How to Attract More Readers to your Blog

how to attract raders to your blog

Just like the title says, listed below are outstanding methods to attract readers to your blog and keep them glued to your posts. I’ll also round up some relevant posts just for reference so fasten your seat belt and don’t think of switching your tab. The Big Question: How do I attract readers to my […]

How Freelance Writers Can Meet Deadlines Without Stress

freelance writers meet deadline

“I love deadlines,” goes the old joke, “I love the whooshing sound they make when they go past.” Meeting deadlines can be challenging for a freelance writer, usually because our brains are more wired for creativity and word-play rather than organisation, scheduling and prioritising. Many freelance writers find that time management and meeting deadlines is […]

Nine Questions before Hiring that Local SEO Consultant

Hiring that Local SEO Consultant

Being mystified by any aspect of your business is always a recipe for disaster. Unless your business is entirely – or mostly – online, there’s probably still a lot to learn. Without question, whatever you learn about the online aspects of your business will always pay you back, either in getting you more online business, […]

How I Exploded My Google Analytics Traffic Spike

google analytics traffic spike3

Being a student, I’ve been reading and preparing for exams which lowered my google analytics traffic spike and made it quite difficult for me to focus on my blog, yup! The result wasn’t impressive. At least I tried to write quality blog posts, hit the publish button, close my system and the rest was left […]

5 social media strategies to promote your blog post

social media strategies

There are millions of social media strategies we can use in promoting our blog and each blogger has their different methods right? It’s obvious that we can’t do without social media being one of the commonest methods we use in promoting our blog, it has really taken over the blogosphere to an extent that a […]

Seo On Page Optimization – Dominating the Search Engine

seo on page optimization

I’m sure you’ve have heard of SEO on page optimization but are you optimizing your blog for search engine correctly? Of course you want your blog to appear on result pages of search engines. Competition is increasing day by day and a high ranking position on SERP seems to be a difficult task especially for […]

5 Things your Blog Must Deliver to be Lively


This is a guest post by Victor Igbokwe of I have seen several blogs full of zeal but lack the very little things that will skyrocket them to the peak of blogging excellence. Just because you blog about a topic and you are writing-savvy doesn’t make your blog worthwhile. At times you need to […]