Nutrition Facts for Pace Mild Picante Sauce: One Should Know

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Pace Foods, headquartered in Paris, Texas, have developed a brand name around producing a range of bottled sauces and salsas. The manufacturers use only the freshest produce, carefully blended with prime seasons, to obtain excellent flavor and quality. 

In 1947, Pace, the owner of Pace Picante, started their business under the company name Picante Salsa Company after developing a formula for a salsa sauce. He named it the Picante sauce. 

There are several different variations of the Picante sauce today- mild, moderate, and hot.

Health Benefits and Risks 

  • Each serving of the Pace Picante sauce has a very low density of calories. In other words, the quantity of calories you obtained from just one answer is commendable minimal ( 0.01Cal/oz)
  • The sauce is rich in different types of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K and Magnesium. It is also a substantially rich source of vitamin C. About 206.8% of each cal of the Pace Picante sauce contains vitamins and minerals. 
  • The content of harmful ingredients such as sodium and sugar or glucose is in moderate amounts.
  • As the Pace Picante Sauce is created with fresh and natural products, it is a rich source of fiber. It contains up to 12% of the daily value per 100 grams. 
  • The carb intake is also comparatively lower than most food items. It contains only 1% of the daily recommended intake in each serving of the sauce.

How is it made?

Ingredients: Water, Onion, Jalapenos, Purified distilled water, salt, Dehydrated and crushed Onions

For Flavouring Garlic powder, Salt, and other natural seasonings and added natural flours.

The pace is well known for using the freshest, hand-selected ingredients for their mild Picante sauce. The rich and smooth blend of tomato with a little bit of spice from the album yours and the Savory taste of the dehydrated onions brings out a natural refresh and delightful flavor of this sauce. This wonderfully delicious Pace Mild Picante sauce makes the perfect dip for almost any wish. 

You can eat it with chips, nachos, fries, and whatnot!

But one might wonder looking at these ingredients-

How is the Picante sauce any different from Salsa? 

The problem is that it is a little complicated to begin with. Several folks have been in debate over this question for years. 

Why does Pace call this a “sauce”? Is there any difference between Salsa and the Pace Picante saucewhen it ultimately comes down to it?

According to the experts, the Pace Picante sauce is not different from Salsa.  Well, you can surely say that it is Salsa. 

If you want to confirm it, you can simply compare the components and ingredients of both Salsa and the Pace Picante. Results would show you that they are practically identical.

 If you compare the nutritional facts of any Salsa and Pace Picante sauce, you will find no difference there as well. 

However, the name “Picante” refers to hot or spicy. And hence, on the one hand, the Picante sauce is very spicy, and on the other hand, Salsa is quite moderately mild.

 Yet another difference between the Pace Picante sauce and Salsa is that Salsa is of a much thinner consistency. 

The consistency and texture of the Pace Picante Sauce are most similar to Pico de Gallo, which is often thicker and Chunkier. 

What is the best way to utilize the Pace Picante Sauce as a substitute for Salsa?

If you try to translate the words “Picante” and “Salsa” into their literal meaning in Spanish, one will translate to the hot sauce, and the latter would translate to just sauce.

 And that is the significant difference between the two; indeed, salsa is just a mild-moderate dipping sauce, and on the other hand, the it is available in three different levels of hotness: the mild, medium, and spicy Picante sauce. 

What are the benefits of using Pace Picante Sauce?

Vitamin C is an included perk in all of the Pace Picante sauces.

Every one of these foods has high levels of antioxidant and flavonoid vitamin C, including lemon zest, onion, lemon juice, and tomatoes. Vitamin C  folic acid aids to protect against cardiovascular distress and supports good health as you age.  Salsa is typically eaten uncooked, which is very beneficial for the absorption of Vitamin C in the body.

Can the Pace Picante Sauce be considered a healthy snack? 

Choosing an extra healthy and nutritious snack is a straightforward approach to begin consuming more nourishing food. If you consider the nutritional facts of a bag of chips and a plate of tortillas on nachos with Salsa, you can see the difference yourself. 

Although it might not look as healthy, the Pace Picante sauce has many nutritional benefits that can aid you in reducing calories, sodium, and harmful fat intake. 

And overall Pace Picante is a brand that everybody knows, trust, and love. And to be honest, it is my favorite too. 

So, what’s your favorite dipping sauce or salsa?

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