5 social media strategies to promote your blog post

There are millions of social media strategies we can use in promoting our blog and each blogger has their different methods right? It’s obvious that we can’t do without social media being one of the commonest methods we use in promoting our blog, it has really taken over the blogosphere to an extent that a blog can’t survive without having a social media account.

So what am I saying? A blog or brand without social media will definitely go nowhere because it’s the perfect method you can use in;

Building an audience

Getting connections

Getting clients and customers

Sharing ‘behind the scene’ of your blog

These are the least I have but there are tons of advantages you can get out of social media marketing. Promoting your blog post is hell of a long chain but being a self-sacrificing blogger, all I did was cut out just four portions out of this chain; guest blogging, blog commenting, social media and Search engine optimization. Others methods are good too but i think these are the most preferable ones.

Now coming back to social media strategies, which social media platform is better and how can you get the best out of it? Check out these social media guides, their significance and how they can boost your blog.

social media strategies

Social Media Strategies to Promote your Blog Post


According to my book; Tribe is a community where likeminded bloggers join hands in promoting each other. It’s a win-win situation, you promote other blog posts and your post gets promoted too. This is where the almighty Triberr comes in, it’s one of the best places to promote your blog and all you have to do is to join tribes in your niche. Depending on some tribes you might need to be fully active before you’ll be promoted from a follower to a member.

You can also create a tribe you know? At least start from somewhere, invite some serious tribe mate and maximize your reach. Before you know it, followers will start flopping in. You can also check out my post on blogging communities to promote your post.

Are you ready to promote others and get your post promoted too? You can join my new tribe, I have a few members and 99k reach, this means if my post gets tweeted or shared, 50% or more will see will see my post and if retweeted, another 25% will also see it. I’m planning to reach 30 – 50 members (for now) then the rest can be followers depending on how serious they are. Head to Triberr, join or create a tribe and get your blog post retweeted. Feel free to join my tribe too, it’s awesome.

Facebook and linkedin groups

There’s no sweat in promoting your blog on Facebook, all you have to do is to join groups, members can hop over to your blog to read your nd share your quality content. Linkedin is not left out also but coming back to facebook groups, most bloggers exploit this promotional strategy by automating it with softwares (like hootsuite). I don’t think it’s advisable to use it on facebook groups because you’re only trying to get yourself banned from the group, you can only use it if you’re the administrator of the group. Check out my previous post on Quick steps to becoming a successful blogger (guest  post), you’ll get a link to the full list of 23 facebook groups. Awww, too bad I didn’t give you a direct link, smart way to reduce bounce rate right?


There’s nothing much to say about justretweet, the name itself says it all. It’s a little bit similar to Triberr but here you don’t have to join any tribe. All you have to do is to submit your tweets while other users retweet them (to their thousands of followers), share your post on facebook as well as sharing them on google plus. If you haven’t joined justretweet then you’re missing something big.

Use Hashtags

Use hashtags in your tweet if you want a wider audience to see it (apart from your following).  When people interested in your keyword searches for your keyword and they stumble upon yours, the link in your tweet will direct them to your blog. It’s a perfect way of getting more targeted traffic and followings on twitter.

It can be something difficult especially if the keyword is a popular and commonly used keyword making it difficult for you to be on top of the list for a long period of time. An example of a commonly used keyword is “#blogging”. Hundreds of bloggers can use this keyword in in their tweet within a short span which automatically lowers your ranking and makes your tweet invisible, but there’s a bye pass and that’s my personal trick of getting the best out of twitter.

I’m found of using justretweet and I’m so addicted to it. If you haven’t joined, I think you should take some time to check it out here.

All you have to do is; use hashtags in your tweet before submitting it for retweeting.

Ok for example; I want to promote this post on twitter, if I tweet it out, it’s going to be something like this: 10 social media strategies to promote your blog post + link

But if I really want a larger audience, my tweet should be something like this: “10 #socialmedia strategies to promote your blog post + my link” You can use more than one hashtag within or at the end of your tweet but it mustn’t be a distraction.

The more the retweet, the higher the chance of maintaining a high position on hashtag result page and this approximately means; the higher the traffic.


Seriously, I’m not pinterest type of guy but do you know you can get the best out of pinterest? Pinterest is mainly for photography blogs and other minor niche but the blogging blogs took it as one of their “extra” social media strategies and an advantage of promoting their blog post. Now the secret of getting the best out of pinterest is using an attractive picture or infographic on your blog, this will make your readers hit the pin button if they find your post helpful and of course, followed by an attractive image. If you don’t have a share button below or beside your post, this is not going to work unless you’re using a “pin it” plugin on your blog. I was previously using it and digg digg but I had to delete and replace them with flare when I noticed that it was slowing down my blog. You should have known me by now, I’m a speed junkie.

//lets take a break

hmm…talking about speed, if you’re a newbie blogger and you’re looking for an awesome and fantastic theme that won’t give your blog a heavy burden then you need to switch to theme junkie or elegant theme. You’ll have access to their collections of 86 themes for just $39. Yup, you heard me right. Go check it out now and choose your choice.

Oh! hey guys, did you notice that it took sometime before i updated my post? Wow! i really had a horrible weekend; my blog went down, I lost some of my comments and worst of it all, google couldn’t crawl my blog (analytics went blank). I also deactivated comluv temporarily, I had an issue with it. I’m sorry to say this if you’re using bluehost, I’m out of the f**king hosting company. Wanna know my new host? Watch out, i’ll write a review soon + my story on how it went.

//back to work guys


If you want your blog post indexed as fast as almost immediately then google+ is the perfect social media platform to share your post. This is one of the tricks seo ninjas use when promoting their blog post. Too bad jetpack doesn’t support google+ but I don’t see any stress in doing this manually. With the flare button on my sidebar I can easily share my blog post on google+ with just a click. If you know any tool that can do it immediately after publishing, please mention it in the comment.

Over to you

The little problem we have is spending time creating content. This is my idea, spend more time promoting your content and spending lesser time creating it. I can only say spend more time creating content if the content you’re creating is a guest post. When we spend time creating and writing contents with lesser time promoting it, who do you think is going to read it? I guess it’s me.

Of course there are thousands of social media platform out there and millions of social media strategies. Do you use the ones mentioned above? Well, if there’s any one you use that I didn’t mention here, feel free to drop it below.

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  1. says

    Hi Gilbert, useful article, I have already read such article from others blog, i again fond at viralwritter such article. These are really helpful for promoting blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Gilbert, when you use JustRetweet you don’t need to add “via @yourusername” in the tweet that you submit. I noticed that you’re making this mistake. Stop making it and don’t teach others to do it 🙂 When someone retweets your tweet, JustRetweet automatically adds “RT @yourusername” in front of your original tweet. Therefore you don’t need another mention of you at the end of the tweet. It doesn’t make any sense 😉

    • says

      Hi Adrian,
      Good to see you here,
      Haha, I stopped that a long time ago, though I’m used to it and added it to the content, thanks I’ve made some corrections 🙂

      This is how I do it, I head to the flare button on my blog and just copy the tweet and this makes me forget to delete the “via @viralwriter” but I’ve stopped that a longtime, I’m sure you should have noticed it if you’re a regular user.
      Thanks for the correction buddy 😀

  3. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    I noticed that you joined Triberr. I don’t have a lot of extra time on my plate, but have heard so many people talking about it. Interested in knowing how much extra time does it take? I am definitely interested but don’t really know too much about it.

    As for ReTweet after your explanation I understand it a lot better. I may have to check that out later this week when I have some free time. I definitely want to get more involved in social media.

    Yes you’re right about promoting our content. I know that you have gotten more involved with guest blogging and seem to be doing very well with that. Great job and thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hi Susan,
      I also noticed you’ve been very busy with product creations, school…etc
      Well triberr doesn’t take much time, I think 5-10 minutes a day is even enough. All you have to do is to join groups in your niche and promote others and they’ll do the same.
      It’s even faster than a click of a mouse, here you’ll promote others with just a hover of a mouse.

      Whoa! I’ve written tons of post about retweet, too bad I didn’t go indepth, I’m glad you understood them now. Your promotional strategies (I’m sure you understand) has really been working for you. keep up with it as you peep into social media.

    • says

      Hi Laura,

      You’re welcome, I got the notification and I’ve promoted you to a member, this means others can see and promote your post. Facebook group is great too, this is one of the places I got my first genuine bunch of readers.
      Have a great week ahead.

    • says

      Oh! Same here Pramond, it didn’t work for me initilly but when I heard testimonials from other bloggers, I decided to give it an indepth trial and this really helped my blog. Thanks for sharing your view and have a wonderful day.

    • says

      Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for the compliment, I use all but I’m not that active on linkedin but I do get the best out of it due to the shares from my readers.
      Hmm… Still think it’s possible? Lol… I don’t think so. It might be (slightly) possible but to an extent 🙂
      See you around buddy.

  4. says

    Hi, Gilbert,
    Triberr is new for me so don’t much sure about it.
    Hashtags are really very useful in spreading our contents on social media. Search engines give importance to it.
    G+ is very necessary for SEO experts as it help indexing, I am agree with.
    Pinterest is really awesome platform for marketing our blog and website. Well said, info graphic is very helpful over Pinterest. I enjoy Pinterest.
    Thank you very much for sharing your strategies with. 🙂
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…How to get best out of Pinterest for business?My Profile

    • says

      I’m glad you found out about triberr Kumar, try it out it rocks! Thanks for the insight on others and I’m sure you’re implementing them in your blog.
      I’m glad you love the post, have a great week ahead friend.

    • says

      Hi Vivek,
      I’m glad you found out about triberr and I hope you’ll get the best out of it.
      I caught myself laughing when I saw my typo, I couldn’t believe that my tags are harsh, thanks Vivek, updated

  5. says

    Hey Gilbert,

    I enjoy posts like this when others are sharing what works for them with others. These are definitely popular social media sites and although I don’t use them all I do have my favorites.

    At the top of that list would be Triberr and Twitter. I’ve been a member of Triberr since the beginning and I love the community and how it really can help you get a lot more eyes on your content. It doesn’t take much time at all each day to load those tweets up so I do hope everyone will take your advice and join.

    I do love Twitter as well, just being able to share other people’s content is an added bonus. The people you have a change to meet as well is just fun.

    Facebook would have to be my next one and to follow that up would be Google+. As much as I would love to not use Facebook it does bring me a lot of traffic and Google+ is gaining some ground now. I don’t use LinkedIn or Pinterest, can’t seem to get into either of those sites nor do I use JustReTweet. Anything that I have to get shares or points or credits in order to do something is a complete turn off for me. But, I sure am glad it works well for you Gilbert and appreciate you sharing this with us.

    Have a great week.

    Adrienne recently posted…How to Become a Blog Commenting SuperstarMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad to hear that.
      Ahh, Of course I know you’re very active on triberr and twitter, I do see your activities dozens of times on those platforms.

      I use facebook and google+ and I must say they are great. Well it haven’t been long since I started using google+ because to me, it doesn’t have a user friendly platform as that of twitter and you’re right, google+ is gaining some ground. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I visited pinterest, I just don’t use it as other platforms but I do get visits from the platform due to my images being shared.

      Oh! Justretweet? I’ve gained some genuine readers from there. In my opinion, I’ll say it’s meant for newbie bloggers.

      Have a wonderful week too.

    • says

      Hey friend,
      You’ve never tried triberr but you’ve implemented other strategies mentioned above, this means you’re really doing great. I’m sure you’ll find triberr useful when you give it a try.
      Have a great week buddy.

  6. says

    Hello Gilbert
    Stumbleupon is also great source of traffic, we should stumble our latest post.
    We can get Huge Traffic from there.
    All you mentioned social media strategies are awesome.
    You said right that we should concentrate on our 80% effort on promotion. If we don’t do so how can people get to know about your content.
    So promotion is necessary thing in Business.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Golden dual Screen full specificationsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Rajesh,

      Stumbleupon is the best strategy if you really want to crash your server with traffic but I can’t really call stumble upon a social media network and that why I didn’t include it here, it’s a social bookmarking site.

      Now coming back to social media, thanks for the compliment buddy.
      A blog can have quality contents but have no traffic, so who’s reading those content? This is one of the reason why the ratio of promotion is higher than that of content.
      Have a great week buddy.

    • says

      Hey Cole,

      Isn’t it a great timing? I discovered triberr couple of weeks ago too and it has really boosted my blog.

      I’ve been using justretweet right from the launch of my blog and I must say that It’s awesome. Good luck as you browse around the platform, it’s user friendly and you’re definitely going to love it.

      See you around buddy and have a great week ahead.

    • says

      Welcome on board Susan,

      Play around? Well you can but I don’t spend much time, I use it twice a week and I don’t spend much time but of course I do promote others. Well you can play around it being your first time and I hope you get used to it.
      Have a wonderful day too 🙂

  7. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    I agree with the fact that promoting your content is more difficult than creating it. Now I have a question for you:

    You joined 23 facebook groups, plus other groups on LinkedIn then GooglePlus, then many other places. At the moment you have probably dozens of locations where you post your newly created article. Let’s say there are 50 location for promotion. What do you do? Do you promote a post in all those 50 places at once, in the same day? Do you promote the post in 6-7 locations today, 6-7 tomorrow etc until you complete your list? How do you do it?

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted…Clean and Optimize Your WordPress Database with WP OptimizeMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Silviu,

      The 23 facebook groups is just a link pointing to Enstines post, though I’m a member on some of the groups (around 10) and not all. There’s no crime in joining all the groups but it’s really going to be a heavy burden promoting my post on each group and automation is not allowed else banning will follow after.

      As for linkedin, I only have two active groups and jetpack automates this for me anytime I hit the publish button. I just updated my jetpack plugin and I noticed that the google+ feature has been enabled, so there’s no need for a manual share.

      In a nut shell, I only promote my posts once (between 15 – 20 minutes or less) while the rest are automated tweets and facebook shares.
      Have a wonderful weekend ahead

  8. says

    Hi Sam,

    Writing quality content is not as hard as gaining quality traffic, although quality content is king but content promotion plays the most important role which you have said everything, I was once active on triberr but all of a sudden I just changed my mind to focus on limited number of social media where I will have the power within me to monitor. Nice and lengthy article buddy!
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…SEO: How to increase blog SEO through commentMy Profile

    • says

      Good to see you here Dotun,

      You said it right, quality content might be king but without promotion, it won’t be a king but a slave 🙂
      Well, I’ve been on triberr for some time, I gave up with it and noticed how it has really boosted my blog, I had no option to go back and explore it. Have a wonderful weekend ahead

  9. says

    What a great post! Samuel, this is one of the best posts I have read in recent time on social media as tools for blog promotion. Like you rightly said, blogging without social media would take a longer way for your posts to be noticed.

    Yes there are several facebook groups one can use to share one’s blog posts. I belong to some of them and and I get positive results from using them. But like you observed, some people try to use automated software to share their posts. The idea behind such groups is to make the place interactive and make bloggers help their fellow bloggers share their posts. But using automated software defeats that concept because if everyone automates the sharing process, there would be nobody on ground to read and share it on their facebook profile pages, etc. I removed one of the members of my facebook group on (Money in the Blog) because I found out the person was using hootsuite to spam us.

    Google+ truly helps to get your posts edited by Google. I noticed some of my posts are ranking higher in SERPs through Google+ and are even on top of my original blog post. But Google+ seems a little harder to get comments.

    Using retweet sites are also great. I have been using justretweet and easyretweet until I built my own site, Tweetlow which is more of a community of Bloggers, Internet marketers, Freelance writers, etc. The beauty of Tweetlow is that we all know ourselves; and spamming is not tolerated there. You may check it out.

    I will be joining your triberr group to see how I can maximum the advantage there. I want to help others and be helped too.
    Thanks once again for this great post. Do have a lovely weekend.

    • says

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for the complement and the kind words, in my language like a said above, a blog without a social media account is definitely not going to survive.

      I’m glad to hear a testimonial concerning facebook groups from you, I guess this is going to trigger other users into joining. I love the way you gave an insight about facebook automation and I’m not surprised that most bloggers are still implementing this, you also did the right thing by removing a member that did something similar and I’d do the same if I were in your shoes.

      As per google+, getting comments depends on the number of followers, well that’s not what I’m focusing on, I’m posting all my update on the platform for higher ranking like said above.

      I’ve heard of tweetlow and I’ll be joining the platform as soon as I can, oh! I also promoted you to a member in my tribe, this means members will see and promote your post as you promote theirs.
      Have a great week

    • says

      Hi Abdu
      I do that also but mine is automated with jetpack, this means anytime I publish, my readers will see my post on my facebook page and profile. Have a great week and see you around.

  10. Charles Omotayo says

    wow, this is an awesome post on strategies to promote a blog post with the major social media services on the internet today. Dont really much about using Pinterest as a means of promoting a blog but after reading this Im already feeling like a boss.
    This is really helpful. Thanks
    Charles Omotayo recently posted…Getting Started With Online BusinessMy Profile

    • says

      Hey charles, I’m gld you love the post
      I don’t use pinterest too but I do get some amount of traffic from it, they implementing these tips mentioned and you’ll feel more like a boss 🙂

  11. says


    Nice post indeed! Well as the usage of social media has increased the more importance of social media has become. Search engines also loves the social promotion. But we need to stay out of spam while promoting the blogs..

    thanks for the essential tips.
    Kuldeep recently posted…UC Browser for PC – Free DownloadMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adam,
      Good to see you here, I can remember you saying something related to just retweet on Susan’s blog. It rocks and like you said, it’s the perfect strategy to connect with more bloggers. Yup! i also noticed that social media shares increases organic traffic. I glad to hear that from you. Have a great week ahead and see you around 🙂
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…How to Speed Up your Website Load TimeMy Profile

  12. says

    Hi Gilbert,
    I must say using social media to share your blog posts is a very good strategy. We cannot over emphasize the power that twitter and facebook holds today and how the help your blog post go viral very fast. Also i think justretweet and easyretweet are very good too as when your posts are retweeted by alot of people you might never know who is passing by and a whole lot of followers are seeing it. tnx for sharing boss
    Olili Bob recently posted…How To Add Top Commentators Widget To Blogger BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Bob,

      We must never underestimate the power of social media and like I said above, a successful blog can’t do without it. Those platforms are the perfect strategy to get genuine readers. Have a wonderful day.

  13. says

    That was really helpful. I do hate using pinterest. But still I could see some good stuff there. When I see some blogs have good traffic from pinterest. I do believe hastags are also a good part to generate traffic to your blog. Now a days promoting a blog should be considered hard even after writing a good post. I have well experience on this. Thanks for sharing all these awesome tips. Thanks.
    Tharun recently posted…Earn $500+ Money From Facebook by Reporting a Bug No InvestmentMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Anetta
      My Avatar is blushing 🙂
      Actually, I reply to almost all comments. It a great way of building relationships and getting some returning visitors. Thanks for those nice words, means a lot to me.

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