloaking

Do you have ugly affiliate links on your blog? Well I have a bunch of them too, I’m currently using Thirsty affiliate to cloak my affiliate links but i have a second thought. Why not give this affiliate links to seopressor instead of having bunch of plugins on your blog. This is going to save you plugin space and an extra speed for your blog. Remember, google pagerank update is at the corner and your blog speed contributes to how google is going to rank you. Go and check the speed of your blog on Pingdom, if it exceeds four seconds then you know what to do. Seopressor can be your two in one plugin.

Automatic Smart Linking

We all know that interlinking your blog post is a good way to reduce your bounce rate but doing this manually can be another stress right? Seopressor can do this for you automagically by converting your keywords into links. The more the internal links, the higher your ranking.

Don’t mind me being a ranking and seo junkie, i only want to dominate the search engine and I’m sure you want to do the same. The higher the traffic the higher your profits. So what did you say? Want to give it a try? Oh! another awesome feature, It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee but I don’t think you’re going to request for your money if you give seopressor a try because you’re going to fall in love with it.  Are you using seopressor? why not let those who aren’t using it know what they are really missing.

I’ve really spent time taking screen shots and writing this compelling seopressor review. If you want me to rank higher, why not give this seopressor review a little social media love. I just shared my killer seo strategy right? I’m sure this seopressor review will convince you. Did i hear you say something?


Blog post indexed and ranked after couple of hours.
Search for “seopressor review” on google – I made it to page 1
Search for “killer seo strategy” on google – I also made it to page 1

If you really want to dominate the search engine, give seopressor a try. It rocks!

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  1. says

    Hello Gilbert,
    Nice review!!.
    I think this plugin will surely work for me. Because at my this crucial time in blogging. Struggling with seo. I hope and i will do my best.

    • says

      Hi Ugee,
      Wordpress seo by yoast is cool, I use it also but to get more premium features then we must look up to seopressor.
      Hmm sometimes in the future, I hope that I’ll be sooner. Remember the higher the (organic) traffic the more the money 🙂

    • says

      Thanks Buddy,
      Wordpress SEO works but I won’t agree with you if you’re trying to say it works better 🙂
      There are tons of premium features in Seopressor that are absent in wordpress SEO.

    • says

      Thanks Shreya, you can give it 14 days trial let me know what you think. You’re definitely going to love the result especially when you have a high ranking. Just make sure you have a high score and density.

  2. says

    I have had SEOPressor for several years but haven’t used it on my new blog. One of the main reasons is because I don’t really spend a lot of my time writing for the search engines. Maybe I need to install it on my new site and see if I can improve my rankings on the search engines.

    Great review, I know that anyone who needs to know about this plugin will definitely be able to get all the information they need right from your blog post.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Website Marketing Strategy – 30 Day ResultsMy Profile

    • says

      I was looking down through my comment section and noticed that I haven’t replied your comment which is one thing I hate. 🙂

      SEOpressor rocks but it doesn’t mean we must concentrate on SEO alone, this is the way I do it: write for SE and write for readers (referral). But as for me referral comes first and I’m sure that’s the method your using.
      Google can frown their face and all our SEO efforts might be in vain.

      Wow thanks for the compliment, means a lot to me 🙂

  3. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    I’ve had this plugin for a few years as well but unless I’m going after specific keywords I don’t use it. When I’m promoting something and of course I want to get ranked then I’ll use them one. I think the last time I used it though was last year.

    One of the things I don’t like about it is that it bolds, italicizes and underlines some of the keywords were going after. Although I know why it does to me it’s just telling everyone “hey, I’m going after these keywords guys”. Okay, maybe the only people who use this plugin know that until I opened my big mouth.

    You did a really good review on this one though and it’s really a good plugin. I highly recommend it as well so glad to hear you use this one too.

    Great job!

    Adrienne recently posted…Anti Backlinker: The Ultimate Spam BusterMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      Good to see you here,
      I can’t believe this last year? This shows that you’re really perfect and don’t need the plugin in majority of posts and like you said in one of your previous post, concentrating on referral traffic and creating connections with readers is the best option then SEO comes after.

      You’re right about the keyword decoration option and I think they should know even if they’re not using the plugin. I noticed that on some blogs before I started using it.

      Thanks Adrienne, it really means a lot to me getting a compliment from you and recommending it as well.

      Have a great week ahead.

    • says

      Hi Rahul,
      I use it too but you know what it means using two seo plugins. It’ a double edge sword.

      Now you made first place because the keyword has a very low competition or because you have a high pagerank.

      There’s nothing bad in sitting on first page but the question is are people searching for that word? Are you getting a hell of traffic out of it?

      I have some post on first place of google and I’ve gotten a visit from it at all while some of my posts on google page 3 and 4 receives some awesome amount of traffic.

      This means if I use seopress or with that keyword, I’ll definitely kick you out of that position and sit there 🙂

  4. says

    Hi Samuel,
    I am new to blogging and trying to find all seo related tutorial on internet.
    After reading your article I am thinking to give a try to SEOPressor as I don’t have much knowledge about SEO so it will help me to improve my SERP by improving on-page optimization.

    • says

      Hi Devya,
      Seopressor is a friendly plugin even to newbie bloggers. The platform is very easy to understand and shows you all the missing steps. It has 14 days trial, if you’re hesitant you can give it a try before buying it. Let me know your result and feel free to contact me if you need help with it.
      See you around.

  5. says

    Hey buddy,

    I’m glad I finally commented on this post. You must know that this my third time of reading this post, I just wanted to be sure its for me or whether or not it worth the hassle.

    Well, I think I like it and imma start saving towards getting it.

    You did a nice review brother. Keep it coming! Have a fruitful weekend. 🙂


    • says

      Hi Sam,

      It’s a good thing, investigation must be done and you need to be sure if you’re going through the right track. I’m sure this tool will boost your ranking, best of luck as you save towards it. Have a wonderful week.

  6. mohit says

    hi samuel , is the trail version doen,t have all the features that in the paid version of SEO pressor. Suggest me for it.

    • says

      Hi Muhammad,

      Yes use both, this is the trick, for a higher ranking, going indepth into optimization is very essential.
      Use seopressor LSI to get long tail for your post (which means higher ranking and more sales) and sprinkle those keywords on your blog post.

      This is how I do it, I use sepressor while optimizing my post, after optimizing and well sure that my post is SEO rich (getting a high percentage) I’ll deactivate seopresso by deleting the keywords and adding my meta description to wordpress seo then publish.
      I’m having a really high orgainc traffic now. The choice depends on you though.

      Hope this helps.

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