Digital Age Verification

Use of digital technology for personal and official assignments has risen. From online food delivery to online cab services, every service is just one click away. According to a report by Statista, about 1.46 billion consumers shop online and the number is expected to rise by 46% at the end of 2021. The report shows there is going to be a hike in the use of the internet for daily households shortly. The young users are addicted to digital gadgets in their daily routine, the use of social media has also increased. A survey shows that there will be 3.96 million social media users in 2022.

The number of adult, gambling and gaming sites has also risen. But the sites have not implemented any digital age verification to protect minors from accessing it. A study shows 94% of internet users are between 3 and 18 years. The protection of kids over access to harmful content is inevitable, and this can be done by having digital age verification.

Online Age Verification

The verification of the age of users onboarding or using any service that requires only a specific age group to access it is called age verification. Like an online bank needs only 18 plus users to open an account on their site implemented digital age verification solution.

How is Age Verification Done?

Age verification of users is done in real-time by screening their identity documents. Age verification of the user is done with online software enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the help of latest technology and cross human check, the age verification process of a user is done in just two minutes. The process doesn’t take long. The user should have a good internet connection and mobile’s camera for better image quality. The age verification of a user is done in the steps listed below:

Submitting Credentials

The user gets registered on the online platform by submitting his credentials like the name, age and date of birth.

Uploading Documents

Users are asked to upload government-issued identity documents that can verify their age. Identity documents include ID card, passport or driving licence.

Extracting Data

The data is extracted from the documents with the help of optical character recognition (OCR). The age calculated by dob and current date.

Dispatching Results

After complete authenticity checks of the documents and age verification, the results are stored as well as shown to the user.

Advantages of Age Verification for Businesses

E-commerce stores sell products that should only be handed over to adults like electronic supplies. If an e-commerce store doesn’t have any digital age verification solution and kids order such products, it can physically themselves.

Online pharmacies sell many drugs that need a strict age verification scanning. Kids should not access those drugs. Some drugs need to be taken under the supervision of a doctor, also called prescribed drugs, have negative results if used without prescription. Kids might order those for fun, but it can damage their health and parents can sue the online pharmacy.

A pension or provident fraud is also a business’s concern. Fraudsters manipulate the age of a user to get financial benefits from an organization. They get old-age benefits before the mentioned age by the organization. Businesses can face huge losses because of this scam from financial to reputational.

Online liquor or alcohol stores are bound by law enforcement agencies to have age verification over the sale of their products. Kids should not have easy access to those products.

Online gaming and gambling sites deal with daily gambling, kids might play those games for entertainment but it is the moral responsibility of the site to have verified users before onboarding.

This all boils down to…

Businesses should implement age verification services to provide seamless services to customers. Businesses will be saved from suing and chargebacks by the parents over the unauthorized use of drugs. This will have a better customer experience and more faithful online environment. Most of the businesses have already availed age verification services provided by KYC providers. By having age verification a business also a business complies with the Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering regulations.

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