Solve Your Networking Troubles with Rock Space Extender

Published by Dave

I am a freelance web developer and graphics designer and so I use a lot of data for saving videos in the cloud, to download stock footage and photos without Networking Troubles.

therefore, require a steady internet connection with high upload/download speeds and low latency.

Also, have a Wi-Fi router in my home and it’s working pretty well

even though the pandemic hit I have been getting a stable connection.

I also play many real-time games on my personal computer and sometimes get very bummed out,

when the connection suddenly drops but that isn’t a problem at all as it happens on rare occasions. But now that there’s a pandemic everything has become online.

I now run my business online and so use my Wi-Fi throughout my house. There’s no problem with the Wi-Fi router however, I have a problem with maintaining range and speed. So I decided to fix it and went online to search for a solution. I then purchased a rock space ac750 extender to expand my network and increase and range. The extender functioned as advertised and I was very happy with my purchase. It really emphasized my range and speed. I felt like I hit two birds with one stone. Anyway, the rock space ac750 extender setup procedure was a delight as it could be easily done from the default login page. Given below is a detailed list of setup instructions.

Setting Up The Extender

I hurried to set up the extender as I was really anxious to use its features. It didn’t take me long to set it up. The setup can be done by anyone who can read a few simple instructions.

But don’t be too careless as the device is fragile and must be handled with care so before setting up the extender make sure to carefully unbox the extender

and remove all the pieces of packaging then plug it into a power socket and turn it on.

There are a number of ways to set-up the extender and a few of them are given below. To set up the extender using an ethernet cable connect the ethernet cable to the extender and then insert the other end into your personal computer,

head over to the default gateway by typing in the default i.p address in your web browser and enter your login credentials

you can also head over to the re.rockspace.local page and set up the extender from there.

Once you have logged in to the page you can change the SSID and password of your repeater and set it as a new AP or you can connect to your existing router by selecting the scan option

clicking on your router from the list of available devices.

By the way, if anyone got the instructions wrong and did a mistake refer to the troubleshooting instructions on how to do a rockspace rsd0607 reset.

Rockspace set-up via the WPS button

You can also set-up the extender via a wireless connection if you want to and the set-up process is the exact same but just make sure that your smartphone or laptop is connected to it. For those people who aren’t interested in the technicalities, there’s a simple set-up process that just uses the WPS button.

To set-up via the WPS button press and hold the WPS button at the back of the extender for about 5 seconds till the lights start flashing.

then do the same on the main Wi-Fi router. Once the connection has been established you will see that the internet symbol will have turned on. This concludes the rockspace rsd0607 extender setup.

Extender Maintenance and Firmware Update

Most of the issues that are caused have a simple solution and that is to just reboot the system. 

If that didn’t work then make sure to check your rockspace ac750 firmware update and then update it to the latest version.

To do that login to the default page and click on the update option in the system settings. But before that search for the model number on the internet to get the firmware file. Then download the firmware file and select it from the update menu and click on update to update the extender. For more details about Setup get visit on You can easily get the solution.

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