Top 5 Best Free TV Streaming Sites In 2020

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Searching for the best sites to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your device at zero cost. Then you are at the right place as we have listed some of the top free TV streaming sites that help you out to select the site as per your requirement.

Nowadays, the websites have their own norms to show the content to the viewers as the internet can remove the websites if any of them show any illegal content without any license. Watching such kind of content without any authorization is a crime and there is a possibility that you need to go to jail also for this. There are several countries that have strict rules on the unethical online streaming, perpetrator, accused, and they might face the judicial system’s wrath for this. In several cases, the website’s developer is the one who punishes for this.

But you do not need to get worried about all this, as there are various online websites that show Live TV Shows at zero cost without any illegal content topics. Almost a number of no-legitimate sites are not broadcasting these streams by their own servers, but with the help of a search web directory that provides the platform of openly accessible links for the free streaming. 

There are various online streaming websites that are deceiving and just trying to put any malware to your devices. You might not be aware of the fact that for free broadcasting the copyright content, one needs to pay billions of dollars to film production and the entertainment industries. Many productions have raised their voice against the providers of unethical content.

Several illegitimate sites are malicious and harmful for one’s data and systems, as they can harass the privacy of one’s device and gather sensitive data from the devices. Therefore, we have listed the top 5 free TV streaming sites that are not only best to watch your favorite TV Shows but also safe to use without facing any copyright infringement issues.

Wizler TV

You will not resist this website once you use it as it does not need any registration, does not have pop-ups, no stupid Ads. On this site, simply select the channel that you want to watch and click on the play button. A video which is resembling with the youtube will automatically play on that particular channel quickly. This website also provides the schedule of the current and upcoming TV-Shows. There are several channels that are from the UK and US, that are of news, entertainment, movies, sports, kids, and other informative Shows. All of these are available at zero cost and without any redirects and stupid Ads. If you want free TV streaming sites to see Live TV-Shows on your device then we strongly recommend Wizler TV.  

The features of this website are:

  • There is no need for any subscription.
  • You can a number of free premium Live TV channels.
  • It has a simple platform for video players that can be quickly loaded.


This website will let you see up to 80 Live TV channels on your mobile app or on the web for free. One can easily access any 60+ channels that can be watched for free. If you want to see more of the demanded channels then you can access them by paying $9/month for the premium versions. Presently the UK service servers market is working for expanding this website’s network to Canada, the US, and other European countries. One can enjoy the Live TV-Shows with various catch-ups and see Live recording features that make it a more crafted TV service.

The features of this website are:

  • You can see catchups and Live TV.
  • One can use their website subscription on almost 5 devices at the same time.
  • You can see the best channels in the UK on your devices.
  • You can see your recorded favorite TV programs at any time and from anywhere in the world. 


This website allows seeing the UK based TV and other satellite cable channels. It is one of the internet TV services that give the opportunity to view free-to-air UK channels. This website retransmits channel 4, ITV, BBC, Channel 5, and another channel. The service of TVCatchup works for free and with pre-roll Ads. With the help of its app, one can easily access other popular UK channels on your device. This website can be the best free TV streaming sites to watch FTA channels of the UK at zero cost.


It is one of the subscription-based free TV streaming sites. But one can opt-out from paying and you can watch some of the limited content at zero cost. That involves more than 150 TV-Shows and movies. The Hulu services for Live TV started in the year 2017, initially. It is used to host TV Shows series both new and old, movies and another informative program. It is the hybrid of Netflix and Sling TV. That provides both Live TV as well as TV Shows to their users. The presentation and content of the App are varying with the price. Low cost might provide content with the Ads whereas high packages provide TV Shows without Ads.If one wants to take their paid version then they can start with $7.99.

The features of this website are:

  • It offers streaming experiences in HD.
  • You can watch more than 150 TV Shows and movies at zero cost.
  • It has dedicated mobile apps that are easy to use.


It is another global free TV streaming sites that can simplify the search for TV Shows. This website’s platform collects all the accessible streams. All around the world that are further classified into the country, genre, and languages. Several streams are accessible with the legal streams from any country only if Squid TV available there. This website also reduces one’s efforts for channel searches with the help of its simple guides. The service of this website redirects one to their regional sites or player to watch the content.


Nowadays, because of the advancement of technology, people want to watch their favorite TV Shows on their devices with ease. Therefore, they start seeling out the free TV streaming sites that is why. We have provided the top 5 TV streaming sites that are available at zero cost. All these sites have their own benefits; therefore, you can easily select any of them as per your convenience. And enjoy your favorite Live TV and TV Shows from anywhere and anytime. 

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