How I Exploded My Google Analytics Traffic Spike

google analytics traffic spike3

Being a student, I’ve been reading and preparing for exams which lowered my google analytics traffic spike and made it quite difficult for me to focus on my blog, yup! The result wasn’t impressive. At least I tried to write quality blog posts, hit the publish button, close my system and the rest was left […]

10 Quick Steps to Becoming a Successful Blogger

becoming a successful blogger

Becoming a successful blogger doesn’t occur overnight but requires some amount of hard work. Over the past few months, I’ve immensely enjoyed blogging by adhering to the following rules I will disclose herein. To be sincere, I have lost count on people asking me on How to promote their blogs. Just last week a blogger […]

5 Things your Blog Must Deliver to be Lively


This is a guest post by Victor Igbokwe of I have seen several blogs full of zeal but lack the very little things that will skyrocket them to the peak of blogging excellence. Just because you blog about a topic and you are writing-savvy doesn’t make your blog worthwhile. At times you need to […]

5 Significance of Quality Content

quality content

Bloggers and blogs are increasing daily in the blogosphere and thousands of contents are written everyday but not every one of them hava quality contents. Quality is the root and foundation of a successful blog and without it, you’re doing nothing but digging a grave for your blog. Having quality content is not just sitting […]

Epic Comment vs Great Article

epic comment vs great article

All bloggers are in the atmosphere of blog commenting, I don’t think a blogger can do without it. There are just 3 common ways of generating traffic to our blog which are social media, Guest bloging and commenting on blogs but the most effective of all is guest posting, followed by social media then blog […]

How to Create an Attractive Blog Title

how to create an attractive blog title

There are many ways to create an attractive blog title and doing this has a viral effect on your blog, it can increase your readership and their trust, your blog content will be shared to many other readers which automatically makes your blog will go viral, but how do you create an attractive blog title? […]

5 advance ways to make your blog go viral

For how long have you been blogging and how successful is your blog? If you want to make your blog go viral, then the answer is up to you. I’ve came across blogs that were launched and became successful in just a few month and I’ve also came across blogs that took years before becoming […]