What to Do With Old Laptop?

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Nowadays, everyone interesting in knowing what to do with old laptop. Every student and professional has his or her laptop. As technology developing continuously, the demand for laptops reaches the highest level. Every person needs a laptop so when a large number of laptop users increased, and then it is also a common thing the laptop may damage or corrupt, then the question arises what to do with an old laptop. So there is a lot of ways to get rid of a laptop. You can sell your old laptop in case it running appropriately.

There are a lot of options to sell your old laptop, such as you can sell it online on the relevant price to anyone. As well as you can sell your laptop offline to the people or laptop repair centers, they will recycle your laptop. So these are the methods to reuse your laptop. In case when you unable to sell your old laptop so do not bother about what to do with old laptop because you can donate your old laptop to a need able person or recycle electronic companies. If you cannot do all over things, then you can throw your laptop away like the last resort. So these are the best methods to get rid of your laptop and also a solution for what to do with old laptop. 

How to Dispose of Laptop

How to Dispose of Laptop

When you concerning what to do with old laptop and over the concern think to dispose of it, then you should learn how to dispose of old laptop

Back-Up, Any Data You, Want To Keep

In any case, when you want to dispose of or get rid of your old laptop and go to find the solution what to do with an old laptop, first of all, take a full backup of your old laptop.

Any data may be left on the laptop at the time of the disposal of your laptop. In case when you dispose of your laptop, the data that stored in the hard drive of the laptop you may lose forever. After losing your data, there will be no alternative or option for you to back up your data. So you need to spend some time or hours on the palmtop that you have and going to depose it. During these hours, find and check or ensure there is any file that may be left.

In case there will be you found any data or information, then instantly copy it on the external hard drive. There are some of the specific ways when you bother about what to do with old laptop that suggests you how to take the backup of your data. First of all, you buy or purchase an external hard drive that can store all your data backup. These external hard drives need to connect with the USB port of the palmtop.

After successfully connected it, you can take a backup or copy any file that you would desire to save. In the condition when you want to copy it into the new computer that you purchased, then only plug the hard drive in and load it overs as well as you can back up your files through online services or cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud. All of these provide an online option for storage to the user to store a lot of data or files.  It also considered a safe method of storage. In these online cloud services, you may charge by the companies a little cost.

De-Authorize Any Registered Programs

You do not waste your time to consider what to do with your old palmtop. After taken backup, you need to de-authorize any registered program. In the laptop, various software and applications installed with a single license. You need to ensure and check Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and iTunes as well as a lot of other services that you need to de-authorize before the disposal process of your palmtop. In case, if you do not know how to de-authorize a laptop, then do not worry here you know how to de-authorize a laptop. To de-authorize, a laptop first in iTunes first of all, click on the “Account” at the top of the bar and then choose the option to “De-authorize this Laptop.”

In the case of Adobe products or services, you must choose the option of “Help,” “Deactivate,” as well as another option is “De-activate Permanently.” So through following these kinds of the process, you can de-activate your all program from the old laptop. A different program will take different techniques or methods to de-authorize the process of laptop programs. If you do not confirm, then take a vision to online to ensure you have successfully de-authorized the program from the old laptop.

Destroy Any Sensitive Files

When you think what to do with old laptop, however, you will be wiping your hard drive completely, but it always considered sensitive to store the information that related to your bank statements and accounts that will hard to destroy or if you copy these files then you need to take a program that copies your all files without forwarding them into the recycle bin and leaving trace behind.

In case when you are using Windows, select a program like CCleaner, or Eraser or File Shredder to damage all sensitive data or information as well as files. It is the functionality that developed into the most Mac computers. Including all the files that you desired to delete in the trash may hold down the command key and click on the trash can icon. Choose the empty trace securely to destroy all the files in the trash.

Delete Browser History

It is a significant step in the process of what to do with old laptop. In case when you are taking access in the same browser on the laptop for a while. It typically will attain saved a lot of your individual information such as password and maybe information that related to the bank. In case when you are using the Safari browser, click on the Safari tab in the top corner of the screen and select the option of “Clean History.” Ensure it all the history selected and then click on the clear history button in the bottom corner of the window that appeared.

In Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox, in which you able to delete the history from the browser through pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del. Confirm it the all of the boxes have the checkmark in the frame of the time is to delete everything. For deleting your history that saved in the browser, you need to click instantly on the delete button. So it is the part of the process in which you ask what to do with old laptop.

Uninstall All the Programs

When you learn what to do with an old laptop and try to dispose of your laptop, then you need to uninstall all the programs installed on your laptop. Such as your browser in which you surf the internet stores your history or personal data to prevent you from attaining to type it in over and over again. Take a vision on the program to delete any program that may store your personal information. It is the better way to in installing the browser or program from the laptop if possible.

A program like Excel and Microsoft Word may store your personal information such as your full name residence address or location that you desired to do not disclose your personal information from the laptop. In case when you make a purchase on the browser or through an application on the internet like as stream or your credit card information may be stored.

Reset Laptop and Format Hard Drive

However, every time what to do with an old laptop, it becomes a matter of concern in which you need to reset and format your laptop and hard drive. At the beginning of this process, first of all, you need to save your personal information or data from your old laptop to a new one or an external hard drive.

After deleting everything from the laptop, most of the person thinks all of the data deleted, and the work is finished. But it is not true you need to take a look again and also need to reset your laptop from the restore factory setting. Wiping your hard drive is a very difficult process that doing a factory setting, so ensure consider how to do so.

Remove or Destroy Hard Drive of Useless Laptop

Laptop disposing of considered the best answer for what to do with an old laptop. In case you are disposing of a laptop because it would not turn on or you unable to turn on it. So in this matter, it becomes very hard to see the storage of the laptop or what the laptop saved in the hard drive. So you easily unable to see what is stored in the hard disk of the laptop.

  In this kind of situation, you need to remove the hard drive from the computer. In the current, a lot of laptop manufacturers available, and their different variants also have numerous kinds of hard drives, and you need to learn separate methods to open and remove the hard drive from the computer.

Some laptops have the hard drive grips that easily removed, but in some cases, the hard drive connected to the plate and also tight through the screws. When you are removing the hard drive, first of all, you need to remove all crews that attached to the plate with the hard drive. The hard drive typically covered through the black plastic panel or hidden behind it.

Look for the long part of the plastic that on the laptop near to the side of the hard drive. Unscrew all the screws that holding the hard drive on the plate, and then you can easily remove it. So this is the process that helps you in Way to Get Rid Of Your Old Laptop.

5 Way to Get Rid Of Your Old Laptop

5 Way to Get Rid Of Your Old Laptop

Recycle It

In the trash, rather than dumping the laptop, visit for the programs of the electronic collections that will assist you in the process of recycling. On the internet, you can search a list of the organization that helps you in the recycling process of the laptop such as TIA E-cycling Central, as well as you can check places such as the Best Buy and Staples. A lot of old laptops have the substance that also toxic in them, like lead, cadmium, and mercury. Always try to make safe disposal of the laptop. As well as you can to the laptop or electronics recycle plants to destroy or recycle the laptop. It is a significant process to recycle it when you ask get rid of the old laptop.

Sell It

When you bother about get rid of the old laptop in which to sell, it is the best option. You can sell your laptop to anyone online and offline. Because it is the best option for you in the case when you are old laptop can useable. In case when your laptop in good condition, then you can sell your laptop at the highest prices. You can sell it on eBay and OLX etc. Before selling your laptop back up all the data and after the backup process, confirm everything you have copied successfully. You need to delete all the data and files that exist on the laptop.

Trade It

When you get rid of think about what to do with an old laptop, it is the best option to trade it. A lot of electronic stores, as well as laptop companies, also achieved the programs where you can trade-in your old technical things and technologies. In this kind of trade, you have the best option to get the best price or amount for your old laptop.

Donate It

Donate the laptop is also the option when you think about get rid of the old laptop. The electronics that also used in demand, and it is the best option to help someone who has the need. Before donating your laptop, you must make some essential efforts, and take a backup of all data. After taking the successful backup delete or restore your laptop. After all, over the process, you can go to the charity organizations and donate your old laptop. Various charities accept your old laptops such as Goodwill, Computers for Kids, eBay and more.

Turn It into a Media Station

If you are not feeling comfortable with the above, all get rid of the old laptop and also concerned what to do with old laptop. So it is the best option for you to turn your old laptop into a media station. You can enjoy a lot of fun watching movies and listening to audio songs on the old laptop.

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