How to Remove a Hard Drive From a Laptop

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Nowadays, technology growing well, and every day a lot of new inventions occur. In which people using laptops for their works. So with a laptop, a user can face a lot of problems, in which the major problem is that the user wants to remove hard drives from the laptops and also desired to know how to remove hard drives from the laptop. There will be a lot of reasons behind how to remove a hard drive from the laptop.

Sometimes the hard drive failure and outdated and have no space to store other information or data. Before doing anything, the user must well aware of how to remove a hard drive from a laptop. It becomes very hard to remove the hard drives from the laptop without knowing the appropriate method or techniques. In case when you try to remove the hard drive from the laptop without knowing anything, then your laptop may be damaged. So we provide the best methods on how to remove a hard drive from the laptop.

Back-Up Data

First of all, before removing the hard drive from the laptop, you need to take a backup of all your data. Such as:

  • Programs
  • Music files and playlists
  • Documents
  • Games and downloadable content (DLC)
  • Photo and video files

You can take all the backup on cloud computing through backup services.

On the other hand, you can store all your data in the external hard drive or data storage. When you are taking backup of your data, take a review on all documents after data backup, and ensure it all the data copied appropriately. In case when some data not stored in the external storage, then you need to take data backup again. Ensure your external data storage has more storage capacity in the comparison of the internal storage of a laptop. 

Create a Recovery Disc

On your new laptop to reinstall Windows OS, create a recovery disc that laptop can use to boot up the blank and new drive after the progress of the installation. Create it, and you can visit on the website of the window and download it to a USB device or CD-ROM.

Remove the Old Drive

Before starting the process of removing the old drive, you should ensure your laptop is turned off appropriately. It is also essential for you to use wristband and an anti-static. It is the tool that makes ground you and your laptop. When it starts the removal process, first of all, you need to open the door of your laptop. It also different-different from the manufacturer. It fixed by the manufacturer by the small crews or maybe through the sliding mechanism.

After successfully grounded, remove all the cable and connection and also ensure you removed the power supply from the laptop. For installing the new hard drive, you need to take a review of the documentation. Specifically works behind the techniques that suggest how to disconnect the connections from the hard drive. In case when you do not confirm the steps that you have done, then check and examine everything online.  Generally, there you can see a set of a small crew that holding the drive on that location on the laptop. For separating it from each other, you need to remove the case and to slide motion on the laptop.

When in the final step, your efforts to remove the hard drive from the laptop ensure all the connections removed from the hard drive. So now you understand well how to remove a hard drive from the laptop.

Place the New Drive

After removing the hard drive from the laptop, you need to know how to replace it with a new one. So when you try to replace the hard drive again, revers all steps that you applied at the time of removal of the disc. So when you learned how to remove a hard drive from the laptop reminds all the steps and reverse all the steps. According to the connector, how shorts the connecter based on this fact, you need to consider the quantity of the connectors. You need to replace the screw that holds the hard drive in the laptop and now you can replace the hard drive successfully. Now you are well aware of how to remove a hard drive from the laptop.

Reinstall the Operating System

After you have completed with the physical bit of your hard drive substitution, and before you ever use it just because, you should consider appropriately organization and parcel the hard drive. It is a basic procedure for Windows clients. However, it must occur before whatever else. Luckily, putting the working framework back on the laptop plays out these two stages, consequently. Your OS will decide the definite advances, however for Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro for HP laptops, and operating system installation includes the following:-


Let’s begin by providing power to the laptop or on its power. Especially in the case of HP laptops, press the “Escape” key repeatedly after startup.

The beginning menu will exhibit, including alternative access to the Boot Menu.

 To the prompts followings the portion, format, as well as install Window in the latest hard drive that installed on the laptop. In these kinds of cases, moistly, the users use default settings without sing anything at this time.

Four, you can be asked to restart the laptop. The laptop can also restart on its various times before the complete process. Permits some hours for the process to fulfill, based on the OS and hard drives

After doing all the processes that are about how to remove a hard drive from a laptop in the reverse process.

Reinstall the Files and Program

Since you have Windows working at another hard drive, you can begin the way toward putting the things you need back on the workstation. Your cloud backup or external drive ought to be gotten to by utilizing the product it prescribes to recover documents. Essentially pick the documents you need to reestablish, and you’re ready. You can likewise get only the essentials now and keep including things as you discover them fundamental after some time.

Cloning the Hard Drive

You every time interesting in knowing how to remove a hard drive from the laptop. Another alternative for putting your data onto another drive is to “clone” your current drive. Accepting that your hard drive disappointment is brought about by a physical flaw and not a software glitch or tainted document, you can physically interface the old drive to the new drive. Use cloning software to move a precise of the data, working framework, and records to the new drive. It is prescribed on the off chance that you need a copy of your old drive, including the pointless documents that can gather on your drive after some time. Research cloning software to locate a legitimate choice that is best for your circumstance. Keep in mind, if a hard drive comes up short for a digital explanation, for example, terrible records, you should begin with a crisp, new drive.

Risks of installing a new hard drive

Initially, on the off chance that you do not know how to inquire about your particular hard drive or laptop type and have never done any DIY laptop work, it can set aside some effort to become acquainted with how your laptop model is arranged. Show restraint toward yourself. Not realizing what association goes where and neglecting to verify your new drive appropriately can bring about harm to the information you have put away just as individual laptop segments. Research and adhere to the guidelines. Try not to go for it blindly. Recollect that you ought to consistently take a shot at an enemy of the static surface with the power detached because neglecting to ground your laptop can cause information misfortune and electrical wounds.


For example, utilizing a screwdriver and understanding graphs, updating your hard drive shouldn’t be troublesome by any stretch of the imagination. The cash you can spare by doing it without anyone else’s help can be in the several dollars in labor costs. It’s a smart thought for any individual who needs to get familiar with how their laptops can be kept up at home to take on this moderately straightforward DIY venture.

When you take a stab at this, it will most likely give you the certainty to take on increasingly entangled undertakings like structure your very own gaming laptop. There’s a positive fulfillment realizing you achieved a fix this way. Presently you can begin pondering, including another hard drive not far off. Numerous workstation clients have more than one drive. They utilize the second as a reinforcement that is contained securely in their laptop’s case for when they need it.

How to Remove a Hard Drive from Laptop Simple Steps

An individual laptop is a place a large number of us keep our significant individual “things, for example, family photographs. However, laptops don’t keep going forever, and on occasion, your laptop crashes, you will need to recoup the hard drive for use with an alternate laptop. The accompanying directions will control you in the expulsion of the hard drive. A few laptops have hard drives that are effectively available through a spread on the underside. Anyway, these guidelines are for a laptop wherein you need to evacuate the console to get to the hard drive, which is an extensively increasingly troublesome task.


Tools Needed

When you ask how to remove a hard drive from the laptop, you must need some tools that help to remove it.


Safety Considerations

Concerning the appropriateness of your hard drive, magnets can eradicate data put away electronically. It is valid; anyway, the magnets must be genuinely amazing. I do suggest getting any magnets far from your work territory, anyway I would not stress excessively if a fridge magnet accidentally comes into contact with your laptop.


Remove All Power Sources

When you want to know how to remove a hard drive from the laptop, remove all power sources.


Remove Screws

When you are certain the total of what power has been depleted from the laptop, you can start to dismantle it. Start by evacuating fastens orbited red. Try not to remove the sinks that are surrounded blue at this time.


Remove the Keyboard

When you know how to remove a hard drive from laptop Remove CD/DVD Reader. It is essential for you when asking how to remove a hard drive from a laptop to know to remove the keyboard. To reach the tabs, you need to use the screwdriver of the jewelers. It considered very simple to depress the tab when removing the keyboard. When the keyboard is freed, then do not use a lot of force because it can remove easily.


Remove Strips

Before reaching the hard drive, you will need to remove the strips because without removing the hard plate, it is very difficult to reach on the hard drive. First of all, we need to unlock the strip.


Remove More Screws

When you ask how to remove a hard drive from a laptop, you need to remove the additional screws from the laptop. Set aside the plate after generally lift the plate.


Locate Hard Drive

After doing everything, you need to locate the hard drive. So in the process of removing the hard drive, you need to unscrew the plate.


Remove Hard Drive Screws

After all, now it was the time to remove the screw circled in blue color. After this process, the hard drive easy to pull up.

What to do with old hard drives?

First of all, you need to take the backup of the hard drive to an external storage or cloud storage. Then think about what to do with the old hard drive. It is very hard to dispose of your old hard drives. You need to destroy your hard drive safely, but there is a need to be careful.

Can I Destroy a Hard Drive Myself?

Focus, we do not suggest thrashing a hard drive yourself. Indeed, even with legitimate individual defensive gear and great home instruments, the risk of damage to yourself is excessive. Try not to attempt to destroy a hard drive yourself. It is excessively hazardous.  Be that as it may, a few people have done it by putting on PPE like a face shield and goggles, a defensive shop cover, gloves, and possibly some ear protectors and afterward wrecked the hard drive.

Drilling the Hard Drive

A few people have taken an excellent power drill or drill press, and a fast steel or cobalt drill bit and made various punctures directly through the hard drive packaging and the platters inside. It could be extremely loud, and pieces could go flying. It’s conceivable to break the drill bit and have that go flying as well. Individuals have done it. However, you ought not. Considerably less secure, some have taken enormous nails and driven them through the hard drive with a mallet. That would do the stunt as well. Perilous, however.

Crushing the Hard Drive

Driving over the hard drive with a vehicle isn’t a viable method to pound it. Rolling over it with a steamroller is. Yet, who has a squash at home? Individuals who have squashed a hard drive at home have done so utilizing water driven presses equipped for producing huge amounts of power. Not every person has one of these, but rather on the off chance that they had a companion who chips away at autos a great deal, they may have utilized their press. On the off chance that a press isn’t accessible, an old fashioned 5-pound sledgehammer has been utilized too. It makes loads of sharp things go flying. To help avert that, a few people have placed the hard drive in a solid material pack, before professing to be Thor.

Incinerating the Hard Drive

It’s not incredible for a hard drive to get hurled into a bonfire that has been consuming quite a while with a bed of white-hot coals. It isn’t astute or safe. There are poisonous materials in a hard drive, so you don’t need that being discharged into the climate. We beseech you, don’t do this. Conceivably significantly more hazardous is utilizing a blown light to burn the hard drive. It expects you to deal with light and the hard drive legitimately. IT is not sheltered at all and ought to never be finished.

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