10 Quick Steps to Becoming a Successful Blogger

becoming a successful blogger

Becoming a successful blogger doesn’t occur overnight but requires some amount of hard work. Over the past few months, I’ve immensely enjoyed blogging by adhering to the following rules I will disclose herein. To be sincere, I have lost count on people asking me on How to promote their blogs. Just last week a blogger […]

20 Successful Bloggers and what they have to Offer

successful bloggers

The blogosphere is getting crowded nowadays because it’s lucrative but when blogging, you need mentors, teachers or whosoever it is that will guide you through the journey. Have you ever thought that by starting a blog you can be successful? Well, it’s possible. Many successful bloggers started from where you are now BUT their potentials […]

6 common mistakes bloggers make

common mistakes bloggers make

Of course nobody is above mistake! there are common mistakes bloggers make that can make a blog fall off the cliff either you’re a newbie blogger or a professional blogger. Till date some bloggers especially professional bloggers still regret the mistake they made in the past due to how expensive the mistakes are, I’ve come […]