I’m Tired of Blogging – Fed Up

This is not a joke, I’m fed up and I don’t think I can continue with this blogging of a thing, I’m tired of blogging. I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now, going to a year and I haven’t gotten even a sip of traffic or a pinch of subscriber, let alone comments. My contents are so perfect yet why is my comment section always empty? There’s no need for you to answer that question. The fact is I QUIT and I don’t need your advice on this.

i'm tired of blogging fed up

Hey, wait a minute, it’s actually a joke, thanks to that topic, it’s just a way of grabbing your attention and I know you fell for it, there’s no need to stop here, just continue reading. You’ve wouldn’t want to miss this great content.

Actually this is how I want this blog post to be; let’s say you just made that statement above and it’s my turn to give you an advice or a reply to your question and queries.

Hey Danny, I understand exactly how you feel and I’m here to help because I was once in your shoes (though not as worst as yours). Your question has a very simple answer which is; IT’S YOUR FAULT.

You mean you’ve been blogging for a couple of months now and you’ve not gotten any readers to your blog? This is serious! I need to ask you some questions before I go further.

How many blogs have you commented on?

Can you look me in the eye and tell me you’ve posted up to 100 comments this month?

How many guest post have you written?

Did I hear you say social media?

Have you ever tried to visit any article directory?

Your contents, do they really have good qualities and are they readable?

Your answer might be either yes or no on each of the questions, but I’ll take everything as a NO. Now let’s start with my answer to each question.

How many blogs have you commented on?

Create time to post a comment on a minimum of 10 blogs in a day, thanks to Emmanuel for sharing this tip in the comment section of step by step to generate traffic commenting on blogs. Subscribe to those comments so you’ll be able to reply if there’s any need, it’s a way of creating awareness. Now think of this, you commented on 10 blogs in a day, 70 blogs in a week and 280 blogs in a month. Well the blogs might not be up to 280, that’s if you post regularly on specific numbers of blogs but your comment should be up to or more than 280.  It’s not possible to do this and get no result at the end, it’s totally not possible. The result is tons of traffic and backlinks, that’s if you follow my step by step guide on how to generate traffic commenting on blogs.

How many guest post have you written?

Guest posting might be something stressful but it’s the best method of generating traffic to your blog, that’s if your assignment is well done. Guest posting is not just submitting a blog post on other blogs and relax, waiting for traffic and backlinks to your blog. 40% of them might click on your author bio, what about the remaining 60%? Remember, it’s your guest post, and that blog is yours for that day, all you have to do is reply to comments and questions, if your reply and answer is helpful, then you’ve gotten another reader right from to comment section. In a nut shell, reply to comment on your guest post, with this you’ll gain trust from the blog author and the readers. As per the scheduling, try to submit a minimum of 2 guest post in a week.

Did I hear you say social media?

I’m 102% sure you know about social media and its magnitude so don’t underestimate it. A little tip though, if you need a boost in traffic, try as much as possible to advertise your blog on social media, both the free advertising (promotion) and the paid advertising. Facebook ads works great for this. Oh! Don’t forget to join groups too. If you need traffic and not readers, I’ll give it to you, all you have to do is to submit your blog post on stumbleupon and encourage your friends to do the same. You are going to be surprise when visitor stumbles into your blog but sorry the bounce rate is VERY HIGH and the probability of them converting into subscribers is VERY LOW. All the same, social media is one of the best strategy in making your blog go viral

Have you ever tried to visit any article directory?

Article Directory is a great place to promote your blog, try creating your account and add your blog URL in your signature. Post your latest blog post on article directories BUT you need to make some changes, for example, I can’t submit this blog post to article directories (especially Ezinearticle, SO STRICT) because my contents are informal, especially at the beginning of this post. Make your blog post formal, if there is any slang on your blog post you need to remove that too, just make your article formal and you are good to go. You can submit your articles to Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Amazines and many more. They are great methods of generating traffic, getting backlinks and ranking higher on search engines.

Your contents, do they really have good qualities and are they readable?

As per your contents, I won’t tell you to write an epic post, write according to your style, if you love writing epic post, go ahead and if writing short post is your forte, sure! You’re free. Brainstorm for contents if you are out of blog posts, it’s not that hard. The main thing there is posting content with an excellent quality, post contents that will make readers come back to your blog. Without a great content, I’m sorry to tell you that these steps mentioned above will be useless. I know what’s on your mind and I’ll help you shoot it out. CONTENT IS KING

tired of blogging

So Danny, happy now that you’ve gotten these little tips, well there’s more to come, just hang around my blog and you can even subscribe to get free updates. By the way, you were telling me that you are fed up. Have you implemented these steps above? Whoa! You’ve got a lot of work to do. One more thing, BE PATIENT. Don’t think you’ll get readers to your blog overnight, it’s not an abracadabra.
I have a little gift for you, just an extra tip on how to make your blog go viral. Your welcome buddy 🙂 Advance ways to make your blog go viral.

Hey buddy, you already have traffic, ouch! Sorry for this long story, I’m sure you’re interested on how to convert your traffic into subscribers.

Hi readers, I’m sure you saw the conversation between me and Danny, I can’t wait to hear your opinion about this. Was Danny actually doing the right thing?

Oh! One more thing, Be frank, you love this post right? Do me a favor by sharing it to your friends, they are missing something big.

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  1. says

    Hi Sammy,
    You really deserve the accolade, ‘the viral writer’. I never missed a word of this and was really happy to see my name up there!
    Hahaa, thank God I’m no longer like Danny. Hahahaa

    • says

      Hi Emmanuel,
      Whoa! “The viral writer” that’s great 😉
      You really added a point on my previous post, I had to credit you for that 🙂 haha, thank God I’m sammy and not danny. Thanks for hanging around buddy

  2. says

    Haha nice hook you got there.

    1. “A couple of months” isn’t enough especially if you start blogging from zero. Once you have been blogging and thinking of a new project like niche site, then few months or at least a year should be enough.

    2. One of the reasons why new bloggers easily give up is because their own mentality. Everywhere people keep telling making money is easy, they usually don’t tell you how long they’ve been blogging. Then, when new people start blogging. they thought that they’ll get some amount of very in short period of time. When they failed, they thought that their blog won’t be successful.

    I’ve been blogging about 5 years but I’m still learning. 5 years ago not so many people got their own domain while more people prefer blogspot over WordPress. However, in last 2 years, I’ve seen more people have their own domain and the rising number of people using WordPress.
    Rudd recently posted…How to Change Date and Time Format in WordPressMy Profile

    • says

      I partially disagree with you on your first point. I started blogging from Zero and my blog is just 3 weeks yet I’ve gotten quite a few subscribers. It all depends on how hard you work.
      As per your second point, you re totally right and I was once in that shoes (thinking that blogging is a get rich quick scheme)
      We are all learners no matter how learned we are.
      Thanks for the comment Rudd, see you around 🙂

    • says

      Hi Qasim,
      I’m happy you love this post, I had to implement all the steps before writing this blog post. my first guest post was published today on comluv and I’m working hard to guest post on more blogs.

  3. says

    Hey Gilbert…..
    nice way to grab the attention…so you are fed up of BLOGGING hmm…lol….
    take some net pills and make yourself feel relax and come back to blogging…because in blogging there is no EXIT gate…….:)

    keep posting


    • says

      Hi Susan,
      Same here, my blog will clock one month in a couple of days and I’ve tried as much to be determined. Focusing on traffic is the best way to start. The more you blog for passion, the more you get what you wnt out of blogging. Thanks the comment, see you around 🙂

  4. says

    Hi Gilbert,

    Sometimes brain does get a little fried from thinking too much, and sometimes you just need a break or a vacation, like you just demonstrated Blogging is hard work with a long to do List,
    comment here, guest blog there, submit article there, read this do this etc ….
    sometimes it feels too much like homework and it gets tiring.
    I would like to know your thoughts about those “We run your blog” services, recently i’ve been stumbling allot on them on the net ?
    you can purchase done articles for as low as 2$ or something keep the blog running for you !?
    would you consider this a valid solution ?
    Many thanks, and Best Regards!
    Mitch recently posted…Free CV Builder, Free Resume Builder, cv templatesMy Profile

    • says

      Hi mitch,
      Thanks for the comment, blogging is not like homework but its actually and definately a HOMEWORK ITSELF that must be done. You wouldn’t want to make it online by sitting back to watch your blog grow, No! You have to do some homework. As per “we run your blog” blogging is my passion and I’m not the outsourcing type, I love to write myself and this also increases my writing skills. A little heads up, I’M NOT TIRED UP OF BLOGGING. 😀 thanks for taking your time to post a comment, see you round buddy.

  5. says

    You really caught my attention with this post; I was once a victim of this post,in fact I almost quit but a friend told me not to and educated on what to do to make my blog go viral, and I did followed his instruction and ever since then there is a great change in my blogging. Ranging from author-readers relationship which we refer to as comment, exposure, traffic and all the like.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…6 reasons why newbie blogger may not succeed in blog-o-sphere!My Profile

  6. says

    Great title. It’s a good one 🙂
    I’ve recently written a post about what I call the “blog success wheel” – based on observation between the bloggers who make it, and those who don’t. The distinction is between the consistency, action and persistence of the blogger. Too many bloggers give up before any real action takes place. Sad but true. And consistency, as with you demonstrate with comments. A few comments a day ads up to many a week and a month.

    I enjoyed your post!
    Carlie Hamilton recently posted…Reader Poll: What Social Media Tools Do You Use?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Carlie,
      I love conversations,it a way of increasing interaction and liveliness in a blog, I’m off to your blog.
      You also got the point there, giving up is common mostly among new bloggers, that’s if they didn’t get what they want out of blogging as soon as they expected. Thanks for the comment and welcome to viralwriter.

  7. Chan says

    Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share

    • says

      Hi Alvin,
      It sure did, I guess writing a post with an attractive is the best wy to catch readers, I’m sure you wouldn’t be on this blog if I had quit blogging 🙂

    • says

      You’re welcome Gautams.

      The first thing to consider is content, followed by blog promoting, the rest is nothing but magic but that doesn’t mean that you have to relax.

      Hard work and passion have a role to play in this.

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