Win $150 Paypal Cash Straight to your Paypal Account

paypal cash contest

Hi everyone I’m happy this month of February to be co-hosting this cash giveaway with Enstine Muki. We have known him for organizing these giveaways and giving out real money to his readers. This month, 3 winners will be picked to win real cash. All you have to do is follow the instructions below; $150 […]

Guest Blogging vs Blog Commenting which is Better?

guest blogging vs blog commenting

This is a no-brainer and 99.9% of bloggers knows that the three major ways of generating traffic and backlinks (which i call traflink) to a blog is Guest blogging, blog commenting and social media. Though we’ll be talking about Guest blogging and blog commenting, let’s put social media aside for now. If your’re in a […]

Epic Comment vs Great Article

epic comment vs great article

All bloggers are in the atmosphere of blog commenting, I don’t think a blogger can do without it. There are just 3 common ways of generating traffic to our blog which are social media, Guest bloging and commenting on blogs but the most effective of all is guest posting, followed by social media then blog […]

Step by step guide to generate traffic commenting on blogs

generate traffic commenting on blogs

There are various ways to generate traffic from blog commenting but I’m about to share with you my outstanding and killer tips which really worked for me and boosted the readership of my blog. I’m sure you are not new to blog commenting and shouldn’t be surprised, but these are the strategies that worked of […]