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Viralwriter is a blog that is specialized on Blogging Tips, Generating Traffic, SEO and Making Money Online. Feel free to submit a guest post based on our niche and get exposed to our audience.

Guest post rules and guidelines

1. Your post must be genuine and not be copied elsewhere.
2. Your post should be more than 700 words with topics related to our niche.
3. When your blog post is published here on viralwriter, it must not be republished elsewhere.
4. Make your guest post interactive by replying to comments and questions when published.

What you’ll get

1. A Link to your blog in the author bio
2. Links to your social media pages in the author bio
4. The comment section is yours so it depends on how hard you work

How to submit a Guest post

Send a pitch with the topic of the blog post using our contact page. It must be a new topic and not a topic that have been covered here else it will be rejected. We will reply as soon as possible to confirm if it is accepted or not.
If accepted, write up and send us a draft for review along with your bio for review.
When reviewed and accepted, we’ll notify you with the date the post will be published. The blog is yours , so remember to hang around and reply to comments.