Step by step guide to generate traffic commenting on blogs

There are various ways to generate traffic from blog commenting but I’m about to share with you my outstanding and killer tips which really worked for me and boosted the readership of my blog. I’m sure you are not new to blog commenting and shouldn’t be surprised, but these are the strategies that worked of me and is still working till now.

How to Generate Traffic commenting on blogs

Subscribe to Feeds

While doing your blog hopping, I don’t see any crime in subscribing to the feed of blogs that posts quality contents, with this you’ll be notified anytime there’s a new blog post.

Follow your First 20 Favorite Blogs

Very short and simple, after you’ve subscribed to feeds you can also chalk out your first 20 favorite blogs, visit the URL of each blogs and subscribe to their feed. This means you are following this blog as a reader.

Follow Dofollow Blogs

Commenting on dofollow blogs is a great way of increasing your ranking though 99% of blogs are nofollow nowadays and dofollow blogs are very difficult to find. Blogs like these gets high amount of comments including spams, so don’t be one of those who are going to spam other  blogs but read the post and share your idea on what you think about the article.

Follow Commentluv Enabled Blogs

Comment luv enabled blogs shows your latest post below your comment and with this visitors can click to your blog depending on how tempting and attractive your headline is, if you don’t have an attractive headlines, try to create one.

Now that you’ve subscribed to the feed of these blogs, what next?

Comment on Latest Posts

I hate it when people drops a comment that goes like this: “great post”, it shows that such a person didn’t actually read the post but is trying to get some link juice. If it’s your first time commenting on those blogs, try to make an introduction, telling the blog author that you are new to the blog and have subscribe to receive quality updates. The “subscribe” alone is going to make the blog author happy especially if it’s a new blogger that going towards the PRO railway. This is your first step of gaining attention from the blog author and other bloggers.

Comment on Older Posts

Well nothing much to say here, all you have to do is to repeat the steps above and attract more attentions, and Yea! Not just on one blog but on each of the blog so take your time in doing this. I spend thirty minutes of my time everyday commenting on blog, if I comment on a minimum of ten blogs a day, how many blogs am I going to comment in a week and in a month? Commenting on blogs is actually the best way of creating backlinks

Link to their Blog Post

Remember that you are already a reader of the blog and not just a commenter and the blog author should have gotten used to you by now right? If you’ve written an article and you find out that one of your point is related to the blog post of any of those blogs that you comment on, try to link to those blog post, it’s a great way of creating relationships because they would like to visit your blog to check if your content is genuine before approving your trackback, and if approved, you’ll get more backlinks and more readers, this work perfectly on latest posts of the blog because this is where readers rush to. TRACKBACK = MORE TRAFFIC + BACKLINKS

Now I want to share with you guys the reason why I brought up this method.

Everybody wants traffic and backlinks but is actually doing it the wrong way. They make a Google search of dofollow and commentluv enabled blogs, drop a comment on the blog and off they go to another blog to repeat the same step without ever coming back to the blog again except if they accidentally stumbled upon the blog ALL IN THE NAME OF TRAFFIC AND BACKLINKS. I should even give this a name; I’ll call it HIT AND RUN

But this method I just shared with you above is HIT AND STAY. You have to follow the blog, become a reader, subscribe to comment reply to keep conversations going and try to be among the first to comment. Just follow these steps above.

You can take your blog to the next level by telling the blog author to link to you and you can also submit a guest post on the blog. There will be no hesitation due to the connection you’ve created with the blog author and other bloggers.

These are the methods I use and they are working perfectly for me. Tell me what you think about these tips and share your strategies with us, we would love to know them too.

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  1. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Blog commenting is a great way to generating traffic to your blog but it also help builds a connection between bloggers, this is how I was introduced to you! and I am glad I did.
    One thing that I am not using and should start doing is linking to other blogs, so thanks for highlighting that.
    Qasim recently posted…10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adedotun,
      Everybody wnts link juice back to their blog, I too love commenting on commentluv and dofollow enabled blog, I also added this to my blog to give out links add to attract more comments to my blog, thanks for taking your time to comment on VW, see you around 🙂

    • says

      I’m an addict when it comes to blog commenting and I it doesn’t affects my seo or whatsoever instead, it increases your backlinks and automatically increases your ranking on google. Hope this helps? 🙂

  2. says

    Everything you say is true. The one problem is people have to understand that networking means building real relationships and comments are expected back. It cannot be a one way ticket.


    • says

      You’re right Louis,

      I don’t think there can be survival without building relationships. People also thinks it happens automatically not knowing that they should work for it.

      Thanks for sharing your views on this, I would love to see you around.

  3. says

    New to your blog. I Read three post and I really enjoy them all and going to subscribe to you not because of backlinks but Bcz Your stuff really teach me many things. I am a newbie in blogging field & every time your post give me a zeal. Give me knowledge for how to survive as a blogger.Thanks Gilbert Samuel.
    Gautams recently posted…What is SEO,How it worksMy Profile

  4. says

    I am new here. Very great post for generating traffic. My website is still new and I am learning the in’s and out’s of wordpress still. I just installed commentluv thanks to reading this article.

    Thanks again!

  5. says

    thank you very much for sharing these details

    i am new to blogging, actually this is the first time i knew that how blog comments can help to increase traffic.
    i learned a lot about how to keep commenting and having back links to increase traffic so i am going to practice these methods.

    thanks again

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