Sell Music Online Successfully as an Unsigned Artist

Over recent years the music industry has witnessed an independent revolution, as more unsigned artists forced an entry the mainstream without the backing of a serious to sell music online

If you’re a musician looking to forge a career as an independent artist and begin making money from your passion, learning the way how to sell music online?
Thanks to independent music distributors, it’s now easier than ever for unsigned artists to distribute their tracks to the world’s leading online music stores and platforms and begin collecting royalties from the likes of iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

What are independent music distributors?

The rise of independent music distributors has made it possible for unsigned musicians to release their music online with ease. Also referred to as music aggregators, these companies operate as a go-between for unsigned artists and therefore the major music platforms.

For alittle fee, independent musicians can simply upload their music to their chosen distributor, plan their release schedule, and watch as their tracks appear on the most important online platforms. It’s that straightforward .

How to choose a distributor?

It’s important to think twice before choosing a music distributor to form sure you’re getting the simplest possible service and therefore the most for your money. Some distributors will automatically take some of your royalties, while other will allow you to stay 100%, counting on their business model.

It’s also worth considering the additional services available to you thru your aggregator. If you’re a longtime artist looking to urge extra exposure by breaking into the charts, it’s crucial to secure chart registration for your release, which is merely available through certain distributors.\
Some distributors also will offer tools employed by major label artists to maximise sales and royalty payouts, including iTunes pre-release and SMS keywords, providing you with new and unique ways to sell your music to your fans.

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Scheduling and planning your release

Planning your release date and selecting the proper platforms to release your music on may be a vital step when it involves selling your music online. Targeting the proper audience at the proper time can make or break your sales performance.

While many independent artists are going to be happy to easily get their music into major mainstream platforms like iTunes and Spotify, if you’re an unsigned DJ looking to start out selling your mixes online, platforms like Beatport and Juno are going to be more likely to deliver better results. By releasing music to an electronic-focused store, you’re reaching a way more targeted audience, which successively will increase your chances of a much bigger royalty payout.

Choosing an appropriate release date is additionally important. If you’re planning on running a PR and social media campaign beforehand of your release, confirm to offer yourself enough time to urge the press coverage you’re trying to find . Scheduling your release date months beforehand will offer you many time to market your track and make hype before it’s available.

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